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“Is up guys my name is jj flop. Person today guys i m going to to be showing you where you guys can acquire every single plan and follow 76 lot of you guys want that how i build my bases and where do i have all these cool items from today guys. I m going to be showing you one of the best places best locations. Where you guys can acquire them yourself.

And use them in your own builds let s get into it one more thing before we get started and this is to put on the hard bargain pack. This book allows you to purchase items that very cheap prices this means. That you want to have to spend as many caps. When you re buying items and plans from vendors.

So this is the must have if you try on there buy a lot of plans and very useful plans because some plans are really expensive and the spec just makes it very cheap so i really do recommend you guys put this on the first vendor. We re going to be visiting is there what taco shopping plaza and this is by far. My favorite vendor just because of the items. He sells and how big is planet mentally is you can buy plans for building from him you can buy tables chairs you can buy vending machines yes.

At all and what i would do if he hasn t got why one. I was just bored or leave the game find a different lobby reed jordan come back to him and every time. You do that every time you leave the lobby..


Enjoy a different one go to him. He will have different items in inventory. Different plans you guys can purchase and this is what i would usually do is define best plans and if i m looking for something this is what out menu do the second vendor that we re going to be visiting is the harpers ferry and as you respond and just follow the same room shaking and you get to him if any of you are trying to find the brick building. Sad.

This is probably the best friend to visit for her because for some what reason that is the most common items. He sells and out of the 30 times. I ve visited him like 27 times. He s actually been selling it which is very old and but this is also a really good way to forget it if you are trying to find the bread pudding set this is probably the best vendor to visit and buy my far opinion like i personally go to him.

Sometimes because he sells like very unique items regarding weapons building stuff. He does so like you know very interesting. Things he often sells tables and things like vending machines. This all the vending machines.

I ve acquired have been from this guy because for some reason he sells a lot of them. But yeah. This is the second vendor guys the third vendor that we re going to be visiting is located at the weisman result just follow the path..


I take this vendor is probably one of the biggest inventory. And the one of the more expensive items. Just because he sells bristled items and mostly items he sells our furnitures. So he doesn t sell any building materials or building plans all he sells is restored furniture and different type of furniture the best things.

He said that they restored items just because you know and they re brand new stuff. But they re really expensive in this gameplay. I m not using the bargain perk for some reason. And that s what the things are so expensive.

But usually these things would cost you about 600 or 500 caps. You know depending. What were your bargain purchase. But this is probably one of my favorite vendors to buy furniture from because he sells the best furniture and the best looking furniture next play is us contrive visiting to fight some decent plans like i do this sometimes myself.

But these are the train stations and some vendors in the train stations do sell some rare and really awesome plants. I personally come across them not very often and that s because vendors on the train station. Do not really sell that many plans it s just a handful..


But it s always worth checking because sometimes they re quite cheap as well and the plans they sell are really good and you know if you re trying to find some basic plans. I do recommend you guys you know leave the lobby come back like i said previously if you try to find any specific plans in a teaser location. That s what i would menu do. But the vendors interest issues are worth checking out because they do have some decent plans.

Sometimes the final where you guys can acquire some plans and it does not involve you have any caps and simply by capturing the web pages this way every time you capture a workbench you receive items of reward items and these can include different type of plans and every time to capture a workbench you receive a plan different type of plan. This is very useful if you try not to spend any caps on this method. Because you will get be guaranteed. At least one plan.

Every time you capture a workbench and there was no limit for those so you can capture work with use as many times as you want and this is a really good method regarding like you know if you re trying to find a rare plant because sometimes like myself i couldn t find the rare plants. So what i did is i spent about half an hour just capturing workbenches and i i was so surprised how many plans. I received this is really worth doing it in some plans because it s cheap it s so simple which i cannot just stress. It s so easy to capture workbench especially.

When people aren t around. And there s rarely people charming you know fight you back when you capturing work. But that s just super..


Easy plans for you guys right there alright guys. This was me showing it how to acquire plans in this game. The easiest ways and how to be able to have the best plans and files 56. If you enjoyed this video please smack the like button because it shows me that you guys enjoy our videos and the motivates me to make more videos on fallout 76.

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