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“Guys. What is going on this is deadly welcome back to the channel for some some more escape from tarkov. So i ve heard a lot of you guys are and finding that factory key as i did for a very long time. But i gotta say i finally got it i never gave up and i kept on looking all the locations and sure enough.

I was able to finally get my factory key after over 10 hours of searching constantly knowing all the locations and being very diligent. I was just extremely unlucky. But thankfully i have that rare and awesome key for those that might be unaware. The factory key is the most important key in the game it grants you access to two additional escape points on the map factory access to a locked office in the factory.

That provides some military loot and it also provides you with a passage through the customs map at the gas station without having to jump over the barbed wire or fight your way through the checkpoint at the end. Having this key should be one of your primary goals and escape from tarkov. So if you don t already have it added to your objective list. You should now for all you guys that played in the alfa.

There was a few ways of obtaining the key. But primarily it was found in the dorms office in the three story dorm building on customs..

Now. Since the closed beta testing has begun there s been a few additional spawn points on customs that spreads out the possibility of you finding your key thus making the item a lot more rare than it was before because a lot of the factory. Key spawns are now accessible by scabs that are able to get there easier than the pmc s now in the closed beta testing as of august 14th. 2017.

There are currently seven ways that you can obtain your factory. Key number one. The customs dorm office. Just like before it s in the same spot sitting right next to the television on the table number two the customs military checkpoint in the back of the blue car and you want to search the jacket.

Too because you might be able to get a grizzly and i ve heard that you can also get the factory key on that jacket number three you can find it inside of a customs factory. The factory that is connected to the two smokestacks on the map. So you can t miss it. And it also has a car park with a green van that you can search for computer parts you can find the factory key inside the blue locker.

Which is where i found my key number for inside. The customs factory next to dead skive on the couch..

Number five inside. The customs factory inside the loot of the dead scab on the couch. Number six. You can still find your factory.

Key inside scab backpacks found while killing and searching dead. Scavengers. And it s with any scavenger on any map inside of any scaf backpack scab backpacks to my knowledge are the only backpacks that actually had the factory key so tea bags duffel bags and mds s s to my knowledge do not spawn factory keys. But correct me if i m wrong in the comment section below and number seven you can either kill another pmc or you can buy it from fence.

So another pmc can sell their additional factory. Keys defense. Which enters the global market and i have seen factory keys on fence before but they get bought up extremely quick so it s probably a stretch. But it technically is possible to buy your factory key from fence as long as other players are finding the keys and selling them for money instead of trading them to their friends or just hoarding them like mad men.

So i wish you good luck on your factory. Key journey..

It really just comes down to rng and being very quick. One tip. And this is something that a lot of people are using is using your scab mode on the customs and immediately rushing to all of the factory. Key spawns.

You actually will spawn extremely close to most of them except for the dorms office. Unless. It s a really rare scab spawn. But usually people get their scab.

They rush. The customs factory look in the lockers look in the dead. Scab and next to the dead scab work their way down to the military checkpoint check. The car and if it s not there by then you ll have to get extremely lucky and hope that no other pmc made it to the three story dorm office to check that key spawn.

It is technically possible so you shouldn t give up because you never know there might just be an army of hatchlings that murder each other on the spawn side of customs map. And now no one is actually able to make it to the dorms especially..

If you spawn in as your scab and you rush directly over to the three story dorm you might get there in time. But honestly good luck. It s very difficult it s really up to the rng gods and i hope that you guys find your key. So you can start escaping the factory.

A lot easier completing the cussons with an additional option for escape. And just overall rubbing. It in the faces of everybody who doesn t currently have one if you found this video. Useful let me know what you think in the comment section below share.

This video around to all your friends that are currently struggling and finding the factory key if you learned something subscribe because. I m going to be creating more escape from tarkov hints tricks guides gameplay all sorts of fun stuff for now and into the future. ” ..


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This video will showcase all of the Factory Key Spawns as of 8/14/2017!

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