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Enjoy the video. Oh hey guys and welcome to today s video. Today s video is a fifa 15 chico. Now if you re expecting unlimited coins or free wins or something like that you re wrong phew.

15. Just doesn t have those sort of cheat codes. And you re not going to be doing left right up down bumper gta style chico s they just don t exist in 50. Instead.

I ve got something better and today. I m going to show you guys exactly what that is so let s get straight to the point. Today s cheat code is this man right here leonel messi now guys i you not this guy is ridiculous. And i m going to prove to you guys that this guy is ridiculous.


I m going to show you guys a few clips of me tearing it up with leonel messi and there s even a few people getting a little fruity and angry over the fat. The messi is tearing them a new one right guys so one of the reasons. Why messi is so stupidly good in this game is because of the runs he makes look at this tray of the bat. He sees the defender is caught napping caught sleeping.

What does he do he buries it puts it past. The keeper and what a beautiful finish for that talk about finishing this right here. I mean messi just finishes his dinner anytime. He s in and around the box.

He s gonna put him in the back of the net. Now the next one look at this okay look at this he picks it up inside the halfway line messi hits. The afterburners. He is off now.

He is gone. He is like lightning and he smashes that home he can do finesses. He can do like power shots. He s got it all man and this so we all know how hard it is to score headers.


But guess what messi the little messy that we all know he can still score headers. What is this game. I can t even score headers with the likes of company and things like that. But you can score him with messi.

Because he is broken. He is fifa 15 street code. There we go messi flying through and he hits the nitrous boost and what does he do of course his left peg. He buries that he puts it away next up guys you know he s good all this other stuff.

But can he pull away free kicks well let me answer that for you yes you can that right there is a classic nelle messi fifa gold next up we have this he s just slicing and dicing people man he turns him inside out. He s wondering what countries in and messi puts it past the keeper again on his left foot. He s got some skills to pay the bills. What s he gonna do this guy rulings him and night night good night it puts it past the keeper for a nautical.

I mean i m telling you guys this player is it s just dumb. He s so fast his dribbling is amazing kenny scored his weak foot. I think so thank you very much as messy as we win that game 7. So like i said messi is just silly.


And he also gets people to understand why he s so good yeah. Just that hash to the burger. Okay. I guess who have messi anything happens we ll come oh well right opportunity.

I still dude. It s his cup to nil now you suddenly think you re at all side them all even though he doesn t know anything yeah so pretty much that guy completely. Understood. The fact that messi can do anything and right here.

He gets people angry sometimes too. And it s a real shame. This is straight from the kickoff is just not looking so pretty for the poor lad and he got pretty pissed off oh zero spill and anything all can go out here to say and that s how the keepers. A little disgusting billy safe endless because they just haven t come to his ideas were good shape no skill at all and who cares if he if they weren t skilled because i got messy so i m just gonna score loads of gold after four games.

I knew i was on to the broken part of fifa. I found the gem and it is the man himself messi. He s gonna set you back a fair bit. But who cares if you guys can save up you know you might have to open a bunch of pack.


And it s just so worth it and if he wants to hit to post. He ll hit both posts in one goal. Because he s leonel messi so it plays that ball flying through and his pace is just so stupid in this game. Look at that so that is going to be it for today guys i hope you did all enjoy this video.

I don t understand he is expensive. But if you guys get lucky impacts or maybe you just open up a crap ton of bang. You will be able to get him and for me. He is most definitely a cheat code in this game.

It s just so fast and he s so good i really ask you guys trying out loan them out if you have to because it is absolutely worth it you can loan them out for five games. I would recommend to do so and you guys will understand what i m talking about when it comes to a cheat code have a great day guys i ll see you all later looking rats. Yeah that should be a red straight right in the back. Why didn t take an item a to take it you just did it oh more ” .


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