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“Hey everybody vest. Moore here and today. We re taking another look at fire emblem emblem of three houses. So far.

We ve covered a bunch of different things on channel mostly focused around how to optimize your units. But this time we re talking about something a little less mechanical. I am of course talking about support conversations and romances. Support conversations have been an integral part of the fireman game since as long as i can remember.

However since awakening. It s evolved into something that some people would call a waifu simulator. You have it or hate. It.

It s certainly become a staple of the newer fireman games and three houses is no different so in today s video. I m gonna show you the best ways to essentially bag that waifu or the husbando that you ve got your eye on if you find this video. Helpful do be sure to leave your like..


And let. Me know down in the comments. Who you ve got your eye on so first off for those of you who have no idea what i m talking about i ll briefly explain what support conversations are they re essentially a measure of how far along in the relationship. Two units are be that platonic or otherwise.

When two units attain. A support rank you get to watch a little cutscene that moves their relationship. Forward. There are four main ranks to show this c b.

A. And s. Some characters can take a little bit longer to up to others. So they will have subcategories.

Such as c plus b. Plus etc. S..


Rank. However is special as it only applies to the main character s. Rank is essentially akin to marriage and because of this you can only essentially s. Rank one character so in short.

It s pretty simple your units develop different relationships with each other and you get to see how they play up fun right now you might be wondering how do i build support between my units and to that i say there are multiple different ways the easiest and most passive way that you will be gaining support between characters is to have them fight. A unit that is within the same attack range so for example if you have a sword user attacking a unit that was also within the range of a bow user those two units would build support this also applies to adjutants so setting a character as another character s adjutant will cause those two units to build support with each other now. While this is the main way that your units will probably be gaining support with each other it s certainly not the most efficient. So i wouldn t advise focusing on this too much.

But it s good to know that it s there the most efficient ways to build support with characters comes during the free time segments while explore on the monastery you have multiple options on what you can do the best way i found to increase these supports between two characters that aren t the main character is to have them both eat food that they enjoy cycle through the menu in the dining room and try to find a dish that both characters enjoy this will give them a sizable support boost with not just you. But with each other for now. Let s just enjoy a nice meal now between this and combat. I d honestly not found any issues getting up to character supports that s all however.

This is a romance guide. And you can do a lot more when trying to build support between the main character and someone else. While eating in the dining hall is still a good choice for trying to build support with two characters at once..


If you really want to bump that support up then there s a couple ways to go about it. The first is by returning lost items while exploring the monastery you ll see little blue pickup store and picking these up will sometimes give you a lost item. Which has a clue attached to help you figure out who it belongs to returning one of these will give you a huge support boost. So it s certainly worth doing everybody except for raya and gerald have three lost items for you to return.

And if you don t feel like guessing. I ve left a list in the description that will show you the correct matches while lost items are good they have the issue of being finite. Which only leaves the most efficient way to gain support gifts spamming. Someone with gifts is the number one way to build support it doesn t use any action points for the days.

So you can do it as many times as you want and even if you give them a gift they don t like it doesn t have any negative consequences meaning you literally cannot go wrong there are multiple ways to get gifts you can find them laying around the monastery you can buy them from merchants. Once you finish one of the early battle quests music or even. Better you can grow them yourself using flower seeds in the greenhouse ensures that you will have a huge surplus of flowers to use as gifts and the best part is everybody at least likes flowers meaning that you always get support boost one thing to keep in mind is that units have gifts that they absolutely love and giving them these will give you a massive support boost these usually correspond to the characters interests. But if you don t want to sleuth out yourself be sure to check the link in the description.

Seeing as the main characters of each house are popular however i ll list those here and agard really enjoys carnation armored bear stuffy s monarch studies books and board games. Demitri on the other hand gets real worked up about training weights. Whetstone s riding boots and ceremonial swords..


Whereas claude is all about riding boots book of crest designs exotic spices and board games and everybody loves owl feathers so if you want those big boosts definitely stop pal votes there are a couple other ways to build support like tea parties dialog options and other monastery activities. But honestly they re not as efficient as whitelisted. So if you want to get all lovey dovey as quickly as possible definitely stick to gifts i won t deny though tea parties can be pretty fun anyway. That s pretty much it eat meals together fight together.

But most importantly spam gifts. If you found this helpful be sure to leave a like and let me know down in the comments. What you d like to see next. But for now.

This is vest signing off music. I really hope you guys enjoyed that video remember to hit that subscribe button and also click on the little bell icon to turn on notifications so you don t miss my next upload also don t forget you can check out to 69 and paradise central streaming over on twitch six days a week. You ll find a link to the multi stream in the description box down below be sure to play and get involved thanks kept watching take it easy catch you next time nice outings. ” .


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Here s a handy guide for Fire Emblem Three Houses going over tips for support conversations and your guide to romance.
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