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“Are back in arena mode. I don t know why this is why this is isn t a game i mean if you have a teammate that needs a shield just go here s a shield. Bro traps have been faulted completely. There s no more traps.

Ladies and gentlemen chapter. 2. Season. 2.

Is finally out and all the changes are insane they re really good changes. We re gonna cover them in this video. If you subscribe to my youtube channel right now and drop a like on this video within the next 10 seconds. When a 20 is gonna be the greatest year of your life don t ruin this opportunity.

Let s go. What s going on ladies and gentlemen. It s your boy kiwis bring guys. Another fortnight battle royale chapter 2 season 2 video and in this video.

We re gonna be covering literally everything new as in the season. Everything is going to be explained in this video and we re trying we re gonna cover as much as we possibly can new locations in the map. What the new main menu means how to navigate it what it is and you know all the new skins and stuff. I actually uploaded a full battle past video.

It s my previous video if you guys want to go check it out it s on my channel and yeah anyway we re gonna cover everything what s all in vault add. You know stuff like that so first off the battle pass. I m not gonna cover it in this video like i said if you want to check it out check out my other video. But yeah.

There s a lot of there s a lot going on here a lot to unpack and it s kind of crazy looking at it so we re gonna start with just. The fact that this is really cool. It s like a whole secret agent lair. It has a lot of the new skins here that s the tier 100 skin back here.

Mr. Miracles. You know whatever so this is the challenge table. And you guys could see that everything has their own little location that you can click on so.

This is the challenge table and if you it basically shows you where the challenges are located in order to complete them to kind of help people do them instead of like googling like where the locations are and stuff like that so i think that s really cool and that that helps a lot and yeah. It s just it s a challenge table. It s nice so then we go over here to the upgrade vault and this is where you can build your maya right. So.

This is like a lot of people don t know what this means and a lot of people are confused basically. When you get the battle pass you get this maya skin and it s just a basic default skin. I didn t know this until i open until i opened the upgrade vault and as you level up and stuff you get there s new challenges and stuff. And you can actually customize your character.

So there s different hairstyles and stuff. And you know you can basically make your own combination of a character. Which you ve never been able to do before and fortnight s. So i think that s very very cool.

There s probably gonna be a lot more stuff that they add to that maybe later on i don t know but on this right here is like a coming soon versus thing. I don t know if this is gonna be like ltm or if it s like a 1v1 arena or whatever this could be that s you can t really do anything with there..

This is your daily assignment to the left and i m guessing this has stuff to do with like you know your daily challenges and stuff. Like that so that s pretty cool and it s basically the same old stuff that we know. But just you know revamped into a pretty cool new main menu over here is the agents. Which is kind of cool basically.

If you click on this guy. And he s it s basically gonna run into a giant cutscene and it introduces you to all the agents from the agency. Which is kind of what the season 2 is branded around so if you hit this and obviously. It s already watch the cutscenes.

So it s just gonna give you information about like who this guy is and you can see like you know the different types of skins. You can get from him from you know challenges and stuff like that so that s pretty cool and that s it for the main menu. So let s move on to let s go over to creative and show you guys all of the brand new map changes. Let s go so just by taking a look at the map.

Let s see if we can see everything that s new ok. I i m gonna be honest. I don t know everything that s new but i m gonna don t worry we re gonna cover everything i m just this is me just taking a look at everything so we got the shark over here that s new new spot. We ll take a look at that we got the yacht that s also new we got the rig over here the agency.

So they did change the middle map. I was right i knew it and the grotto over there and i m sure there s a bunch of little small map changes. But first let s go take a look over at the shark. I actually have it marked for some reason.

The marking system is completely broken. So we re just gonna have those just fly straight to it i m guessing the reason. They call this the shark is because there s like a shark fin popping out. I think.

That s pretty cool. So. This is just one of those new locations new. Oh eyes looks like there s a giant cave.

Oh. It s a shark because it s a giant cave shark. It s like a giant shark dude. It s pretty cool.

We re just gonna go in here. Take a look. There s a boat that spawns here that s nice got a floor spawn. You know this place.

We got an upgrade station here. So i was pretty good this could be a nice solo landing spot if you figure it out i don t know you never know. There s nothing in here. Which is kind of pointless cave might be the move to land here or something man.

I don t know it looks really cool. This is an awesome landing spot or coming up all the way to the top. There s still more loot up here. Which is actually insane look at this another chest spawn dude.

That s insane well the shark guys is very opie. Very dope..

There s a chest spawn up there as well this is a good landing spot. I would suggest landing here if you need a place to go. It s probably gonna be hot. But it s pretty cool this right here is the new middle island.

Which is so much better than it was before this is awesome. It s gonna be super hectic landing here i can imagine it would be like tilted or something for spawn there or at respond. This is what the inside looks like i don t want to kind of show off too much because i kind of just want to i don t want to make this video. Thirty minutes long.

But yeah. This is the inside it looks really cool it s like an agency. It s really dope couple offices inside you can actually break this to get out so that s that s good to know and then there s like four spawn. There there s like a little place back here probably a chest or something a little shack down.

There with a launch pad. It s pretty cool and yeah okay our next location. We re gonna look at is the yacht. Which is like right in front of me this is actually a really cool spot to put a location on the map.

Because it s like it s literally off the map like it s not even a piece of land or anything. It s literally a boat and i think that s really cool imagine an end game scenario right here like in a competitive match like the zone is right here that would be a disaster. Oh. There s a reboot van right here too so that s really cool.

I m guessing. This is gonna be kind of a hot spot. So i m actually gonna hit up this boat right here. We re actually in the bottom of the boat right now.

This is what the inside of looks like looks pretty cool. Oh yeah. The bottom of the boat. Obviously is like just like a maze or whatever so and then you come up to the mid section of the boat looks like it s very fancy got a big statue here the tier 100 guy they like worship this guy or something that s kind of weird and the front of the boat is going to be the back of the boat.

Which is pretty cool a lot of chess pawns like i hear a lot of chess. Here. So this could be a good spot to land one right there. And this is the top of the boat.

So that s pretty cool all right the next location. We re gonna look at is the grotto. Which is right in front of me i don t know what this is i think i have something to do with the cave that they opened right here. So that s kind of cool like that if you guys don t remember this.

I think this cave used to be closed from what i remember and it looks like you can actually now go inside. So it s like a secret agent lair so there s actually the entrance right up there too. But we re gonna go on this one and yeah this looks like you know everybody thought there s gonna be helicopters maybe they ll add it later but there s definitely helicopter pads going on it s kind of nuts not gonna lie this looks like batman s lair or something dude. This looks pretty cool get some floor spawns over here.

Wow. There s a lot of loot down. Here. There s so much loot to go around now.

It s actually insane what about my okay. My landing spots..

Still good okay. I m just just double checking dude. You never know. There s an upgrade station.

Here. You also get a boat here. Which is nice. I m actually there s a cave in there looks like you can go through if you drive all the way through here this place is huge looks like this is a cave that you can actually get out of the side of the map you get some you get two more boats over there.

Which is good. And yeah. There s that for the grotto that s pretty cool okay so this right here is the rig. This is our final named location.

I m sure there s a bunch of little tiny small little map changes that i m probably not gonna nitpick in this video just want to show off the everything new and the big changes. So this is the rig and looks like this is huge man this is ginormous another helicopter pad i m telling you i think we re gonna get helicopters it doesn t make sense why these aren t like these are all over the place. You know what i mean. But this is really cool like this is so hectic.

Though i m gonna get lost in here this is insane. There s a lot of stuff we need to learn on each pio. I like if you want to be a competitive player you want to land at one of these spots. You ve definitely gotta do your research.

Because there s a lot of little corners. A lot of little alleyways that you could get killed on and wow. You can actually swim down here this is i m sure you could you guys could learn the chest bones and stuff. I m not gonna show them all in this video.

But yeah this place is crazy. It s so big okay so now it s time to talk about everything is unvoluntary. I m actually gonna throw up a graphic on the screen and we re just gonna go through it so launchpads are back in arena mode. This is insane like this is crazy that means launch pads are not competitive.

I m going to be used for rotating grapplers our unball td. So that s insane we out of a lot of content already just by those two things so there s now grapplers and public games. C4 has been unball td jesus that s crazy ruby rossi for the suppressed smg was unball td the drum gun was on voltage okay. The suppressed assault rifle was involved a lot of things involved there s a lot of new guns and content.

Which is really cool everything was kind of stale and boring the heavy sniper was on vaulted. Which is really cool the boom bow on volted. Which is i mean actually now. I think about it.

The boom. Bow is really good the suppressed pistol was involved in the suppressed sniper unbolted. And there s a decoy grenade added. And it allows you to actually decoy yourself.

Which is really cool this is something that we haven t seen before and i m actually gonna show you guys in a second. What that is and the creeping cardboard has been added don t know what that is yet. We re gonna find out and the tactical ar was involved so real quick. I m gonna i m gonna show you guys what those items are those two new items so here s the creep and cardboard.

I m going to add that to it chest. I don t think they have the decoy grenade in creative..

I don t think they do but alright. This is the this is the creeping cardboard. So throw this and i m guessing you can just hide in some cardboard. And you can just creep around.

I don t know why this is why this is in the game. I mean. It s kind of obvious that you see one of these things people are just gonna shoot it but i think that s that s kind of funny also the locker emo thing is different that s cool so the decoy grenade is actually not in creative at least to my knowledge. I don t see it in here and now for the vaulted items traps have been vaulted completely.

There s no more traps gone. Which i love this. Thank you awesome the bolt action sniper that has also been vaulted. So we have the heavy sniper instead of the bolt action.

Some rocket launcher rarity s have been vaulted not fully clear on that yet and some smg rarity s have also been vaulted. So maybe like the legendary smgs maybe or the legendary or purple rpgs have maybe have been vaulted so that s kind of cool and apparently now you can throw consumables. Which is interesting so i actually wanted to add some shield. I want to equip some shield here apparently you can throw them.

Oh yeah you can t so so. If you actually right click a consumable you can actually throw it towards somebody. This is insane look at this yeah. This is so crazy that that s actually insane.

So. If you have a teammate that needs a shield you just go here s a shield bro. Yeah. That s actually crazy that s dope that s so cool and that works for pretty much everything i m pretty sure like for med kits.

Yeah. It works for everything can you do that with fish yup. You can do it with fish. Too that s wild that s insane.

So you don t need to run over and drop someone anything you can actually just throw. It as somebody that s insane. That s crazy oh yeah guys. This is crazy there s a lot of new content a lot of new things.

The decoy grenade. I would have to go into pubs and find it it s it s basically you throw a grenade and it just duplicate yourself if he s like a bot running around i can confuse your opponents. I ll bother than that guys. This is insane this looks like it could be a really good season launch pads back and competitive like this is wild guys.

This is insane so hopefully enjoy this video. I ma go play i haven t played yet. I ve just been making videos so i m gonna go play maybe. I ll upload again later today subscribe if you re new for the craziest fortnight chapter 2 season 2 content.

I will see you guys later ok spending 40 kiwis and i m out peace. ” ..

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Everything NEW In Fortnite Season 2… (Locations, Unvaulted Weapons, Mechanics)
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