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“Before the video begins just want to quickly apologize. I think i m coming down down with the cold. So if my voice sounds a little weird. I am truly.

But what that said. Let s go ahead and move into the video. Hey. What is going on youtube.

Welcome back to another video and in this video. I want to talk about or more specifically. I want to say i am bringing you guys a new series called fallout. 76 ideas in this series.


I will be throwing out ideas these can range from things i want to see in the game. Things i want to see taken out of the game and or things i want to see bethesda game studios do with fallout. 76. Now the whole point of this series is not for me to put out an idea on what i think should be or shouldn t be in the game.

Or what should happen with the game. The whole point of this series is for me to put out an idea and get community feedback from you guys and let me know what you guys think about it. Whether you d like to see it or not now most of the time. These videos are going to be extremely short and sometimes might not even be a minute or two long or two or three minutes long anyway.

But i think this is a really good series idea and i kind of want to pull the trigger on it so with that said. Let s go ahead and get straight into this video now for my first fallout. 76. Idea.


I would like to suggest being able to scrap ammo inside fallout 76. This is a big issue for me that i have found when i play the game. Because i often run a melee build and i have a crazy abundance of ammo and i can t really trade it away to other players because most people already have what they need and i can t trade ammo to vendors because they don t buy ammo. So this leaves me with a stockpile of ammo that i don t use and really can t do anything with this the only option.

I have is to actually drop the ammo out in the world. However. I wish it was a feature in game which allowed you to scrap your hamill. So you could break it down into the crafting components.

Which is used to create ammo. Which would be gunpowder and lead. I think this would be a much better alternative than running around with a bunch of ammo that you do and he d if you re able to break down the ammo into letting gunpowder you can then craft ammo for guns that you actually use. And i think that would be very beneficial for fallout 76.


Since sometimes. It s difficult to find ammo for the gun that you want because sometimes it definitely is a hassle to go out and try to thing get things like cloth and lead. I mean cloth and acid and then lead to you know kind of make your bullets and your gun powder and obviously the same thing applies for energy ammo as well so let me know what you guys think in the comment section down below. Do you think we should have the ability to scrap ammo inside fallout.

76 anyways. This is just a new little series that i m bringing you let me know what you guys think in the comments section down below. If you have any ideas for future videos. Things that you don t want to see in the game.

Things that you want to see in the game leave them down in the comment section below. Because it could really help me we had bethesda softworks comment on one of our videos. Not too. Long ago.


Which was pretty cool. So they are watching videos out there from community members. And maybe us here on this channel can help shape. Fallout.

76. Into the beautiful game. We all know it could be anyways. I love you all i hope to see you right back here in the next video.

But until then remember stay freaky and bye bye. Everybody thank you for watching and i ll see you all next time ” ..

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Hello and Welcome to an episode of my new Fallout 76 talk video series In this series we will be talking about Fallout 76 plain and simple. In this video, I will be talking about having the ability to scrap ammo in the game.




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