Fallout 4: Top 10 Greatest Power Armor Mods Of All Time 4K

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“What s up everybody welcome to my top 10 greatest power armor mods of all all time for fallout. 4. Make sure you check out my previous fallout. 4.

Countdown. If you haven t already so without further ado let s get started alright kicking things off at number 10. I got the 79 eighth ems team gundam power armor by wing 0 72. I really don t know anything about gundams.

But i thought these armors look pretty sweet. I could find all the armors right when your wegs a vault. 111. You craft a jet pack for all of the suits and you have this giant container.

Which will increase your carrying capacity these armors definitely don t fit fallout. 4. But as long as they look cool that s all that matters and i believe you could also get this on the xbox one. If you re on console command number.

9. I have the liberty prime power armor by sabretooth. The brotherhood s giant robot. They took from operation anchorage.

This time it s in power armor form one of my favorite moments in fallout. 3. Is when you storm project parity with this big guy and he s throwing like big mini nukes or i believe they were like nuclear grenades such an epic battle the armor could be crafted in the chemistry station..


And it is also available on the xbox. It also has some really nice paint jobs. Commander. Where ai.

N t i have the elder scrolls 51. Power armor of skyrim inspired by edible grenade. 12. The power armor is very nice very detailed and it would make any elder scrolls fan note over the mana adso.

But that is a comic shop. Which pops up in your map. So you can easily find the armor. It s very customizable.

I really love the soul gems. You can put on your shoulder. If you kill like a deathclaw. A yaoguai a rad stag you feel like put it in your head.

You have some cool paint jobs. Some nice weapons and the mods also available on the xbox come in number seven. I have the excavator power armor by ilana sp. I know nobody likes fallout 76.

But i m pretty sure everyone wanted this armor to be ported to fallout. 4. And it s finally here the armors added in the vanilla quest pulls a plug the mod is they poured from fallout..


76. And it is a gun networked public release since that s the case. I don t think it ll ever be able to go to the xbox since it s a port from another game either way the armor is very well done and looks great and fallout. 4.

Has a lot of cool customizations different paint jobs and i believe the armor is still being updated. It also comes with like a vault suit and i think another armored bus. This is a power armor countdown. I m really only focusing on the power armor and i believe the monitor is also gonna be pouring some more fallout sandy 6.

Stuff command number. 6. I thought i would compile all of deep hilary s 4k re textures for the vanilla power armors. He s covered every single power armor in the game.

Except the raider power armor. I know this really isn t a new armor. But these power armor textures are a must have other qualities absolutely insane who needs new armors when the ones you got look like this he also has some other retouchers you should definitely check out music music music music kamiya number five. I have the midwestern power armor by new remind 43 and captain ultima.

This is a classic armor from the old fallout games was in the cover of fallout tactics or the armor was worn by the brotherhood of steel. You ll find the armor and an underwater lost shipment you can easily find it in your map. The detail of this armor is absolutely incredible. I remember this armor being added in the monster wars for fallout.

New vegas. That mod that added a bunch of war zones a very fun times. The mod has many different camos..


But my favorite has to be the batman. So yeah. I m a huge batman fan and that s definitely a huge plus for me. The armor is also available on the xbox.

If you re on console. Music music c. mere number. Four.

I have the enclave hellfire armor by dogtooth and inoculum. This is this armor was from the fallout. 3 s broken steel dlc. This is one of the greatest piece of armors the enclave.

I ve ever created they even referenced it in the fallout new vegas lonesome road dlc. But sadly they never even gave us the armor you can find the armor and the glowing sea and an underground bunker. You should have a quest where you can easily locate it in your map. The armor has various different skins and it also comes with the heavy incinerator.

Which is a enclave signature weapon. And the maj should also be available on the xbox music coming in number three. I have the war machine power armor again by nero mine 43 and captain ultima just like the midwestern armor the quality is top notch not very lower friendly but this is probably the coolest armor in the countdown especially. If you re a war machine or iron man fan.

You ll be able to find the armor in wilson s atom toy factory. Unfortunately the shoulder gun does not work but either way this armors absolutely incredible. And i believe it s also available on the xbox one music kamiya number two i have the enclave shock..


Trooper armor again by dog tooth and a knock deal this is another classic fallout. 3. Power armor. I can find it in the abandoned gas station and the glowing see on the base armor has a ton of scratches.

It s very worn out lots of detail with this one. I think i believe there s more detail on this one than the hellfire armor. Even though i like the hellfire armor. I think this armor trump s it when it comes to quality.

And the detail. You also have lots of customization options. Including the tesla coils which look really dope and the mod is also available for the xbox it even has like a really nice like winterized version which looks really cool music and finally in the number one spot. I have the fallout for war tags by jaros third storm and gambit 77.

This model requires the armor smith extended. Which i m sure everyone has this mod pretty much makes all other paint jobs obsolete. The detail is insane there s 16 different variations and there s even support for the jetpacks so much detail in every single variation. The mods also available on xbox and this is definitely one of the greatest power armor mods of all time music.

So that about wraps up everything for this list. Let me know what are your favorite power armors or if you think i missed any that should be in this countdown. Let me know in the description make sure you hit the like button really helps me out. And i ll see you guys for the next video peace out ” .


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