Far Cry New Dawn – The Deputy / The Judge Banter

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“You all right in there just not for yes shake for no my parents told told me you helped out on the day. I was born mom was in labor. You brought us to the birthing center. Do you remember i had waited nearly 18 years to say thank you over better late than never i guess.

But i know deep down there s still something left of that deputy. I ve heard so much about dad good dog right there you re not just helping us for you eden s sake. You remember the people here they re your friends and you want to help them. And i appreciate that i m not sure what to say to you my friend you ve changed hey we all walk different paths in life but yours goodness deputy.

I understand that when the bombs fell you were stuck in a bunker with joseph see that right i guess he changed you. But then again maybe you changed him what s your deal you don t say judge shoot. What s that about it s gonna life changing tram or something some intense everything wrong something like that screwed you up. I mean yeah.


I did i m counting on her to raise my baby. But her he s a total fuck up. She s got his cousin a bigger fuckup to help him how s my baby not gonna be fucked up you know i m kind of fucked up myself. I ran with the highwayman for years and they re like several hundred fucked up people running around fucking up.

I m worried. I fucked up. Thanks. For the talk.

Oh oh honey you all right dinner world s fresh out of there. But i m in here. If you made it music boy georgie. Oh.


You know when things oh maybe. Let s get this. One some help like the talking kind of help think they ve got some blenders in their gray. Matter that need quizon if i hear you sigh one more time without telling me what s wrong i ll snatch that mask off your face.

So fast it ll make your head spin. Oh. I know who you are i m gonna find your mother and tell her she raised a whiner. We re all carrying a burden out here we all got trauma.

We all got it rough you can either talk it out or swallow it but none of this vague maudlin nonsense down the middle. That s what i thought music. Yeah. He just went fullcycle honest work.


In the woods. Like so silent. Mass. Killing.

Machine for good. Luck. With your coming. A murder spree.

Teenagers. Whatever oh man death. Hey. Look at you yeah.


Wow. So much has changed since we last. Saw each. Other yeah.

Well i m a daddy now yeah. I got a little boy named blades and what about you man you re uh. What are you some sort of death monster now or sorry. I m real nervous around here still the silent type hey hey yeah yeah okay cool cool cool cool cool all right oh me up i m a crack on then i m gonna go um best of luck to you oh yeah a little favor man if you ever see me up pardon by the lake.

Don t cut me up okay. That s just ” ..

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