Fallout 76 What Happens if You Nuke the Legendary Vendor? (Fallout 76 Secrets)

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” s going on everyone thanks for checking out this fall. At 76 new king experiment. Experiment. Previously we nuked.

The new campfire tales event that came with ever upwards and was definitely worked at the hit. I don t know if you all seen that episode or not. But there were loads of blowing insects here to take out for the nuclear ingredients that drop also at the end of this event. We get to fight a unique wendigo named camp counselor.

Nia and we found out that she ll scale up. Twenty levels in the nukes zone. Being at forty two and not to mention. The nuka cola factory was hit too when we hit this event.

And that place was loaded with glowing ones sheesh. There were a lot as you can see here for proof look at all of these this has to be one of the most underrated areas to it overall once again. It was definitely a worthwhile experience highly recommend for you all to go check out that episode. If you missed it i ll have a link down below in the pinned comment.

If you do want to check that out anyways in this one. We were going to be targeting the new legendary vendor that was just introduced to the game here recently on may 16th. She ll be located over here at berkeley springs train station. Now in the future.

She may switch up her locations. Because there were some data mine files of her being in other areas. I went over that in my previous video over a glitch that some players were disappointed about with this legendary vendor. But yeah as you can see this is what she ll look like in case you haven t seen her and something pretty interesting about where she s at it seems like she dug here because underneath.

This train station..

You can see a tunnel system. But we cannot get down there whatsoever at the moment. I don t know if we ll ever be able to get down there to be honest with you all. But yeah anyways believe it or not this has been a highly recommended area to hit from the community.

I was seeing people coming in my previous videos and i was just like okay well i guess we can t see what happens why not let s get into this keycard. Accepted access granted in progress definition. In two minutes. Unless.

Battle cancellation. Colchicine. So unfortunately nothing happened with legendary vendor would have been brie needeth like the prices would have dropped or we had a higher chance at getting a better weapon armor or melee weapon out of these random choices. But unfortunately.

That wasn t the case. We did test it we bought something from this vendor. When it was in a nuke stone. And we may actually get a two shot explosive harpoon gun.

As you can see so just got our hopes up thinking that maybe this did chain react us to get better rewards from this so we spent some more scrip and as you can see it was a total letdown. We got our hopes up for nothing would have been pretty awesome. I mean after all nuking in this game is supposed to be the in game content hopefully. But that s the after a while ads in new things to happen when we nuke certain locations.

I m still on the hunt for something such as like the scourge beast queen. Fight that we can grind. I know for a fact. The community is really wanting another fight like that and i can t blame.

None of y all cuz..

I do too those kind of fights are awesome to experience. But not only did this hit the legendary vendor. I also made sure that the nuke would hit the borough s as well as harpers ferry in case. You haven t been over there that place is loaded with glowing ones.

I know i m kind of over using that word but seriously for those of you that have experienced the burroughs please back me up the place is loaded with them however these glowing ones only drop glowing meats and glowing blood. They don t drop any of the other ingredients. I m not exactly sure why it could be because there is so many of them down. Here also i will mention that sometimes you can get legendaries to spawn down here like mass legendaries as you can see look at all of these i got previously in another nuke episode music music there were loads.

But sometimes when you come down here. There are none. I got literally got no legendary s coming down here during this nuke experiment. Sadly but i will mention sometimes you can get lucky and this place will be flooded with them it is definitely a goldmine and especially how the legendary vendor is right by this location.

So you don t even really have to worry about being over encumbered. It is really nice now both the burrows at harpers ferry. There are plenty of enemies to take out there with more nuclear ingredients. I will mention you can also run into a few legendary s once again it s all going to depend on your rng.

Though. Because sometimes there will be legendary s in the server and sometimes there will not it seems. It s just how it goes. But anyways as for the nukes laura.

That s around in this general vicinity. If you are looking for violet flux or crimson flux. You are going to really like this area it seems like in mire regions. There will be loads of crimson and violet flux as you can see here.

The ferns will contain the raw violet flux and these funguses near typically watery areas will contain crimson flux and once again there are tons..

So if you are in search of those ingredients. I highly recommend nuking over in this general vicinity for one there are once again loads of enemies. That you can take outs for ingredients. Well not really done in the burroughs yeah.

There are a lot enemies. But once again those only drop. Glowing meat and glowing blood for some reason don t know if that s a bug or not i m pretty sure. It s just because they re in such a mass quantity.

But at harpers ferry. There are loads of enemies there and as well as around in this general area that you hit honestly. Most areas in the mire region. You should be good to go to hit with the nuke once again if you are looking for crimson and violet flux.

Now anyways before i completely wrap up this nuking experiment. It seems when i did nuke over here. I also hit my buddy s base. Oh my gosh so yeah i mean as you see it was absolutely demolished.

But if this ever happens i don t know if any of you have ever experienced something like this but if it does happen all it blows and the fastest way to do it is to actually go up to your camp that you place and repair it all from there and let s just say this took a lot of materials to get back up and running. But i will say if you do have a camp in a nuke zone. It does seem like it attracts more customers once we got it up and running. We saw more players flock here.

I mean it does make sense after all there s just a huge red circle on the map and also a camp inside that red circle. I can see why it attracts customers so if you re trying to beat. Other people s signals around the map. This is one way to do it you can basically be like a walmart doing this you re gonna get everyone s attention.

But i don t recommend nuking your own camp unless you don t have a lot of materials invested into your camp..

Then hey have at it do this trick to get more customers to come to you if you just have a vending machine power it on i mean think about that isn t really much to repair this trick could actually do you some justice on your sales and i will mention this isn t the first time we have nuked a camp in this series. I know there are a lot of episodes. But one time i nuked my own camp. But one time i nuked my own camford.

It s nog wrote. An experiment and the reason. Why i did that is just because you never really see it happening people can easily just leave the game. Unless you know of course they re away in their camp.

Yeah. You said my camp overbites in agra town because there is a black titanium deposit. There where i could farm black titanium to repair my excavator power armor. It was actually pretty useful in case.

You don t know this is where it s actually located in case you need some black titanium. But yeah i guess that s our weapon at this video. Everybody hopefully you found this nuking experiment. Enjoyable this was an actual interesting experiment because a lot of the community seemed to have been curious over what happens and not to mention making this experiment makes more players more aware of where the legendary vendor is located at i m mad.

If you everybody thanks for taking the time watching and listening and if you found this enjoyable. Consider leaving like your support is always greatly appreciated with the series. And if you are new around here consider giving my channel a chance by subscribing as always though that s totally up to you i m not trying to force it down your little throat or nothing. I might hear that everybody remember to stay safe out there and so next time peace ” .


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This is what happens if you nuke the new legendary vendor.

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