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“Everybody my name is alton welcome back to more far cry. 5. Now in this this episode. I m gonna be showing you guys how you can trigger an invincibility or cheat whatever you want to call it it s unknown really as to whether this is intended or not.

But it does feel like a glitch. When you do actually do the instructions. Given so. I was given these instructions by a guy called brandon g.

So thank you ever so much to that guy. I wouldn t have known about this without him so thank you so much for commenting about that if any of you guys have anything else like this feel free to comment below. Because i will surely do it in a video. If it s legit basically what he said is that if you go to jacobs veteran center.

You can get to a certain point before it starts playing the only you music. Which is the music he uses to kind of hypnotize you into this bloods rage. Where you just go and murder. Everyone.

And if you get too close to it the music will become really light and you ll fall asleep. And then you ll respawn next to the lake on the other side of the veterans center..

But what he found out is that if you swim into the lake after first being knocked out and let yourself drown you become invincible and that gives you the ability to go into the saint francis s veterans center sighs. You can see i tried that here and i thought okay. This is awesome you can actually go around the base. And you can look around in the courtyards stuff like that but i really wanted a way to get into the base.

Because there is i noticed there s a little door at the top. Where you can actually get in to the center itself. So i thought okay well the only way i can really think of doing. This is if i bring a helicopter or something along so i fast traveled to the nearest helipad.

Until helicopter. And so i took the helicopter back to the frances veterans center and i was knocked out while flying the helicopter and then it crashed and then when i respawn next to the lake. The helicopter was there but it was on its side so it didn t it didn t work at all so there was no chance of that happening then i went back again and i got an aeroplane and i flew over the veterans center. But without fast traveling to the airport.

I had to drive to the airport on this atv that i was using. I drove there because the fast traveling is what ends. The invincibility and access to the veterans center kind of glitch or easter egg or whatever. It s supposed to be so i drove to the airfield picked a plane flew over to the veterans center and then i was just getting above it i jumped out and parachuted into the balcony.

Which is where the open doors. So once i was at the open door you can actually go in and you can see it s the room where you originally escaped from the veterans center..

Because if you don t know the veteran center is where jacob keeps you captive after he captures you and that s where he plays the music interiors. And it s where you go psycho. And you can actually see the outside of a veteran center in one of the blood rage episodes you go through when you go and kill all of the enemies and stuff like that so that s actually the room where you get help to escape by one of the prison guards that used to be a marshal with you so you can access it and it has a safe in it that you can get the money out of and stuff like that noddin if the safe is there for this reason that you can go in afterwards and get it or not. But i didn t try and do it in the mission.

Because i think i was under a time constraint or something like that that meant that opening a safe wasn t really what i had in mind at that time so i don t know if the safe is just there for you to go back to get afterwards in which case this would seem like it s an intentional thing. But essentially it does allow you to become invincible for a certain amount of time. I don t know if it s infinite. But it certainly was infinite from what i saw it gets rid of your entire hud because i m pretty sure the game.

Thinks you die and so it just gets rid of all of your hud. You don t have your compass or anything like they doubt. The ammo came or the little sign to say with your crouching or not it s all gone all gone entirely. But you can look around the center.

You can see the cage. Where jacob kept you the kind of prisoner area. Where jacob kept you and he fed you out of a dog bowl or whatever. It was because it came that you were actually kept in and all that stuff the most interesting thing about this is the fact that you ve become invincible.

I can show you here. I was throwing c4 onto the ground and blowing it up under my feet..

And it was doing no damage to me at all my guy was like screaming. But it wasn t killing me i was able to do everything. And it seemed to work fine. And then as soon as you fast travel out and reset.

It s for the invincibility goes away one or two c4 will kill you that s just how it works normally so it definitely gives you some sort of invincibility. But apparently i couldn t brandon gee. You can t leave jacobs region. He like blocks it off where you can actually get in so i m thinking that the game.

Thinks you re dead and then doesn t allow you to get out of a certain spawn area. So if you want to use this cheat with only really works in jakob s region. But it does give you temporary or possibly infinite invincibility and a little bit of access to the veteran center. Now.

I would have liked to have seen more access to the veterans center. Because you can only go into the first room. Which is a little bit disappointing. But you can t actually get into it i couldn t see any other way of accessing.

It so it did look like that was the only room you could actually get into so that s a shame. I did have a look around the whole thing and i couldn t see any other entry points..

If you do know of any others. Then please do tell me in the comments below. I m pretty sure that is the only one and you can only get into that room and as far into the veterans center as you can go. But yeah.

So i just thought this would be an interesting trick to show you guys if you are struggling on a specific camp or something anywhere nearby you could just give yourself invincibility or if you want to do stupid stuff like wingsuiting off. I don t know if it protects you from full damage or not. But it certainly does give you invincibility for a certain amount of time so that s pretty cool and it s awesome to be able to walk around the veterans center. Because i don t think you re meant to be able to do that yet some people are saying it could be to do with the vietnam dlc.

Which is supposed to be happening. It could be like a veteran center for the vietnam war or something like that i think. There s supposed to be some sort of vietnam dlc or something like that it could be something to do with that but please do tell me your thoughts in the comments below thank you to brandon chief. All of the information in this video.

And i m there so if you do enjoy the video. Please good like if you re feeling really really. Jerris subscribe. And i ll see you guys the next one drama friend music.

” ..

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