Fallout 76: Queen Tested: Bloodied Explosive Prime Gauss Rifle

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“This is captain noob and this is queen tests at of video series and fall. Fall. At 76. Right take the best weapons and test them against the scorch based solar usually with no cams this is a bloodied gauss rifle bullets exploding for area damage energy weapon explosive legacy.

Very very nice as you can tell the damage is a lot and we ve got a scotch receiver on their prime capacitor. So we re going to be firing ultra site electromagnetic cartridges for extra damage against old scotch. Kind and the build here is basically similar to what i ve done in the past except we re gonna swap out rifleman i mean commander for rifleman sir yeah also got demo expert to get some of that unlisted extra damage. I ll just ignore those super mutants at the back and we re going to be doing this during the.

Nat this time sir cap that one first that one second 375. Times. A multiplier of the sneak attack critical variety during the night and imma. I don t off the armor last time.

But it s all unyielding stuff. Now pause. If you want to read them yep and that s everything let s get started okay so a better minute out from the nuke dropping so i m just gonna get myself warmed up. Because i haven t used a gauss rifle.

Like this in quite a while. And it s not the best weapon in the game despite its impressive damage. There are many shortcomings to it and we re in danger already. But one thing about this weapon is it s got great splash damage.

Which is obviously in you know because got high damage. Anyway bruce that off of and just the way energy weapons work or legacy weapons. I guess maybe since this does fire ballistic damage the explosions of what they should be but it s still regardless of that good enough to get a lot of damage and we are definitely doing this during the night this time so we re getting a 37. Times.

Multiplier on that going to be doing an eric mz. Thurr. And with an extra 20 damage will be hitting full here. We go.

Here s a couple of guns on b s to fill up that adrenaline which should give us 60 coming into the fight. Which is going to be awesome. This would actually be from that other scotch base that i killed just before and to be a little bit careful of how much memory. We re using here not that we ll run out just probably run out of condition because that gunsmith this thing isn t the most durable of weapons.

I suppose we do have a medium scope on this just for scoping at distances. Not sure how it s going to be i ve got that bad framerate apparently that s terrible. I ve got a true barrel and a true stock to tighten up that hit by accuracy that so that we may use it like this anyway and we re hitting for 1k damage. Which i am to believe that this thing has like 30 mm.

So you should only take okay..

It is a grid from something else. Though what exactly is it a group from that s a question see i m seeing 1400. Damage there but we re not seeing that reflected in amount of health. That is dropping off it which is i don t know something s wrong over here.

Maybe okay just a bunch of crabs. Which have probably been scorched by now so i don t have to worry about those i did saw a glowing snell either that needs to go away. I ve also noted that scotch beasts do have some innate resistances. Oh.

Wait. There s robots here door just ignore those things right in front of us. Luckily. We re nice and sneak you would have to worry about these things very much i think i m hearing a my alert queen.

There is that a queen there are some sort of crab. It s something nasty okay with all of the robots taken out. Though i feel like we should be in much better shape for snake criticals. A lot of rng factors coming in when it comes to fighting a scourge space clean.

She s still being shut out by something there. I believe that is just more robots. Oh. Perhaps.

I wasn t really there are enough to completely get this area to clear. But that should be much better now yes. That s the stuff. I m seeing better damage now kind of wasted that critical there i m being poisoned by something i had the bucking lobsters.

They ve got a soft poison on them. But can be deadly. If you re running bloodied stuff. And now that s going through the old crop duster things.

Which shouldn t be too much of a problem provided we can hit it. But there we go that s what you ll want to see nice for 800 damage and if you re going to be flirting in my face. It is time for me to shoot you we re in danger there so that s very good. But we should have moved a little bit earlier hopefully.

We ll get escape artists to work here there we go. 3 07 oh damage not too bad. Another critic already will just hold on to that for a little bit later that s more things shooting at the fucking queen 2500 on the snake critical with that yeah just more variables just a bunch of robots trying to annoy me by taking away. My snake criticals which i do find very annoying so good on them for that she s got to make sure we don t miss any shots as all and when it s on the ground like that where try my luck and just whacked in the head.

Like that that seems to be a little bit better in the old dps thing..

If a little wasteful in the hammer. But it should be a fairly cruzi run. If we can keep that happening might be worth pulling out serendipity that was a lulu from a fucking angler wasn t it he s pretty accurate there is that was not far off the mark. But yeah the the queen s in a mood.

Where she wants to just fly off in random directions. And we re almost out of being a grid. Which isn t great we have to increase that and fire killing some rando gun zombies. It s okay it just maintains adrenaline good old misfire on the old that s thing just by activating a critical all right when she gets close like this there s no reason for me not to do that and that s when we ll see the gauss rifle.

Really shine because despite it being a very high damage weapon. The dps is catastrophic lilo. It s like the antithesis of a minigun where it s completely the opposite. But it can make very good use out of what crimson flux you have because it only takes that lead and steel.

I believe to actually make the rounds for this and that is the phase of not good my old eeprom that reloaded. I know okay five is the maximum which kind of sucks. I know that the stinging the highest. I think i ve seen it is six.

But you know the umrah capacity on this it was like 20 and fallout. 4. So it s it s it s taking a big old nerf or that sometimes we get the explosive damage sometimes you don t you can see with the two different types of damage numbers that pop off so maybe that s the reason why explosive seems to be so impotent against bats is because it just doesn t happen. And i guess.

That s just because the server s trying all right they re just flying around and everything in the sub is like know it s there but it s there i don t know. But it s definitely not going to be the fastest killing of the done and unfortunately. She s flown out of range they re concentrated fire forgot she was there it s good for her that she s got a big body because what will happen usually is she ll turn around and then you ll lose the bats walk on which is bad. But queens on the floor again this hitter with some some of these okay pond going.

I think i got two misfires in a row. There. Which is very aggravating indeed that is a blood bug. That s no good and someone had a missile launcher.

There i think the best approach to this fight is to keep on hitting it like that that s definitely getting a much higher damage output than i would fully charging these up. Which is strange now unfortunately. A radroach got a little bit too close to me and as a result. I am detected.

But we re slipped back out of that thanks to escape artist. There s another glowing snellie who appears to be scorched in texture. But not in not a name not really sure what s up with that can i get a bat sloth on there we go. There s a little bit of explosive damage popping up.

They re probably not even worth chucking on demo expert..

If i know most of these shots won t actually register as explosive especially on the queen. But it s hard to deny that the splash damage. You do get against mobs is extremely powerful which i think might justify you actually using it in terms of killing bats with it you d be hard pressed to get a great deal of damage out of it and our health is slowly going down. It s been a it s been quite a long fight actually.

It s almost ten minutes at this point. Which is not terrible. But if i was using like the whoops. I ve reached it you know it didn t stay primed or rather.

I just kept. I couldn t even fire it yep another bug for the gauss rifle. It s been rough for the gorse rifle aid. I liked it a lot better.

But that s just how the mechanics work really please don t tell me i ve lost i grow because that means. She s gonna regen. Oh. My god wow really too sticky for its own bloody good apparently that s okay we ve got a we ve got a strategy now which seems to be working pretty well so you re provided.

She can just stay in this one spot will be right okay. So i might have to turn down the sneakiness part of this because it seems to be biting me in the ass. Pretty hard right now all right get that critical unfortunately. She doesn t want to stay on the ground for very long so we ll just keep on okay.

That was a bit of a waste maybe i should just hipfire this thing laughs yes i reckon or if you re gonna land again. That s pretty good oh too close wasted a couple of valuable seconds. There hopefully. She feels like sticking around this time.

Now you can tell without the adrenaline. I m suffering quite a lot in terms of damage output might be worth chucking this thing and charging it up properly where gum. I ve got some features around here might as well get that last critical off 5000 damage. That was just a dual critical.

There s that red bow tie spoiler. So there s an extra easy 20 more damage unfortunately. We i don t know it s very odd behavior. This thing usually doesn t do that well and crowd control to make scotch bass queens lose you but for some reason i just managed to okay that s bad escape artist please thank you very much ooh radiation situation is getting dire.

I m gonna just try to send it no we re dead that s a shame all right back on the bat now and sorry about discord notifications. Everyone seems to be trying to fucking ping. Me right now or whatever so now we ve got an abundance of enemies for me to shoot at. Which is strange only took me fucking dying.

Let s just get back into sneaky meri..

Please. And knock off a couple of these fucking melee gun zombies because they ll chase you down to the end of the bloody earth all right. She s tread milling now which is good news. Which means.

I m just gonna keep on shooting. Her now another good perk that i ve just thought of now is probably that ll land oh god how am. I gonna reach her now another good perk probably quick hands get that one in six chance to refill your magazine. Especially when i m in a situation.

Where i m just gonna be mag dumping the clean black sorry. But we ll keep on going we ve got these buck and gun zombies get up get away from the fucking dogs there we go now escape artist please. Mmm hmm scorpion. Very good can give you damage over time alright that should be the last of them shouldn t it.

And you ve decided to land very poor choice of tactics. There queenie. She realizes this immediately gets back up and game over for the queen now i m not going to show you the drop unless it s something good or i m close to it. But i got a hand made at least oh no i got staggered and crippled.

This is how you lose flux by the way don t ever die in fact. Whenever you re done with this. If you re in a private server just drop your survival tent right away. And then just it s terrible.

And then just dump your flux in there but they have it that was the gauss rifle blade explosive legacy. I told you i could take the queen with it just a matter of it s just a little bit slow to be honest. We had decent behavior from the queen. But there s not much we can do about the thing actually losing side of me and then regenerating from there iraq and that was a little bit.

But regardless of that this thing has performed well and i would recommend grabbing one if you feel like it i don t know if they re still being sold right now. They d be pretty rare at this point. Unless you ve found some dupe as well with 50 other than their accounts. But yeah not too much ill i couldn t say of the the gorse rife with certainly the best variant in the game.

And there s no there s no lack things like fire rate. They could possibly add to a course rabble to make it better. And with the knowledge that well these guns on b s just fuck off with the knowledge that these guys or the the scotch based just tend to resist the help the explosive damage because it doesn t happen well you can take steps to avoid that i didn t even say explosive damage on the shots. Where the thing was landed.

But that s not really the fault of the weapon as it is bethesda s but they have it if you d like to see this thing in your game. Well are very told you but not a bad performance. I m happy with it ” ..


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