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“Welcome back guys it to another video and today. I thought to sort of wrap wrap up the rare weapon series that i ve been doing on the channel. Why do a top 10 overall best weapons that you can find in fallout. 4.

I think it s fair to say that i ve covered a ton of rare weapons on the channel. Whether this be legendary weapons that you can obtain or unique weapons. That you can obtain from vendors. I ve covered a lot i ve done a lot of different types of top fives.

But i ve never really done a top 10 based round the overall best weapons. The 50 closest. I got to this was a top 5 overpowered weapons. I did like months ago.

And a lot of things have changed since then a lot of things have been updated and i thought why not do this video for you guys today so as always if you guys do enjoy this video be sure to leave a like let s see if we can smash 5000. Likes in this video that would be awesome and let s jump straight into this so we have a lot of the weapons in this video. You are going to need to form them from legendary enemies. And if you guys do you want to know how farming works and the best ways to do it i ll have a link to a tutorial in the description below.

But let s start this off easy no farming needed a very easy one to pick up. And this is a melee weapon. Known as the throat slicer. Now the throat slicer has been dubbed one of the best melee weapons in the game.

However. I do have a weapon that one up six a little bit which i ll talk about here shortly. But the throat size that really is one of the most powerful melee weapons. I mean.

It has a very very high damage output for the type of weapon. It is it can swing very fast because it is a disciples blade. It weighs barely anything because it s a very light weapon. It also does it 25 points of bleed damage per hit.

That is the legendary prefix of the weapon itself and finally it can be used quite a lot in vats often times being able to take out four rooms of enemies with just one swing of the weapon itself now let s talk about where all of this damage comes from. I mean you can see here from the gameplay in the background. The base damage of the weapon. It s like 480 plus.

Which is extremely good on a fast sort of melee weapon like this because of course. It can swing very fast. But again talking about the perks here so to maximize the the output for the weapon. You re going to want to invest in quite a few of these parks.

You know the first thing that i ve got going on here is ten strengths we have all of the ranks of big leagues. Which allows you to do double damage with melee weapons. And also a chance to cripple your opponent. We also have all of the ranks of bloody mess as well.

Which allows you to inflict 15 additional damage. While in combat. The pack alpha pack on top of this as well from the recent new cod dlc allows you to do 25 more damage and take 30 less damage. Which of course stacks on top of everything so far i which by the way if you want to know how to get the pack alpha pack.

I will leave a link in the description down below. But essentially just sort of play along with the pack through nuka world. And you ll eventually get it again on top of all of this..


We have the scalp magazine issue. 2. Which allows you to do an additional 25 combat life and switchblade damage. Which does actually affect the throat slicer and for the location of the scout magazine.

You can find it at the new chords on guard simply go into the main building of the stairs on the desk is exactly where you ll find it but additionally to this again if you invest in the alone. Wonder. Apart. You ll also be able to take 30 less damage and also do 25 more damage whilst actually having 25 more action points.

If you do decide to go out. Without a companion and also invest fully into that park and the last main one in terms of damage output. We have routed so essentially when you are standing still you ll gain 50 more damage and 50 damage resistance so that right there is a lot of damage output packs i mean having all of those will really increase the damage of your weapon and turn it into a 1 to 2 sharp blade that can take out any enemies. Now of course alongside these parks that maximize it even more you re going to want to invest in the blitz pack as well as the ninja part because of course.

That s sort of the best thing to go for when using melee weapons of course with blitz. It allows you to sort of teleport next to the enemy s routed will also take into effect when you re in vats as well and it pretty much allows you to take out a whole room of enemies we ve already as combined. I mean it genuinely is a crazy weapon guys like believe me you are going to want to pick this weapon up if you do play a melee character build and to find it all you need to do is head to the neuch tel market. It will actually be sold by kaitlyn inside of there for around three thousand to four thousand caps.

So it is kind of crazy. How they ve added this in as such an easy weapon to obtain for such a cheap price because well again. It is one of the best. Many weapons out there for you melee characters.

However the next weapon. One opposite in my opinion and this is the instigating disciples blade. Essentially the same thing as the throat slicer. However it has the instigating legendary prefix instead of the twenty five points of bleed damage.

And what instigating does is that when the enemy s health is at full you can literally do double damage with the weapon. So double damage on this weapon. Paired up with the bullets and ninja combination with all of these parks that increase the damage you re gonna want right any enemy in the game. I mean it doesn t matter what it is it could be a freaking.

My luck queen with double health and you re probably still killing one here and again the good thing about it is it has a lot of vats usage. So if you are in a room. Full of people and you re sneaking you can actually take out like every enemy in that room with one usage in vat just with one swing. And i mean if you don t end up taking out the enemies in one swing.

Because of how fast the weapon can be used you d end up killing them in two to three max. Anyway making this truly a devastating weapon now to obtain this it s actually several ways that you can do this. Number. One is it will get given to you by nisha at the very end of the game.

After you ve completed the quest power play as long as you haven t killed off the disciples when you return to nisha in the disciples hangout. You will basically get given the weapon to you now. If you don t want to go this route with the ending. Because i don t want to spoil too much in the ending.

But it s pretty much like you have to make a decent choice in the game um. The other way you can get it is through farming. A legendary enemies. Which of course is a lot harder to do for this weapon.

Because while it s primarily based on look. And even so i haven t really found like a proper nuke about farming location are within the new code area. But you know you can t find the weapon outside of new kawada..


It s just a matter of you know farming certain enemies hoping that you ll get the weapon being quite lucky and how much time you actually put in it to farming for this and that leads us into my next weapon of the video. Which is the auto pipe rifle with the kneecap our legendary effect now i know what you guys are thinking how is an auto pipe rifle. Good well if you haven t heard about this on my channel. Because i have talked about it before this weapon isn t about the damage.

This is about the election dairy effect. It has which is kneecap ax. Which gives you a 20 chance to cripple the target now the reason. This is good on the auto pipe rifle.

Is because i mean number one of the pipe rifle is a lot more frequently seen when legendary farming. So it s a little bit easier to obtain. It has a very fast fire rate. Which is what you need on a kneecap.

A weapon just it s completely based on fire rate and the ammo is very easy to obtain as well so overall the pipe rifle in my opinion is just the perfect weapon to get this on now just to put this into perspective. I mean you can have a whole horde of like 10 to 20 def claws coming at you you put a couple of bullets of this weapon. Into each of them they are going to be on the floor crawling unable to do anything and you can do this against any enemy in the game. Anything can be trifled and anything won t be crippled in a matter of seconds.

When using this making this truly one of the best weapons you can find in the game. I mean literally. If you carry this thing around with you it s almost like putting the game in easy mode. Even if you re in survival or very hard difficulty as always with weapons like this and miniatures based on legendary farming.

So simply check the links in the description and hopefully you can get a weapon like this if you are lucky enough. And that leads us into our next weapon. Which well is the explosive shotgun. Probably the most powerful weapon in terms of raw damage in the game period.

I mean. The explosive legendary effect is known to be the best a legendary effect in the game just because of how powerful this thing can be with the demotion expert. Ranked fully maxed out and a combat shotgun each pellet. Does fifteen points of explosive damage.

Making this one of the most devastating weapon in the game to any enemy in the game. I mean explosive damage itself is great it has the area of effect. Which means that you can sort of shoot the ground and take out and hit a bunch of enemies at the same time. But just a sheer damage output that this thing has is crazy and if you manage to get your hands on one you are one lucky guy.

One of the fair locations to farm for a shotgun is inside of the gunners plaza. That s typically where i ve seen a lot of enemies. Dropping a legendary variants of the shotgun and war on the subject of explosive weapons. Another great weapon in fact another two good explosive weapons is number one the explosive handmade rifle as well as the explosive minigun.

But let s talk about the handmade rifle for a second. The handmade rifle itself of course was introduced with the new quad dlc. The weapon itself has a high damage output. It has a very very fast fire rate.

Which in my opinion is also very controllable as well and it can also be turned into a sniper rifle variant. The one bad thing that i will say about this is the fact that it does you 762. Rounds. Which can be a little bit hard to come across.

I mean because of how fast this weapon shoots. It literally eats up ammo. So quickly and you can buy em over in bulks of like 900 from the nuketown market..


But again because of our fast. It does shoot of course it does easy ammo very quickly there however i mean you can sort of you know switch me. If you want into a different you know shooting variant. So you don t waste them always quick.

And i with the explosive legendary effect on it it just makes you even better. But the problem with this weapon is is extremely extremely rare again. I haven t really found any major new cabal farming locations. Yet and only a handful of people i ve managed to get their hands on here.

So sort of few people are talking about it on you know forums and stuff like that and pretty much like most explosive weapons in the game. It will just wipe enemies off the floor. No matter the difficulty you are on no matter. The enemy you come across it will die in seconds.

When using a weapon like this and that s actually a good segue into another weapon that i was going to talk about on this list. Which is the splatter cannon. The splat can and of course being a unique variant of the handmade rifle and you guys already know how powerful the splat cannon is i mean the legendary prefix on the weapon is that you know you do more damage on each consecutive here. Because of how fast the fire rate of the splatter cannon or against the handmade rifle is that legendary effect is absolutely devastating so with the explosive variant.

I mean you can just imagine how much more damaging that is actually going to be of course for these splatter cannon itself it can be purchased from aaron inside of the new town market. It cost quite a bit. But it generally one of the best unique weapons that s easy to obtain. Which is why would say go for the splatter cannon first before trying to get an explosive handmade rifle.

Whereas the explosive handmade rifle itself has to be found and you have to be extremely lucky to get your hands on it and of course that leads again into the weapon. I said. I was going to talk about which is the explosive mini gun. Now the explosive mini gun.

And the explosive shotgun are sort of on two ends of the stick. Some people say are the explosive minigun is fair. Whereas. Some people say the explosive shotgun is better.

I guess. It s down to personal preference. But an explosive minigun you guys get the idea here explosive. Plus.

A mini gun means absolute death for any enemy. The good thing about the minigun is that ammo is very very easy to obtain it does spray very very quickly. But i still prefer the explosive shotgun. I don t know what it is about it it definitely does a little bit more damage in my opinion.

And i just generally the explosive shotgun is a lot more fun to use rather than carrying around this big huge heavy minigun so again. It s not a personal preference. But the explosive minigun had to be added to the list as one of the best weapons in fallout. 4.

And for the next weapon. We have another melee weapon. This time which often times is compared to the throat slicer now. Which of course is the furious ripper now the furious ripper basically has the legendary modifier where it increases damage after each consecutive here on the same target and because this is on the ripper.

Which of course deals consecutive damage because of our faster blades are running it pretty much is a perfect match again any enemy in the game. You just walk up to it you start slicing it with the ripper. It will start off a little bit slow..


But after a few seconds of getting that increased damage after each hit it will be down in seconds. A lot of people do compare this to the throat slicer. Some people say they prefer the furious ripper personally i would still say the throat slicer and the instigating disciples blade. I definitely is a better weapon.

But the furious ripper is no joke. This is genuinely one of the most powerful melee weapons in the game. If you are lucky enough to obtain it again one of the better locations for following this weapon is the croup man abasement will always be a legendary ghoul down. There that you can take out and loot lock.

As well again. I ve said just a loads of times in the video. But you know farming techniques will be in the description. If you guys wanna know the best ways to farm for weapons like this and that leads us into my next weapon.

Which is the two shot gore s rifle. I worked on that i literally carried around for a long long time as many of you will know the two shot legendary prefix is one of the best ones that you can get in the game. Because well it pretty much gives you double damage on the weapon. That you have and pairing that up with the sheer raw damage output that a gauss rifle already has can only make for one hell of a great weapon to use in combat.

While it s not as good as some of the weapons that i ve showed in the video. It still is one of the best variants of a ghost rifle and it still is one of the best weapons in the game. I mean this thing will rail enemies down to the ground in seconds. And for this weapon farming is definitely better in the abandoned house.

The goals inside of there tend to drop the gauss rifle. A little bit more frequently and it s definitely worth it you know farming in that location are rather than some of the others and for the final weapon of the video the only ghost rifle variant to actually solve out beat the two shot one is the instigating it goes rifle. Now this is primarily down to personal preference. The instigating course rifle will give you a flat 200 percent damage bonus for the very first shot fired and enemy with full health.

However. The two shakur s rifle will give you 160 percent damage bonus. Every single shot that you do so with the instigating gold rifle. You will do more damage overall with the first shot that you fire whereas with the two shakur s rifle.

You won t do as much damage. But you can still do a lot more damage for every single hit so it really is down to personal preference. They are both almost the same again instigating lb to get there in terms of raw damage for the first shot. And it s always going to be down to personal preference.

When choosing a weapon like this as i said before farming for a gorge rifle. Is better done in the abandoned house and that my friends is the top 10 weapons that you can find in fallout. 4. That is of course if you are lucky enough to get some of these weapons through farming.

But as always hope you guys did enjoy this video. And this is primarily a wrap up of the rare weapon series. I mean i have a few more ideas planned and stuff like that but nothing really based around raw damage and how powerful a weapon is so as always you know if you guys did enjoy this video today or did it find it helpful please do me a favor and drop. A like on the video guys your support of course is always greatly appreciated on the channel also have a mods video going up sometime this week.

I m bringing back the modding series a little bit into the channel and a lot of you guys have been waiting for an episode of that so look out for that sometime this week. Again hope you will enjoy it subscribe. If you are new and i will catch you guys next time with a brand new video peace owl music. ” .


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Fallout 4 Rare Weapons – TOP 10 Most Powerful Legendary Weapons! (BEST WEAPONS OVERALL)
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Weapons in video (timestamps will come soon)
Throatslicer 01:25 – 05:05
Instigating Disciples Blade 05:05 – 06:54
Kneecapper Pipe Auto Rifle 06:54 – 08:18
Explosive Shotgun 08:18 – 09:21
Explosive Handmade Rifle 09:21 – 10:48
SplatterCannon 10:48 – 11:36
Explosive Minigun 11:36 – 12:26
Furios Ripper 12:26 – 13:38
TwoShot Gauss Rifle 13:38 – 14:29
Instigating Gauss Rifle 14:29

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