Fallout New Vegas Character Guide – Episode 3: Crafting

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“Hello everybody welcome to my fallout new vegas character guide today we re going to to be talking about crafting item crafting this one most overlooked and underestimated parts of new vegas. You can just find useless crap lying around the map and make items that are actually useful and rare for you so let s go ahead and take a look at a list of the different items you could make here you can see bullets cells and packs which are ammunition for energy weapons food kym s and medicines like stem packs and even weapon repair kits. Plus. It started there are three different places.

Where you can craft items the first is the workbench here you can work on energy weapon ammunition. Meds and we do here is based on how high your science skill is next is the reloading bench. Here you will work on ammo and it is based on your repair skill last is a campfire here you can make food and cans. And it s based on your survival skill also you may want to note that if you have downloadable content.

There s a fourth place rain craft items called a hot plate ok. First thing..

We re going to take a look at so over here. The workbench here your skills are relied on science. So we ll take a look at the different things you can do here are all the conversions as i mentioned in the previous episode about energy weapons below. There are where you can change regular ones.

Whether they be electron charge packs or whatever and to the max charge variance and the overcharge. Which makes them do more damage for more information about that check out the energy weapons gun down from there you can see recycling basically. It will accept then you recycle them and then you get it back also at the workbench you have the ability to make medical items under aid. So you can see here we have all the different things.

Including stim pads and super simple achar. Extremely useful then over to the site here you will see leather build and new coal and all that those are the items that are required the ones that are lit up meaning that you have that item the ones that aren t lit up mean that you need to acquire that item to make it so you can see that very vital items like stem packs..

And doctors bags can be made by finding things throughout the waist. Even things like the weapon repair kit. Which is always useful and see all the items you need for it. And it s usually stuff that you would imagine would be junk that you find around here is the reloading bench go ahead and click on that here you can see recipes basically you can break down different kinds of ammunition that way you can convert the binta different kinds of ammo or upgrade them to a different variant of that same ammunition so we over here to ammo as you can see you can pretty much make any kind of ammo you could ever imagine so.

What we do is we ll break down some ammunition and make a little bit nice one and break down all 100 of those and you can see up in the corner. It adds all the stuff that you broke down don t need to see that whole list and we ll come down here as you can see now we can make all kind of stuff since we broke that down. But what i want to do is make the 50mg match hand load the hand loads are a special unique and ammunition that require a perk to get called the hand loaded perk and these. A munitions.

Do improve aspects like for example on the anti materiel rifle. It does more damage..

And it also makes the gun a lot more accurate so i ll go ahead and make some of those and boom. I got 80 shots for my anti materiel rifle. That will do more damage and are more accurate so it s a good skill to have the final clicks ring craft items is a camp fire as i said before the camp fire relies on your survival skill to make the basically we got a lot of kim s going on here. Some of them are unique to only the campfire.

Some things you can find in places throughout the wasting you can buy you can also make food you see you had all these different items of food tons and tons and tons of them as you can see and as i said before over on the side you can see the necessary ingredients to make it we have miscellaneous here something that was added on and i believe it was honest hearts you can get the gecko backed leather armor. So you can see it requires a leather armor. But you also need the gecko hide. What it will do is will make your armor.

Better. Then you can see the effects..

And i ll say rad resistance. Poison resistance. Fire resistance. Which is very useful.

And all the things that involved in the campfire are very useful if you are playing on hardcore with the food. Which is needed when you play hardcore and the kim s are always a lot more useful when you re playing on a harder difficulty because they become more necessary. ” ..


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Episode 3 of my fallout new vegas character guides. Today I go in depth with item crafting.

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