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“Guys we re back on fallout. 76. Today. And i m here with man.

And and he s not amused. I guess we are going to be teaching you guys to trade so i m going to press and hold why to invite to try and obviously that s to forget here on the playstation or pc. The first thing i want to show you guys is that there s an option for offers. Only which is on xbox that s right stick and we don t mean offers there right now so i ll show you that s okay so why i think you had an outfit.

I do have an outfit. So i m going to go over here and i m going to request it i m also going to offer some lovely spoiled vegetables for one cap because that s worth it right now we go to offers only go all the way to inventory. So you see everything now he can see that i requested the greaser jacket and jeans. So ryan you re gonna click on that and you re gonna put down a price okay yep don t put down zero caps.

Don t put down. A hundred thousand caps..

Okay put down like ten cats. Oh okay. Oh. Wait come on don t have to you hang on first let me tell you this i m going to decline the item with x.

I m gonna say price hi. Angry face decline price hi. But i ll he sees this price too high like you see there on the bottom of the screen. So that gives him a chance to change his price.

I knew you were gonna do all right. Fine your vegetables are going up to 20 calves. Now go ahead. And tell me that that s too expensive on mine.

Don t buy it 20 cap go over to it and then right too expensive or something christ you okay. So see it doesn t actually do the sad..

Angry face that the price is too high. It just says price too high so i ll go ahead and lower the price. I m gonna make it zero ryan. I know you want those boil vegetables so bad go ahead and accept those do you wish all right now.

I m even watching my caps here. I m gonna take away this one cap item and actually i only want one so i m going to change to one so i mean. That s pretty much it you just post the items you want to trade this is back in showing offers only offers. Only is really easy once you figure out what you want to do so usually when i go to trade with somebody the first thing.

I do is i look for their clothes like i would be like oh. My god that bathroom is awesome. I want that and he d say no way no that s true mark and you re hey did you cancel that i may have okay well. There s something glitchy going on where sometimes it just shuts off in the middle of your trade.

So oh hang on do that again so it me to trade you see that thing pops up above his head no i m gonna accept the trade invite. But watch i am going to invite ryan to trade and then ryan..

I don t want you to accept it i want you to just walk away so if he leaves. I m sitting here in this trading screen waiting for him forever and if i didn t i m left. I would just be sitting here and sitting here and sitting here and so eventually it says it expired and closes. The screen.

Oh i don t know look. My science sticks to the wall here we ll find out okay. I m gonna fight you to trade more time i ll fast forward okay we ve been waiting. It s been almost one minute.

Let s see if it goes away here in two seconds and it does okay so it lasts. One minute if you don t say anything and i sit here for a minute and then the game s like oh no p left. So come back. We ll look at trading again.

I mean i think about all the basics is there anything you can think of that people might have a question about oh yeah you can sort things by hitting left stick. I don t know what it is for the playstation..

But you can see on the bottom of the screen. There and you can sort things by weight and value like let s say i really want to get rid of the things that weigh a lot so i d offer legs been like this and see the the average price that gives you there is its average value. So that s not the price that you re gonna get from other vendors. But that s the price that it says.

It s worth that s the automatic price that s on there well i always find them to be kind of high and i do a lot of giving stuff away so you want that it weighs a lot. But it s worth 194 caps. Why don t you look through this stuff i m sorting yep offers only right stick oh hell yes i wonder as i love he s so sweet otherwise. I think that s it i mean i don t i can t think of anything else you guys really need to know.

But if you have questions feel free to ask them in the description. I ll get back to you as soon as i can and as always subscribe y. We ll see you guys next time bye. ” .


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Here s some quick info to help you with trading with other players on Fallout 76!

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