Fallout 3 Tips & Tricks: Part 1/3 Character creation

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“Here we are with skip the in first part of the character creation because it it really doesn t matter to the end the rest of the game. What sex are and how you look we re skipping right ahead to the special stats and we re skipping to the end. I m gonna go through this and tell you give you some pointers first of all we have strength and strength isn t that s important that s one my friend and it affects your carry weight and your amalie skill. But the melis guilty for race.

But then skill points and the carry capacity and the improve later on with the strong back perk. So i wouldn t recommend going to wheat. But since we don t have a lot of points to to distribute and there are other skills stats that are more important i recommend starting out with a four here and let s see there we go. And the reason is starting up at four that s because right into the game in megaton.

We have a bobblehead in lucas sims. Office. Which we can get to increase this by one so and we re gonna need at least five strengths to get the perk strong back later in the game. So that s the starting point for our strengths and let s skip ahead to intelligence.

This is in my opinion the most important skill stats are because it affects how many skill points you gain when you level up so it s very important to start out start out early in the game with a high intelligence..

Because every time you level up you re gonna get extra skill points. And if you have high intelligence and if you start out with the low intelligence. You re gonna lose out on a lot of skill points so we re gonna race this up to nine. You don t have to take all the way up to ten.

Because there s a bobblehead in river city and that you can get and you don t gain all that much by raising it to ten. So we re gonna start out with nine and it also affects some some perks. But since we raise it this much we don t really have to worry about the perks. But if you do one experiment.

What you re gonna at least once in intelligence is four because there are two perks. Comprehension and educated which are very important to take well if you like skill points. So i don t recommend going below four and let s go with what we can lower a charisma isn t actually as important and that s one might think and it affects how people view you if you re attractive whatever and this will make them more inclined to listen to you increases your barter skill and speech skill. But those things can be raised by racing the skill in itself.

And this hasn t really got many effects that last..

So we re gonna take two points of this and use some somewhere else it also affects some perks of course. But no perks that are vital to the game in my opinion. So now we have some map points to use so we re gonna go to a guillotine. Which is a very important skill and when it comes to action points.

Which is what you use in vats mode. So if you like using maps you re probably gonna want some agility. So i m gonna let s see seven is probably a good number to start out them agility also affects a lot of that perks and so there s a minimum requirement for it so seven agility is actually when perks are concerned this is the best stat to race. Let s see some important perks are silent running sniper and action boy.

Very nice ones so let s see what do we have perception. It s also a fairly important skill cause it affects your threat indicator. When you notice people that are hostile towards you and by noticing them early you can go to sneak mode or avoid them shoot them whatever so discovering enemies quick quickly it s very important so we re gonna race that by one this stat is also important because there s perk requirements and the very very important perk. Very nice perk.

I should say better criticals..

Which is in my opinion one of the best perks in the game. Because it increases your damage by 50 and you get a creek pretty critical hit. So this is a good stat to have at least 6 in and moving on endurance is also one of these skills stats that is important from a perk perspective. And you need a certain amount of endurance to access some important perks for instance toughness and the strong back perk and a strong back part of course.

It s important because well first of all because we didn t waste too much in strength and because if you re gonna want to carry power armor and later in the game. Which weighs a lot you re gonna need some some extra carrying capacity because it weighs a lot so we re gonna go with at least 5 and endurance. Then finally we re gonna race luck by one and luck is actually an important and it s that it didn t affects your critical chance and by racing it to six. We have a six percent chance to get a crit critical hit their weapons ormally attacks.

Whatever and this is also affected by what kind of weapon you use so if you use something like the lincoln or peter. You have critical well there s a factor that you multiply. It by this number. So if we have a six percent chance the length on the feature you multiply this by fine.

I think this is how it works i m not sure..

But you know so we get a 30 chance to hit critically. But the lincoln repeater which means that this is an important stacked when it comes to critical hits. And especially. If you take the better criticals burke basically this this increases your damage output by a significant amount anyway.

I think we re about done here. Yeah. The strength each point is strength racists your carrying capacity by twenty so if we had raised this to six. We would have had 40 more carrying capacity so you know it s a trade off.

But if you want to if you re getting sick of them running back to town and emptying your inventory you can raise them strength. Which basically is what it s good for and not having to run back to town all time managing your inventory and dropping stuff and selling stuffing and all that but it s not a vital skill. So since we have to prioritize and we re gonna start off with four anyway. We re all done and we re going to move on ” .


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Guide to making a new char, info about SPECIAL stats, perks, etc. Also in later episodes I will show you the beginning of the game, with some nice tips to get you off to a nice start in the game.

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