FIRST LOOK at Gold and Damascus Camo in Modern Warfare

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“Right so what s up guys and welcome back to somewhere call of duty modern modern warfare here on the channel. It is officially friday. Which means the game just out today. But some people were able to get it earlier like me in two months.

Hundreds of other people and some people have already unlocked this gold camo and have been able to reveal not only the gold camo. But the damascus camo. Which is supposed to be the highest here camel at least that we know of unless. There s some sort of like secret camel.

But i think this is like the top top tier camel that you pretty much unlock pretty similar to dark matter from like bo3 and stuff like that i love call of duty modern warfare. I love the campaign. I love the multiplayer. Some things i have some complaints which we ll talk about in a different video.

I am pretty disappointed at the gold camo and the damascus camel. I m gonna put these camels here on screen for your viewing pleasure so you guys gonna take a look at what it looks like so this is gonna be the gold camo and as you see at the bottom. It s pretty much a completionist once you do all the normal camel challenges you get the completionist and once you do that then you pretty much unlock. The gold or at least that s how i think it works so i m pretty sure that s how it works.

But yeah. This is the gold camo and then we have to get to damascus camel. Which is locked of course because you have to get gold in every single weapon and then diamond and then of course you don t lock to damascus. But it s a really cool looking camo it s a nice camo.

But is it nice enough to be worth all the grind you have to do because you have to do an insane amount of grinding in this game. More than ever before to unlock camels and i ll show you guys here in this video. Just. So you guys can have an idea of what is this camel.

Even the gold camel are they nice enough to be the mack daddy s of all the camels in the game. Not at all we have to give criticism and give an explanation as to why like these are camels that do not excite me to grind for and i do believe that maybe they will fix them almost every like maxed out camel has gotten an update within the last couple call of duty s like bill three. When dark matter first came out it was amazing..


But then they upgraded it and it made it look better you see i feel like the devs do have it a little bit harsh because they they want a game that wants to feel realistic and and they know the audience wants the game that feels realistic and that is exactly what this game. Feels like listen all we have to do is go back to call of duty world war. Two they wanted to focus so much on the game feeling gritty and and realistic in realism 101. That s that s what we re gonna throw for and it was such a good game.

The campaign was fantastic put the cosmetics and all that stuff kind of sucked until like maybe a couple of months in but then i feel like it was too late so. This is such a great game. Just make the camels funky make him flashy make him cool vibrant make him nice to look at. But i m just this my personal opinion and i m you guys can feel free to express your owns.

But i feel like this is just not enough for all the grinding. We have to do multiplayer should be completely different keep the realism make the game still feel real. But when i m playing with some sort of weapon or item just make it look cool man you know if that s i believe that is what works and what makes me want to grind for like funky. Things that you probably won t see in real life.

You know in the gun right now. I m playing with the kilo. We have one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven okay so we have ten until we get the completionist so complete our challenges for this weapon. So the completionist meadow is pretty much the gold camo.

I m gonna go to the spray paint camel and then we have all these challenges. Which by the way some of them are bugged out and they are not unlocking as you can see i ve already completed these. But they are still locked. It s like some sort of glitch in order for you to get the max camel within this category you have to get 800 kills that s a little crazy.

But that s fine it s whatever it s it s you re gonna keep getting kills. No matter what every time you play then you have woodland so woodland focuses more on headshots. A hundred and twenty five headshots so digital is gonna focus on kills. While crouching.

You need to get a hundred and sixty kills. While crouching. So you got to keep leveling up your weapon level so you start unlocking these camels..


There s a point that you get to these right here that you have to get 100 long shots. I ve heard and 100 bipod kills. I don t know if it s gonna work out once they start implementing new things as far as like modes maybe when ground work comes out there s so many players that it s probably easier. But of course.

That is all to be determined once the mode actually releases and and we get to see what it is all about. But at the moment just going from like regular multiplayer. I feel like this is ridiculous. I do believe that the game is gonna be getting upgrades and some of these camels are gonna be changing like for instance.

This camel looks nice this is perfectly fine like every go here to some of the attachment. Some of the attachments are not even popping up so that leads me to believe that things are gonna be getting upgraded as a matter of fact man. We can literally tell when you unlock certain weapon camels. And you can equip your so obviously something is glitched out something is not updated.

Yet and i m not saying that s gonna fix these camels. But i do believe that they are gonna be getting fixed. I literally am a firm believer that i think that they are gonna get better they re gonna improve them and whatnot. But please men just don t fail to put nice enjoyable camels to grind.

I mean i understand if it wasn t that grindy by this system they ve implemented here is extremely grimy. I mean i m just saying i don t know you guys please let me know how you feel about it i would really like to know your opinion. I just don t want to be the only one here the camel designs or the camel look. It s not me trying to be rude or anything.

It s just me giving my personal opinion and i personally think from what we ve seen in the previous call of duty s and especially. How this call of duty is going and how well it s done. It s such a great freaking card like it s really good i feel like they need to make these camels better you know camels are a really big deal like they really are after camels. What do you have you have new weapons new maps.

Well camels are like the main thing in this game. Like that s what you re rocking with you re playing this game. And the only thing you re looking at is your weapon and your camo..


You re not looking at anything else so yes camels are important and i m gonna go capture this flag back apparently i m gonna capturing anything right now teammates team player even you know i m currently trying to level up my weapons. 125 kills. While crouching is tedious. I mean i have to literally walk by this all day just get a crowd to the crouch everywhere somebody got killed by mclain.

I love your deployment. What they got a again jesus christ on as well okay. So they re gonna be coming from a just guy keep crouching keep on crouching. There we go that s how you get them camels boys oh yeah house crouching just make your shelter yeah i got that silence on right now oh that was pointless i play for like an hour yesterday and i was playing on my friends so we re kind of like just plain and like eating crap.

You know we weren t really focusing a lot of times. When i play my friends were just playing we die over and over and you know there s nothing new here. We re world we sign here apparently it felt like i got almost nothing done for apples. It was like bro you kidding me right now.

It s ridiculous. I mean i have like what two three hundred kills with this weapon and i need 800 just for one little category of camels that s kind of crazy maybe. It all has to do and it ll all tie up with the whole thing that they have which is uh pretty strong one okay play here. Everything the progression is gonna transfer over to here and there.

And maybe maybe it works better once you understand that whole system they have implemented in place. You have to understand that it is the first day and some things may change we have to go cap. This flag all stars in the area like i m proud i don t know i m scratching on that one nice there we go so now the good thing about this is that is if the good thing about this is if you get kills while crouching it counts for your crouching kills and a color for your kills in general that you need go by the way check out this crouching kills would have been nice i like maybe 75 you know 75. I think it s fair.

But doubling that that s a little there we go just gonna keep on crouching boys. All right nice nice now and we still lost. Bye guys were playing one. More here.

Okay. I dig it i like it. Oh hello..


Now. I m gonna put this right. There probably a really bad placement. Okay make sure we back out them why wise.

That s what good players do just tap while all day kills okay. I saw it s like i look at these challenges and it s like i m never gonna not try and get kills walk crouching now no it s like one of those things when you take a look at a challenge. It s the only thing you can do afterwards. You know you see now it s like i m probably gonna try and crouch every single time i get a kill without even wanting to it s just like wow crouching kills i m so trying to learn this map and i think the best way to play it is by going on these buildings you re trying to find a window and just lurking down the objectives more crouched hills.

There we go hub trout skills engraved in my brain right now music a my claymore dude. What are you doing responding back here again crouch boys these crouching kills are gonna be such a pain in the real life i mean you really can t play aggressive while you re crouching. You know i wasn t proud all right that was crouched so was that and of course. I died jesus christ.

Whatever we want i m saying is it s gonna take a lot of grinding to get these camels man. I love the game. I think overall it s a fantastic game. It s got a lot of potential it just came out it just needs to make sure things are done properly and they listen to the community and i really do believe it s gonna be a good year for us.

But with that said. I also want to say it s the honeymoon phase. So you never know that s gonna be it for me guys. I was literally just gonna sit here and talk about the new camels that have been revealed taystee was the one that unlocked them and then i just wanted to play and we played and it was fun and got my butt kicked a little bit.

But it s just woke up and i hope you enjoy again let me know in the comments. What you think guys the mask is gold are they up to your standards or do you think they should be buffed upgraded in the comments below thanks for watching i look actually. ” ..


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Call of Duty Modern Warfare GOLD and Damascus camo. GOLD CAMO Has been officialy unlocked by several players! In this video we look at the NEW GOLD CAMO and DAMASCUS Camo for the very first time..

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FIRST LOOK at Gold and Damascus Camo in Modern Warfare


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