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“Guys and welcome to the key guide for the factory key all of the current current key spawns run customs. So that s where we re going so for the spawn you need to go to the three story dorms. Once you enter through the main entrance. A three story.

Dogs got a little reception desk with your left side. If you head in there. There s a broken tv. And it spawns just in front of that broken tv.


The next key location is behind old gas station. Now. This isn t a confirmed spawned well. It is is that it spawns every item in the game.

So there is just a chance of getting it. But it can actually spawn there. What you need to do is jumper of the blue fence go over the little train track. There s a concrete ring and it spawns next to that concrete ring for the final key spawn.


It since like dom build in this is the building next to the train tracks near the extract once you enter this building. If you look on your left. Hand side with opposite side of where the bigger boilers are you see this blue locker. And it spawns inside that blue locker on a second shelf and now we re to use the key.

So we re gonna stay in customs for this you need to go to the building that s in between bridge and the new gas station along the wall you can see a door with the window next to it it s actually unlocked shortcut is next to the place where you jump on the portal ooh to jump over the wall. That s also a filing cabinet as well as loose spawn and a weapons box and now for factory. If we start off with the third floor inside the factory block you got the skybridge if you go off the scribe bridge and turned off and you ve got the first metal door on your right side. It s just inside of there now inside.


He got four drawers a wooden crate as well as loosely essaouira. There s also a key that spawns below the coat. Which is bad rip evidence. Key and now for the extraction zone factory.

But the first one we re going to do the cellar extract. Which is in the forklift room. If you go down the stairs in the forklift room. You can see the metal grated door.


And that is the cellar extract and finally gate zero. So this one is the extract on the side where the blue containers are you got the giant red door head through that red door and then pass the barrels in the inside. And that is the final extract. The key has currently got a lot of uses.

So it does go for around about the 400 kmart music. ” ..

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———-Key Guide Details————

*The locked room is an optional quest location for Bad rep evidence

Key Location:
*Customs: The three-story dorms within a small office by the main entrance, next to the broken TV
*Customs: The Factory building south of the smokestacks. It will spawn in a blue locker that is located on the northern wall of the building
*Customs: Behind the Old Gas Station, next to the concrete ring with the medbag. Note that this is not a static spawn, this location can spawn every item in the game.
*Pockets and bags of Scavs
*Can be obtained as a quest reward for Spa Tour – Part 7

Lock Locations:
*Customs: The two locked doors are directly adjacent to each other, both unlocking access to the shortcut building.
*Factory: The top floor locked door has a small amount of loot behind it. The main floor and tunnel locked doors lead to extractions.

Behind the Lock:
Gate 0 extraction
Cellars extraction in the undergroundr
Locked room:r
*Jacket (204 key)r
*One Weapon spawnr
*Loose lootr
*Portable cabin key of customs Factory zone spawn location

Guard building:
*Four Drawers
*One Wooden crate
*Loose Loot

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