Final Fantasy Tactics [ Unlimited Job Points

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” s going on guys welcome back here to another episode on lng. I am the the late night gamer welcome to a very special episode. I ve got going on now. It s not so much as gameplay as it is a game tutorial now final fantasy tactics is the game.

I will be playing today and what i m going to show you for all my final fantasy tactics fans out there and i know there s a lot of people that still just absolutely love this game it come out on ps1. It is my all time favorite final fantasy game. It s only honestly just about the only one also that i ve ever played now i did play the final fantasy tcg. Awesome awesome game.

I ve got decklist on this channel as well. But what i want to show you is it as to all my final fantasy tactics fans out there you know what job points are our job points. If you do not know though or what you have to use to spin in order to gain other abilities within your character it s basically currency so what i m going to show you is basically how to get not so much as unlimited job points. But i m going to show you how to get a lot lot more it s not really a hack.

It s not a cheat that s using the own game mechanics. It s taken advantage of the game s mechanics itself. So what you need to do for every single one of your characters right over here on the right side underneath abilities..


Where it says jp boost you want to have that for every single character that you have now this is only in the squire job. So all of your characters do need to start out in squire except for the chemist you can build that up gradually over time it s not that hard to get to but you do want to make sure every single one of your characters has jp boost and what that does is whenever you complete a certain action. It gives you more job points. That s the whole idea of this and then what also helps is in the squire metal of course metal has only four rams of my main character all the other ones.

It s fundaments so you want to make sure they have fundaments or your other ones and that s going to be where you like your chance you re a tailwind your focus all of that is and that s what we re going to use in order to ramp up our job point. So i want to get out of this try to get out of this again. Now. The board that i found that this works.

The easiest on is right here the siege will and the only reason is because it s very easy to get to it s not very far into the game and also there s nothing obstructing the sides of the board that we re gonna be walking around or try to get into this real quick. If it will let us in hopefully. Not yeah let s go back there we go so i ll go ahead and set. My characters down.

Now. I personally like to have the chemists right behind my main character now it s just my preference. It doesn t really matter..


I think. It s about you i m go ahead and commence. But that is just my preference. It s not the big of a deal you don t have to do it whatsoever.

It s all about your gaming style on this game. Okay. So the general idea here it looks like we actually got quite a few opponents on this board. This time.

I usually don t have this many. So. What the general idea is is you want to kill every single enemy that you have on the board. Except for one now.

I would not recommend having the skeleton as the last one or the minutes are over here. I would always use the goblin just because they don t have that great of a reach and they don t do as much damage as say some of the others. So we re gonna go ahead..


And start this off with a focus go ahead and get my attacks built up. I m gonna let them actually i want to go ahead. And move just a little bit over not that worried about it as of yet. And what the way we re going to do this is after you defeat all the enemies except for one we re gonna walk around the board several times now you can do this as absolute as long as you want to i get bored with it after a while so i stop.

But yes. The idea of this is to keep walking around the board as many times as you personally want to you can use chance you can use focus you can use tailwind focus drives your attack up by one point. Tell. When makes your speed faster and of course.

If your speed is faster. Then you get to go more turn. So we re gonna go ahead and throw a stone here. I m just gonna throw.

It at one of my own people it s not that big of a deal okay. So what i m gonna do after i kill all these guys. Except for one..


I m gonna come back and show you exactly what i m talking about by running the board. I will see you guys then all right guys welcome back let s see here you can see a dude got a couple of guys dead. There unfortunately. I m gonna use my chemist to bring them back.

But we are down to the very last opponents and what we re going to do is get up against the edge. Let s get this fenix down going resurrect. Please. We re gonna get up against the edge.

Make that goblin follow us all the way up to them and then we are going to basically lead him on a wild goose chase around the board non stop at our own convenience at our own pace and just keep doing focus keep doing chant. Keep doing tailwind keep earning those free job points guys. And that is the basis of this that s really all there is to it just get up to the certain point follow these rules or i should say tips and you re not gonna go wrong you re gonna be able to get all the job points. You want guys so i hope you enjoyed this video and we will see you guys later you ” .


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In this video I will be going back old school with a very popular game even today. In this video I will be showing you how to get the most amount of Job point with the least amount of effort. Enjoy.

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