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“Memories of maya are weird her memories maybe when we went back in time or or something that is the most fucking ridiculous jacket and what is that he looks a tekken character that s like one of those jackets that you see somebody walking down in the catwalk in one of those shows and then everybody flames. I m on twitter. So then we are in a like we went back in time in a memory. Watch your backs out there got it i d be interested to see how the english dub sounds.

I bet. It s so bad watch your backs out there that s usually how they talk in the dubs. So i i m imagining right now that i m a different character they think of a different character. But we re looking at the memories and obviously we re playing as them.

But it would look like this those flowers actually ss toilets. So it s actually pretty cool. She was a revenant just like us. She shared our vision of a world where everyone could live in safety.

But unlike us. She had a potential to rise even greater heights like lost control. She was consumed by her own power turn into a demon can i have a kleenex had a mangie mangie just wait till. We get our first pair of quadruple f demon jugs today.

I m gonna stick around and do pretty much i guess play the game. Without the companion. This doesn t count all right jack over here is part of the story. So i need to play with him past this mission.

But then after this i m gonna be going solo and just doing stuff alone to see if how much more difficult. It is all right so we got some regular ass dudes all right jack. I m getting rid of it the second i get a chance i feel like this place. This place kind of looks familiar like like we made me saw it in a preview back in the day.

I think we did i m pretty sure i remember this area huh. I forgot that you can t jump in this game. How s the biggest swiper. Absolutely no reason what a loser he is yeah well this guy s a cool sword.

He s got giant ass fucking ultra great sword..

Oh all right jack get buffed up oh holy shit. I thought i accidentally killed myself oh boy we jumped into a bad area. Oh we did jump into a very bad area look at this bitch. How she barely has any jiggle physics.

Jack. She should be no problem for him got her ass. So yeah. A hundred percent like this was and some type of demo that we got when they were showcasing the game like a year ago holy shit.

A plus five queen slayer hammer. What well i don t really have a strength build no you go going right now. Wait do i b and strengthen. I could actually use it hammers are pretty good they have a little bit of stagger on them.

But that s spear. I ve been using man it s it s really good quick get really good scaling nice damage. Oh shit not this shit again and this should. The 1700 average for two hits.

All right this thing is kind of insane at just 700 damage per hit. Well. With the buff of course. Oh shit.

Although. The check. The rec sugar tax. Suck ass.

You jump up surprisingly quick to know huh. Did. We do it finally is that it i know. There s still one of these sluts.

Oh oh..

What the hell is that she would shot me. God damn. It again. Jack jack.

With my b. Fuck. Jack by the way. Like a coward.

I am. Oh. Wait what s this path. Oh jack.

I got myself into a situation. Oh my god i ran into five enemies that were in the what were their five enemies in the middle of two trucks have a bunch of those anything interesting down there fuck it i ll take the plunge how can you pat downstairs. Yeah i could definitely see this game being like this game s hard mode being this solo. Honestly.

It s super fun co op with the partner. I think it adds to it. But if you want to go for a harder style. Because i think it might be a little too easy so low even though ignore the fact that i ve died twice already.

It is still too easy. When you play with a little partner is your character track absolutely not i don t want the enemies to respawn this i m going to keep that as is wait how do we open this door old shutter key okay. I don t have that oh what the hell you stupid they gave me the one two combo. There you queen slayer bayonet another 5 weapon.

You know what this game does a good job of giving you a like. 5 weapons fairly consistently alright jack you ready for this shit get in there jack and he s slow there s a big nuclear tank here jack hit it with your weapon. Do you get more xp when cell. Though i don t think so i think the only difference.

When do you play solo is that it s harder look at her standing right above this thing..

What a fool out. She said that a good hit in that would have been a mortal wounded. This is real life. Oh shit suck.

It oh why did she drop. The old shutter key how does she have it open that bitch up where s this to hike down this way with you this guy knows guns how barbaric. I would need up up here oh crap stupid lock on you know why i like co op on this game or call. What the little enemies.

I should say or what but the little companions because this game loves to spawn 200 enemies at once it loves to do it it s enemy placement is bonkers. So i like having that companion. Who s that hoe over there avoid unnecessary fights hell no i ll fight everything i press the wrong button uh come on jack she doesn t even have jiggle physics. I guess maybe that s what jack wanted me to warn me about don t bother you won t get clickbait thumbnail from here.

I should listen to him that looks suspicious boss fight. Yeah. I knew it alright so this is like a flashback or like a memory or something. This is a present time.

I don t think ah this guy from the for the beta. There is show three people because unity music. I got sort of sick alright. Let s get our buff on not yakumo.

I know how to fight you already i don t remember actually was he a fierceful enemy. All that knows like he didn t stand a chance against me and yakumo and we attack. Everybody i think he wanted a fork try to heal. I missed.

Oh jesus he went straight for jack fucking. Missed god damn. He doesn t like 1100 damage per hit got him good job jack all the queen is here. Oh.

You know what he gets to know what they muster soros or party..

You okey dokey nishi night on earth is that the queen. She looks squeamish queenie. What the queen bee is that not thick. I don t know yeah.

That s her. Oh god this game is so anime. I counted 49. Flaps and jiggles in that instance took her see ya do miss you know come on just kiss house every walk in yeah you got it oh she s getting nervous music nope uh.

Oh. Whose memory is this again maya. I think it s maya holy shit. What the hell once you get that from you have three cat ears wait.

This is my memory are you sure. It s my memory. I thought it was maya s memory oh did he mean my. But he said it with a weird accent as in my memory.

Oh i got the blue eye. Damn just like the head wow. So they were human at that time i turned into a remnant remnant pretty much a vampire. So they killed me they ain t think twice about it they shot her between the fourth rib.

And the jiggle. Oh we re all vampires wait then what the hell did i turn into. I don t get this story at all music music. ” .


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