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“Is going on anybody did you born infamous kills. And today. We re gonna be be talking about how to get the spectrum ass. A different way from what you have seen on my last video.

How to get all 12 mass now this way is a little bit easier to get the spectrum ass and we ll go into detail on how to do it. Now the great thing about this is you don t have to worry about one shotting. The hunter. All you have to do is make them spawn and then finish them off so.

What do we need to do first to get the spectrum s. So the first thing you guys want to do is you guys are gonna want to head down to this location where i m at right now it s just north of dz. South. And there s a sign machine you need to complete in that contamination zone.

So if you haven t done that knock that out and then you can continue on with getting this mask. So once you arrive there you want to face this building now at first..

I thought you had to do this at night. But you can do this during the day now. What i recommend you guys doing is just getting on this truck right here. And then you want to shoot every window every bottom window.

One shot at a time. So you don t want to use more than one bullet. It has to be one shot one window. If you use two shots.

It won t work so just make sure you hit every window at the bottom. And then we re gonna get hit every window up top except the ones that are all blacked out so we skip that one and now you re gonna see the hunter appears to the right. And now we just have to finish him off and that s it that s how you make him spawn now once you do finish off this hunter. He will drop the specter mask.

But take your time killing him and be careful when i was doing this i had some npcs come up behind me also this hunter likes to throw a little turret that shoots rockets at you so make sure you finish that off so that way it doesn t destroy your armor. And then he one shot to you so make sure you take care of that first like i m gonna do right here..

So we finish it off well we try to finish it off give me a second there you go so we finished it off and now we re gonna go for him for some reason. I wasn t able to one shot him and i have my demolitionists almost fully upgraded. So i don t know if it s because one world turn 3. I believe this is when i was doing this one.

But this is where i started having some npcs come behind me so i m almost finishing him off he s almost down and then you re gonna see he heals up. I m like oh i need a backup because he does heal up so be careful with that we re having a little one on one battle. And then the npc s are gonna come behind me. So you see the little markers red behind me.

So i know i need to be careful. But the good thing about this is you can let those npcs fight. The hunter. And why he s distracted you can finish him off so he almost finished me off.

But those guys are going after him. Though so he was focusing me those guys were focusing him..

So. Gave me time to heal up get into a better position. So i see the hunter going up the stairs. I m gonna get behind this car right here now he just jumped down.

He has no armor. This is my time i need to finish him before he had time to heal. There we go i m able to drop him and there goes the mask. All i have to is finish off these npcs right here and once i finish off these two npcs now.

I can pick up the mask. And there we go the spectra mask that is how you guys can get the spectrum ash. This is a lot easier than doing than having to worry about one shotting. Them so if we take a look at the mask.

It has a two cards on the front of it very clean looking mask. So if you guys are looking for a mask that looks really good..

And it s easy to get this is the one for you guys let me know if you have any questions getting this don t forget you also get an ivory key once you guys kill this hunter. So he will drop an eye became for you one shot one window every window on the bottom. And that s how the hunt response. Thank you guys again for all the support remember.

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It s only a matter of time let the most kills out music. ” ..

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Today s video shows you a new way to unlock the Specter Mask in the Division 2. Remember to check out my how to unlock all 12 mask in this video: https://youtu.be/FAM8br3YaWk

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