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“It s up it s black here. And i just wanted to come to you you with a tiny video about how to get 3p our drug lock. He s found are actually he s only found in the lake of outrage and that s the only place you can actually find him in the game like anywhere. Yeah.

I know i completely messed me up. Too. I have no idea..


Why they did that so i found an easier way of getting him instead of just sitting around and waiting it seems relatively easy compared to the other like ideas that everybody else had i like it too much. But i guess to each their own. So what you re gonna do is you want to save your game. And after you save your game you re going to go to your home screen.

And you want to close out your game entirely close out. You know stay in your home stream after you close it out you re going to go down to your settings. And in your settings..


You re going to go to system settings. And you re on your date. In time you want to see a little button. That says unsink from the internet.

So the internet whoa it won t secret to chime anymore. After you do that you can set your time to whatever you want um. I go up in about intervals of the day..


I think that the timing that i used was like november 20th like don t mess with the actual time to mess with the day. And that seemed to give me the place that i wanted so you need seven gym badges to even be able to catch jean claude. But even after you get even after you get the gym badges and you re still. When you re sitting around for like a couple days.

Waiting for thunder overcast or fog. Because those are the only ones that he actually spawns in because i m done with the game. And that take way too long it it just takes me too long so after that it s all about what you decide to catch them in i use premier ball that s just me that s my style that s just my thing what i m saying..


But anything works relatively well besides that there s nothing fancy is just you catch them. And you just done so i hope this was relatively informative. If so leave a comment for more content that you would like to see subscribe. If you d like to and that s it so it d all be easy have a good day called music.

” ..

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DarkerThanBlack coming to you with my first video of the new Pokemon Sword and Shield. Drakloak/Dragapult is the new Pseudo-Legendary of Pokemon S/S, With two pretty decent moves. Those two moves being Phantom Force and Dragon Darts. This is just a short video showing how to get it, This is the method i used and its pretty easy. You require 7 GYM BADGES to make it to Lake of Outrage to catch it, but once you have them, This method will guarantee net you one! If you like the video,Leave a Like, Subscribe or Comment for what you believe will be good for more content!

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