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“How s it going guy is mr. Bossa for the win here and in today today s red dead redemption. 2. Video.

We are going to be solving the mystery where is gavin so i m sure you guys have heard this passing through many towns in red dead redemption to someone seeming to call out for a man named gavin. And he does this over and over and over again. It s sort of become red dead redemption twos took an arrow to the knee like this is spreading like crazy and people are wondering where is gavin and why is this man unable to find him so in case. You re wondering who this is according to the strategy guide of red dead redemption.

This is technically gavin s friend and gavin s friend can be found in three places. He can be found at the road saloon. He can be found in ann s berg or roanoke ridge. And he can also be found in st.

Denis. Now if you run into him this is the encounter that you re going to have my friend lovely fella. He went missing and now i m all alone good luck. That s that s too bad applause.

So once you re done with that initial encounter you find out that this stranger is gavin s friend and i decided to follow him around i am at the rhodes location again you can find him in three different spots throughout the world. And he basically just does one big loop around like this little pavilion area and he ll start saying things like gavin. Where are you can anyone help me find. Gavin so clearly this guy is looking for gavin.

And it kind of makes you wonder you know is his friend. Okay. What happened to him you know is there anything we can figure out about this certain story well it turns out that we can so. What you want to do is actually either kill or hog.

Tie. Gavin s friend now fun fact that you might not have known about gavin s friend and this is something else. That s kind of interesting he is an immortal so you can kill him. But he will come back to life.


Which is strange because we ll talk about that a little bit later on how something like that can actually occur. So don t be afraid to kill this guy. Although i took the safer route. Because i didn t know that at the time so i ended up hog.

Tying him. And i ended up looting his body. And when you loot his body. You ll actually get a mysterious letter letter to nigel from tom.

So we found out that gavin s friend. His name is nigel. And he also has another friend named tom. So let s actually go ahead and read this letter.

It says. Dear nigel. I was so happy to hear from you i cannot believe it made my two friends you and gavin boys. I grew up with now real rich and successful cowboys in america.

That s incredible news. Well done mate seriously. Well done. I knew you and gavin would find success over there.

I mean it stands to reason a pair of boys from little old maidenhead berkshire. Now successful over in america. I might come and join you myself now. That you have done so well both of you rich and living in big mansions with servants and all them cattle.

I remember when the height of your ambition was pretending you were a londoner and seeing if you fooled those scotch boys. We met by the barracks funny thing is gavin never mentioned none of this in his letter. But he was always a bit of a quiet one and i reckon you wrote after he did either way. I am made up for the pair of you made up cowboys millionaires.


We miss you especially your mom since your dad passed on. But she told me she was proud of you even gavin s ma was happy. She said. Her usual piece about not thinking you had it in you but she smiled and said she knew her boy would see sense or make sense of something eventually berkshire forever your pal tom then he says ps i saw that bloke brian gold the other day in the market.

He said some real odd things about you which i said weren t true betty s laughing on the other side of his face. Now. Dot. Dot dot.

And that right. There is the letter. So that does give us some interesting details and it kind of gives us our three main characters. We have nigel who is gavin s friend.

The guy we tied up in the guy who is shouting for gavin. We have gavin who seems to be lost and we also have tom who appears to be friends of both of them who still appears to be living in berkshire. So this story sounds kind of is interesting and it almost seems as if nigel. The guy were talking to right now has lied about his experience in america.

Because he s talking about rich successful cowboys with mansions servants and cattle and i don t know about you guys. But nigel. Here doesn t necessarily look like he s a guy with big mansions servants and cattle. I mean he sort of dresses that way.

But i don t know if that s the case. You know why would he be wandering around looking for his friend. Gavin. You think someone rich and powerful would use other resources to ultimately find him now another interesting thing to note.

Here is that tom also says he has received a letter from gavin. But he didn t mention any of these things he didn t mention the mansion. The servants or the cattle. So it almost seems as if nigel is lying and that gavin maybe is saying a different story to tom.


Then maybe their life over here in america isn t so great as they once thought now before we get on to any more theories. We can actually find. Gavin s friend nigel in the epilogue as well. Which is going to be about seven to eight years later.

This guy is still looking for his friend. Gavin. Seven to eight years later you can find him in black water tall trees armadillo or at their mcfarland ranch. Take a listen to this encounter right now yeah me too me too i wasted my life i wasted my life looking i looked i never saw i saw nothing though that is crazy it still seems that after seven or eight years.

Nigel is still looking for gavin and you can tell at this point. I think he s starting to go insane. And realize that what he s doing is is just nuts. It doesn t make any sense for him to be continuing to look for his friend.

So now i want to talk about the different theories as to what could have happened to gavin. So. The first theory is is that he is still somewhere in the world of red dead redemption. Too however something that counteracts that is that there s no voice actor in motion capture artist that is referenced for gavin in the credits.

And if he was a character that appeared we would see him in the credits. So it s looking very very unlikely that gavin is actually in red dead redemption. If he is he isn t someone that s like a physical character that we would see maybe there s a newspaper article or maybe. There s you know an easter egg.

That we have to find. But it doesn t look like there s going to be a physical character of gavin. Number two and this is a theme that s been present in red dead redemption. Time travel could gavin somehow gotten involved with time travel.

We already know that there is a time traveling baby. Frances sinclair. Who is interested in the rock carvings of this world so not be shocking. If he maybe stumbled into some time travel and is now either in the future or in the past that of course would make sense scenario number three.


He simply just ran away from nigel. I mean. It s pretty clear that nigel s sort of a weird. Fellow and maybe he just didn t want to be friends with him anymore i mean especially if he was the only person you knew coming over to america you might get pretty sick of him rather quickly so that is something to keep in mind as well and also number four.

He could have gone back to berkshire. He could have gone back to his home maybe. He was tired of america and he didn t want nigel to follow him and by doing so he just simply left his friend back in america. So i can t tell who the bad guy is here is it nigel is it gavin.

Which one of them abandon who or is there a deeper greater story. Here and as i mentioned. Gavin s friend nigel is immortal because if you kill him if you see him in roads. And you kill him or something like that he will respawn back in armadillo or blackwater later on in the game.

So. That s what i m saying something kind of creepy is going on here. But i think for now that sort of solves. The mystery.

We just need to sort of fill in the pieces as to what could have happened to gavin. Because we know he s not in game based off of the credit list. So where did he go i d love to hear from you guys in the comments down below let s see if we can figure out this mystery. I want to get you guys involved in the comments.

Right now if he did gone to enjoy this video. Though a like rating would of course be awesome and also subscribe to my youtube channel. If you are new or you like daily at red dead redemption to videos like theirs with all the way guys like i said thanks so much for watching take care and i ll see you guys in the next video. ” .


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FINDING GAVIN Mystery Solved In Red Dead Redemption 2 – Secret Clues Reveal What Happened To Him!
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The BIGGEST mystery in Red Dead Redemption 2 – Can anyone find Gaivn? Today, we answer that question and reveal some details you probably didn t know about!

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