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“I couldn t be there when you finally took the fight to gaul. We did did our share of damage in the streets. Though you know i ve fought on battlefield in the system mars venus the hive dreadnought you name it i ve been there i ve never held a front. So determined to fall literally into the ocean.

We ve tracked a crew of fallen to an auxilary control center. They ve hit the wrong switch in there and we ll have water over our boots by morning go remind them who owns this ring dismissed music. We ll be fine just fine oh good i presume slowly go in we scare. The fallen out of the control center.

We get out affirmative reports say we re dealing with one captain. And his crew this should be routine for someone like you applause that barriers energy spectrum matches this servitors it could be a coincidence not a coincidence looks like they re using servitors to wall us in applause music music looks. Like they wanted data not systems. Control.

Licking. Up with their taps. Applause music music everything. The fallen got.

We ve got let s move music. Let s go applause oh bro. I hope this data is working in the meantime. You ve ensured that we will stand for at least one more day well said sir come on by when you can guardian will get a look at what you got welcome back.

I had holiday look at the data you pulled. She says somewhere on this tub is a methane reactor untouched since the golden age the wave generators you restored cover our critical functions. But the more systems we bring online the more power. We need if you can find that reactor.

We ll finally be in the green and maybe just maybe we can get a little rest music without dignity holidays been able to dig out the locations of two terminals in the reactors observing the system they appear to be on the fritz. We need you to get in there and cycle. The power that should clear up the noise and restore the core systems as well applause cycling power. Let s find the other one that s two wait devices that require multiple separate activations aren t those you know really dangerous did i say the reactor was safe here.

I was thinking you liked us the people sloan likes tend to wind up in crossfire and indefensible positions. Ask me how i know because i trust you to survive commander all right with those terminals refreshed. We ve pinpointed the reactors boot up console light him up music music applause applause huh northern eh safety check boys still operational hey look who it is don t let it stretch wake up that reactor applause applause. I didn t mean to free the captain we re free let s get out of here.

I can see the reactor on heat. Scans. Bright and clear well done. Guardian.

Now all we have to do is get to it before the fallen. Do should be easy right music..

Thanks to you the reactor is online. And we know just where it is dropping coordinates. Now. The problem is that fallin kept me has been one step ahead of us this whole time so we do this fast.

We ve got this commander that had to hurt applause watch up music applause music applause. So why do the fallen walk the reactor or either production probably they hook up a big servitor to it they double or triple output. Why do you ask no reason. I can t believe that captain s still ahead of us.

He s much cleverer than most of the cabinet events well i say men. But you know remind me do we like the hive or fallen better applause. This captain gave us a good run for it not a lot like him out. There.

Let s get slowed. A reactor. Hey sloane. Guess.

What we ve got is it a methane reactor. I believe that was meant to be a token statement. Yeah. Anyway.

We re bringing it in i look forward to your arrival. Guardian. Thanks to you our power shortages are just a bad memory between the wave generators and this reactor. We re seeing systems light up.

We didn t even know existed. We brought a little bit of the golden age back to light today and he ll who knows what tomorrow will bring we re gonna make your old man don t worry also little bridge up to knuckle island. And then a little bit of a bridge to ankle island and then that s right you guessed it we re going to do a bridge that brings us to tingle island and the shrine is located generally right in the middle here now. It s going to be covered by this enormous boulder.

You can use it either an octorok balloon or you can use your stasis. Ability and knock it out of the way beautiful. Once you just go soaring off into the distance. And the k mail shrine.

You re going to use your arrows to cut the little strings. That are holding this boulder up here. So that it falls back down great push then send you soaring into the sky. And if you don t want the chest.

That s all you need or make your way over to the second podium use that giant block to then boost you up in the air whee and then glide down to the treasure chest and then just repeat that last step if you want to make your way back on over to the orb which i see me do i got a diamond. So yeah..

That s definitely something that uh that you would want to get for our next time. It is directly next to the wetlands table located just west of this little swamp marsh area. Very very easy to get to it s called shields from water and for this one you re going to use your cryonics ability make yourself a little stepping stool pattern put one in the water fall to boost your way on up take care of that guardian with an arrow music use your cry on its ability to knock that chest out of the water and put one right at the end for you to exit let s get our chest. Oh.

Ancient core and then climb on up that brings us to our last area knock. Both these guardians out even before they see us perfect use your cry honest. Ability a little bit later down this path to create a giant ice stone. That will block the raft from falling off jump on top of the raft to get to the podium.

These are chronos ability to bring it out of the water. I m going to do another one to help me in case. I land in the water and i start drifting away instead. I ll drift into the jungle block.

Perfect head on inside. Let s get our chests music make sure to recycle set up our last block right at the end and then we float down to our orb perfect for our next shrine you re going to go from colonel peak colonel peak colonel peak. Yeah let s go colonel peak and you re going to glide east. All the way over to this little island over here.

Now you need to glide here. You cannot walk here because it is completely surrounded by thorns now for speed of light. There s a couple of things that we re going to need to do first jump off for the right side get your chest. They put it right out in the open for you.

Oh oh. Now if you spin this little guy. Right. Here.

It s going to make the laser go all the way around raise up the water swim to the other side. And i am going to take this barrel and place it directly above the switch which in hindsight. I didn t really need to do that but the alternative option. I think takes more steps and i think that s the one fellow little bit easier.

So yeah set up your crylonis blocks bring that barrel out of the water make your way on over boop boop instead of a block directly above the switch make sure to not accidentally knock the block that you re standing on. I d be really helpful raise it out of the water grab your barrel place. It above the switch. Perfect.

Let s take care of all the blocks that we leave here now swim. All the way back to the very entrance of the area spinning around again that s going to make the laser spin around and then you need to swim. Really really fast. All the way to the other side you need to get there before the water is love it when the water lowers is going to drop that barrel that you placed above that switch on to the switch.

Oop door is going to open congratulations get your orb our next trial from lana root our you re going to make your way to this area of small little island and marsh land to shrine island perfectly named to the daka tough shrine inside here is called sunken scoop now you re going to use your magnesia stability grab the scoop. I said the scoop grab the scoop and grab one of the key orbs keystone s balls key balls..

And you re going to drop. It right onto the pedestal that s going to open up the door to the next area make sure to bring the scoop with you into the next area. You don t need that ball leave that ball grab one in the stone put it above. This little trap door and then place.

The scoop directly on top of the giant switch in the water. It s going to activate the switch and then the ball falls into the hole. And that s going to lower the water now with the water lowered. You can make your way to the first room and go get the treasure chest and continue on to the last area.

Which is just walking upstairs to get your orb pretty pretty simple our next. One wishes. The shy yoda shrine. This one s a little bit of a puzzle and involves a shine quest associated with it that s the way to get there is go from jetton saw me the springle wisdom and just glide on down.

Now the shrine is located here. But you re going to be doing most of the activities for the shrine directly right here right by this giant u shaped. Target. Calf is going to tell you a little song about this place with the asian verse.

That goes as follows. He breaks the rocks to serve the bond above the temperature. Say on the wings of cloths and wool entwined he lands our altar to open the way that was my pirate voice. What that actually means is you need to break all the giant rock formations around the island.

So swim on over to this first one throw a biomedics o mine lodge there perfectly that s great swim away to make sure we don t get caught in the explosion. I m like a superhero action man movie you want to face away then ate that bomb. I thought the explosion would be bigger and we get a cutscene that we opened up one of the pathways for the air next. We re going to shoot down that rock formation now for all of these you can use bombs you could use bomb arrows or if you know how to take care of the wind you can use the bomb in the wind to blow up the rocks.

Which i m going to do that for the third one over here. Which is the right side of the you you re going to throw a bomb directly into the wind. And what perfect timing oop now all three pathways for air have been engaged unblocked. They ve been opened up now we need to make our way on top of the entire little u.

Shape island let s throw a rock inside of that little rock circle. That s going to give us a core exceed. Great now make a way to the very end of the you the highest point be sure to save your game. Just in case.

You mess up just go swimming back. Here is a pain in the butt. They re going to jump off of the island. You re going to glide all the way on over get caught inside of the stream.

That s going to push you forward now. It s important to not deactivate your glider you need to land on the pedestal with your glider still out that will then open up the pedestal..

The shrine will erect from the ground. And you get the head on side for shy yoda s blessing. Which is a great flame blade by the way. It s fun.

Fact if we re in a cold area. You could use a flame blade to warm your body temperature for the last time make your way back to zoras domain. And for this one you re going to need to complete the entire storyline for the divine beast in this area. Speak to that young child is going to tell you to talk to this cranky old man over here who totally lost the ceremonial sword.

He lost the ceremonial trident he somehow accidentally threw it off of this bridge but that makes sense but by accident i chopped it off with a bridge. I don t know how well my pants so jump off the bridge. If i told you to jump off of a bridge would you do it your mom says. No.

But often jean places. Yes. Let s use our mind. Use this ability to try to find that try net and boom.

There it is great so now set up some cry honest pillars make your way on a little bit. Closer with bowed mag nieces. Again grab it out of the water and bring it right over to you the ceremonial trident. Which is a knockoff of the light skill tried it and actually tells you that and just for poofter maps.

I decided to try this out with the light scale tron. It the actual reward that you get for unlocking. The divine beast. Which the two are pretty much identical ones just stronger and more durable head your way back on out west of zoras domain up this little pathway forget that fox forget that or get this mushroom go.

Vegan. Okay and then right here you re going to see. The pedestal and the giant waterfall now with the azure armor. You re going to be able to swim up this order fall and power glide down now while still power gliding.

But not too far that you kill yourself you re going to do a down attacks. And that s going to unlock the shrine and you re going to go on inside get your blessing. Get your orb and you re all set. And that way there ladies and gentlemen is this part of all of the shrines in legend of zelda breath as well if you re new to the channel be sure to subscribe turn on notifications and leave some positive energy.

Leave. Some great comments down below until next time often jon out you sure to like this video and subscribe. I m going to be giving you guys lots of helpful videos in the next following days. And week til next time austin jon out music you music.

” ..

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The title s gameplay and mechanics constitute a departure from the series conventions, featuring an open-world environment, a detailed physics engine, high-definition visuals, voice acting, and the ability to play through the game s dungeons in any order. Announced in 2013, the game was initially planned for release as a Wii U exclusive in 2015, but was delayed twice prior to its release on 3 March 2017. Breath of the Wild was a launch title for the Switch and was the final Nintendo-produced game for the Wii U.

Upon release, Breath of the Wild received widespread critical acclaim, with critics particularly praising the game s physics-driven open world and gameplay that encourages player experimentation. The title is one of the highest-rated games of all time on review aggregator Metacritic, and has been deemed by several critics to be one of the greatest video games ever made. sheikah breath of the wild master sword prince sidon how to get breath of the wild dlc

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