Fallout 76 Secrets – How To Find MOTHMAN!

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” s up guys my name is eso and in this video. I ll be showing showing you how to summon the wise mothma and i ll also be showing you to activate the secret effects. Which gives you a 5 experience boost for a whole hour. Oh and also how to get a legendary item to i will in future be creating a full guide on the law of mothman.

Which includes his backstory and that s off his followers. The coat of mothman who did in fact worship him as strange as that may seem. The story is both deep and elaborate. But sadly scattered across the whole map.

So i ve not yet finished exploring all the details but feel free to subscribe for more information. When i do now to summon the wise mothman. However we must come here to the pleasant view lighthouse located east from vult 76. On the map.

You ve probably already visited this location or gun pasture or even attempted the event. But maybe not completed it you must be checking this location. Though until you see the event happening here named the path to enlightenment make sure that you join this event as soon as it activates. Even if you re a high level.

It s definitely worth doing now the event is possible to do on your own by the way as i m doing in this video. But the purpose of this event is to basically run around and kill all of these glowing bugs and the rad toes. That spawn here and harvest. Their bioluminescent fluid each firefly drops between one and two while the rat toads drop between one and four so ideally we want to focus on killing these rat toads whenever they spawn now since these creatures are obviously in the low level zone of the forest they re going to be really easy to defeat and that means this events going to be easy to do at any level.

You should have no problem collecting all of the bioluminescent fluid needed for this vent..

One tip. There would be keep running backwards and forwards between the house and lighthouse this seems to force the rad toads to actually spawn behind the lighthouse because the riot toads are the best source of bioluminescent fluid. So you re going to want to keep doing that as often as possible to form them you need a total of 50 luminescence. So keep checking your pip boy.

As you go to keep track of how much you ve got and once you have acquired all 50 make your way to the top of pleasant view lighthouse on your way up you will also see a note address to the high priestess. But i ll talk about that more in a moment first we must light the beacons of gondor you place all of the bioluminescent fluid into the lighthouse lantern and voila. It will begin to glow an irradiated green tinge. You will get rewarded for completing the of path to enlightenment as well as a bunch of random.

Ken s you also get a legendary item as well i actually got a cloaking effect. Which means when you get hit in mele you randomly get turned invisible you can then outplay your opponent because you re invisible. But just over the balcony. You will see the wise mothman has spawned clearly he was attracted to the luminous glow from the lighthouse lantern like a moth to a light.

You can head downstairs to actually interact with him take some pictures and compare the size of your phallus. If you wish now the wise mothman is passive and he will not attack you this is indicated by his purple eyes. When compared to the red eyes of mothman when he is attacking you or the yellow eyes of a weary mothman. But here comes the most important part to get the 5 experience boost.

She must simply interact with them then he ll flutter his wings like a beautiful butterfly. Even though he is completely ugly in the opposite form and then he ll give you a 5 experience boost for the next hour. You can check this on your pip boy. Now.

I previously mentioned this notes that we walked past on top of the lighthouse address to the high priestess of the cult of the moth..

It reads as follows high priestess. I was right the fireflies come here two mates they go a little crazy and i got hurt pretty bad. But i was able to gather enough goo to light the lamp. Now i just have to wait the great mothman will come he has to now at first glance.

It may appear that mothman never arrived to answer these people s prayers and you may be wondering why that why the coat of the moth worshipped him what do they have to gain by following such a strange creature. Well i don t want to spoil too much. But the mothman did indeed come. And he did indeed warn the cult about an impending doom.

But it wasn t about the bombs falling it was about something else. But you guys can subscribe to see my full video on the law of mothman as soon as it s finished for now let s check out the quaint house opposite the lighthouse because i m sure some among you just like me must have questioned why the heck there s a lighthouse this far inland. When we re nowhere near to the ocean was it constructed by the followers of mothman. No let s read this terminal.

Welcome to land view lighthouse. The most unusual lighthouse in appalachia nestled in the mountains of west morgantown land view lighthouse offers a beautiful 360 degree view of the surrounding area from its gallery deck the origins of this landlocked lighthouse are as unusual as the lighthouse itself originally conceived as a theoretical concept by engineering students from morgantown. The concept was ruthlessly mocked by students from a rival university on a dare. The students decided to make the project a reality and its construction became a point of pride for everyone involved the project soon took on a life of its own.

Overcoming many obstacles. The lighthouse was eventually erected in october of 2013. 6. It was dedicated to donald and shirley jamison.

The two professors who helped spearhead the project from the very beginning now retired the jameson s lived in a nearby house where they serve as lighthouse keepers..

Full time keeping it functional solely on the donation. Money from visitors construction. Before construction began over a year. Was spent consulting with the lighthouse enthusiast community for general.

Tips. Guidelines and pitfalls to avoid from these conversations. It became clear. They that it couldn t come across just as another tourist trap that you see on golf courses and at theme parks.

It was determined that the lighthouse had to serve as a true aid to navigation with a working light and authentic architectural design. It had to have a operating beacon and a 360 degree gallery deck for observation in other words. If they were going to do it they had to do it right three years later the completed lighthouse was open to the public tourists from all over flocked to the curious structure and raved about the beautiful view of the landscape. It provided from atop the trees future students continue to develop the landscape over the years by building a lighthouse keeper s house.

A picnic pavilion and general reforestation to recover from previous timber harvests of the surrounding area viewing information land view lighthouse is a 102 foot tall structure. Thousands of feet above sea level with seventy six steps to climb for visitors to reach the stunning 360 degree gallery deck the second tier lamp room features a rotational beacon capable or projecting a beam for over 25 miles guests on the 360 degree gallery. Deck can enjoy unrivaled views of various landmarks in all directions. Beyond.

The mountain to the north is grafton a major shipping hub and a railroad infrastructure for the area to the east is morgantown home of vogt tech. University and the founders of this very lighthouse in the distance. Is the top of the world located at pleasant view. Valley ski resort.

Featuring the highest elevation in the region..

Looking. South is the impossible to miss the stunning new river gorge bridge. One of the longest bridges in appalachia on a clear day its unmistakable silhouette of the luxury mega mansion of bramwell can also be spotted the landmarks that can be viewed from the 360 degree gallery. Deck are too numerous to mentioned under the right weather.

Conditions. Guests have a spectacular view of the entire region safe control. And you can also unlock the safe. Which is just by the desk here.

But it was actually unlocked anywhere. When i came here so no problem there for me. So there you have it that is why they built a lighthouse in the middle of nowhere this far inland. Seems rather typical that the rival university would mock the students of vault tec for pursuing such a bizarre endeavor.

What i found particularly retarded was the fact that they decided after being mocked by the other students that they would then build the most pointless structure here in the valley and despite efforts. I guess it has become one of those tourist traps in west virginia. Obviously though for those of you wondering this lighthouse does not exist in real life for good reasons. But i mean it would be a good place for a viewing platform.

But to build a lighthouse here laughable anyway guys i hope you enjoyed this video. I will leave a playlist down below in the description of some other secrets and cool weapons and armours you can find i ve got a different playlist for each one because there s so many different things to find in this game and lots of stuff to miss. But you actually have to read into it to find the interesting information out and i know a lot of people don t like to do that but thanks for watching guys i ll see you in the next video goodbye and have a fantastic day ” ..


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