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“You re looking for all 13 gemstones at haunted towers huh. We recommend seeking most most of them out in the mission you unlock and finding all the booze hostile as it not only provides access to every room. But also allows you to access every gem. Except for the twelfth.

One and with that out of the way. Let s get started look for job. Number one in the tower lobby beneath the staircase. Or you can reach me the path hidden behind.

It gem. Number two is in the laboratories drop off the left side of the second level to land in a test tube containing the gem trapped in the web gem. Number three is in the garden fill a bucket via the northern pipe. And use it to water.

The third plant. Once it grows flash to reveal the gem gem. Number four is in the botany lab fill a bucket via the water pump and use it to water a plant in the northeastern corner that will yield a gem. When flashed gem.

Number five is in the seedling laboratory. Use a seed shooter in the middle of the room target. A mouse along the back wall is dragging your gem around gym. Number six is in the west garden bl access it through the tower lobby.

First user dark light to reveal two missing pipes rerouting. The water to the maintenance room to get their head down the stairs and use the dark light along the left wall. Where the door mat is to reveal a door. It leads into the maintenance room since you restored.

The pipes. The water will now flow directly onto a plant it will then grow into a thorny ball. You can use to take down the plant monster outside allowing access to the chest. That contains the mansion s sixth gem gem.

Number seven is in the hollow tree use the bucket from the west tunnel to water. The plant in the east. One. That flash once it grows for the gem jemm.

Number aid. Is in the old graveyard. Just above the first tombstone gem. Number nine is in the sky bridge.

But can only be found on other mission be for or the unlockable one take down the ding. We plan monster on the far right to reveal the gem gem. Number. 10 is in the rumpus room walk around the creepy doll.

Counterclockwise. Until her head and screws revealing the gem gem number. 11 is in the silurian user dark light..


On the table to reveal a chest. Containing the gem gem number. 12. Is in the conservatory.

If it could. Only be found mission b. For use the bloom berry to reach the right legend user dark light to reveal a door that leads to a bonus room to get through start off by heading counterclockwise and drop off the ledge after grabbing the fifth coin cut through the center and climb the inner staircase for the final two. If you made it a chest will appear containing the mansion s twelfth gem gem.

Number thirteen is in the west bathroom. Which it can reveal by sucking up the toilet paper music. . A model that has the same number of stages as a model in the big set and with the only difference being you can just push it it s just not easy to build in my opinion.

Because with the models that you ll see in here. I ve gone through all of the same steps as i would have gone through with the main set that involved clicking them off the sprue filing. All the mould lines off and then gluing them together yet gives you options where you don t need to do that but i still went through all those steps and to paint them i still need to spray them too. So the only difference from easy to build and the miniatures you get in the main set.

Which let me just reiterate our mono pose can only be put in one one position and usually contain the same number of pieces is just this push fit ability. I just think that maybe having the push to fit instead of the easy to build might have been a better choice right so let s just open it up so. If you send the unboxing you look will have seen that it contains all of the miniatures you pretty much need and the game in that things like that so i ve made all of these i ll be doing reviews of all of these new models separately. I m not looking to the channel.

Very very soon okay now that i ve set the miniatures up you get two collections of finely. Detailed miniatures you get the death guard. And you get the space. Marines or the primary space.

Marines you get six pots walkers. If you check out my review. I ll go through the differences and between these and the ones you get in the main set. When i mean main set.

Whenever i refer to means that obviously means the dark imperium set and to get six of those all of them are different. There s not one that is the same which is great and also you get three death guard like marines and again they re all different you get three primaries reaver space marines i ve already seen the box that there are pictures going around the box set. Which has i think. Ten of them in and even one with like a grapple hook.

Which is pretty awesome. I think they don t have helmets. There might be an option for helmets in that set. And but we ll have to wait.

And see also you get three primary intercessors and again check out my reviews. Because i do compare them to the the main set. So you get this map. Which is reversible on the other side.

There are circles with letters. Which is sort of deployment zone things and you get six dice. Which is fantastic and you get like a little range ruler type bar..


Thing for your movement. You know for you here s six inch movements and you also get your transfer sheet transfer sheet. This is really if you want to base coat the models and paint them. But you can just cap this set as it is for all eternity.

If you really want you don t have to paint them you just have them as green and blue. I mean on the on the back. They obviously show them fully painted. But for that you re going to need caner green spray that s like twelve weird kind of black spray eleven quid that s 24 quid then you need your paints which are like two pound.

Fifty a pot. If you want to have these permanent fixture rather than push to fit you have to buy your glue your file paint brushes things like that so before long just. Like the main starting set. The price can escalate a little bit.

Then you also get your your build guide. Which is in the same sort of vein. As the the main set did make a point about easy to build sort of seven pieces and the option to to glue them or not if you don t glue them the chances are they are going to be fall into pieces. If you keep them in the box definitely glue them and definitely you know take off the mold lines.

Things like that i think i also mentioned that i thought that they were sort of pre painted. They re not they re just different color plastic. If you can see that it is just blue plastic that they ve used so from a starter point of view. That s great because you ve got two different colored armies from the get go from painting point of view.

You re still going to need to spray them. Blue or black. And again spray them green for the death guard you get your read this first booklet. Which is actually quite great great booklet and a good introduction introduction to the hobby and gives you all the sort of background information of the two armies then it gives you an advert for by finally no no thea set.

Which this in my opinion is is a better set. If you didn t get the dark imperium set. And this is still quite a good set. And it s a good way of sort of bolstering your armies.

However the release is for these really are just on the horizon. And it looks like it looks like you get a similar sort of landing pad than this box of crates. And it looks like you get a similar and map. It looks like the map is bigger and in a way.

I would have thought you could use it in conjunction with with this one. However all of the models are exactly the same as what you get in their domain. Set you get your five held blasters you get five intercessors for captain three interceptors. You don t get the ancients and you don t get another squad of five intercessors.

The likewise with the death guard you only get ten box walkers instead of the twenty and you don t get the play caster and the blight bring out. But you get everything else. Including that the foetid bloke drone find the paint you ve got enough there to to paint a primary space marine to look a little bit like that and so you re only going to get you blue. And you re black.

And you re balthazar gold and then it just goes on and it starts with the deployment methods. So you ve got an overview gathering. The troops setup and commence battle..


So it says pox walkers. Move four inches got to be within two inches of each other gives you the range of eighteen inches. It s going to be tricky to sort of work out eighteen inches with this little thing. But i understand obviously that you can t fill a teen inch range ruler in that little set.

And so it might be worth getting a tape measure and for those kind of ranges. And it introduces you to sort of all of the different stages. The move shoot charge fight and stages in eighth edition and then it talks about advance rules different and grenades played weapons grenade fake weapons and so on reinforce your army so they then advertise the easy to build or push to fit and squads have sort of three a dinner. Why that you use the same breather there but they have because that s not completely true you obviously you get two different looking rivers.

So you get this this river as well and as opposed to this one. Which there s just advertising and just copy and pasted that and so that s a little bit sort of misleading. But i m sure people can work that out so that s the read the first book set has to read the first books and then you ve got the core rules. Which looks which looks very similar to the one that you get in the main game.

I actually prefer it in book form. I mean. It s up to you whether you prefer in book form or whether you like it as a card sheet and i go for the pros and cons. I will say that the font is nicer in the in the book.

It s bigger that font it s just diabolical. My eyesight isn t terrible. But that is just it s probably a size six or seven maybe. It s really really small whereas.

The book and it does have sort of 18 pages. But it does have all of the phases and morale phase. The fight phase charge phase. So it s just a book form of this with them bigger bigger writing and to me it looks easier to follow in my opinion.

But there you go that s that that s the core rules book. And then finally you also get their piece. Wonderful pieces of artwork. Which are just incredible.

I really like these really sort of sets set their the tone. Even morton. Joe yeah. They re just fantastic and obviously on the back.

They have the date sheets. Which are pretty much a tradition date sheets just as an example. I just compare them to the ones in the in the main set. So let s just for instance.

Luckily intercessor squad now i don t know what it is but the ones on the cards just look nicer. They re easier to read. I do like the sort of the highlighted color at the top rather than the same color as the back of the page. I think it s just easier to follow and likewise with the weapons highlighted with the blue.

I find that easy to follow and the lighter sort of color behind the weapons that there s no real need to back drop shadow to those and it works better on this sheet. I got a question on my instagram of well are they even eighth edition. They are and and you can have three it s just a power level of four instead..


They ve got exactly the same rules crack grenades movement strength wounds tax. It s just you have a sergeant and two intercessors and they ve got the same rules and everything like that and their troops so they re just power level four instead of the six. So for the extra to power level you re getting you know two more intercessors. According to this you could use it doesn t specifically say anywhere in this boxset or in the main main game main law book that you can t use you know this from first strike.

I mean i totally understand if the rules were completely different and they were you know had different attributes and things. But they are the same so i wouldn t see any problem. If someone wanted to use a power level four squad of three in two if they re really wanted and the same goes for the other data sheets. I mean obviously we haven t had the codex out yet and i m assuming it s out this month which pretty much only leaves us next weekend to pre order.

I m sure it ll be out for pre order next weekend. And we ll see how this differs for the reaver squad. Where you can have three or you can have sort of up to ten same goes for the play green pots walkers which again probably assume it s going to be august. So there you go you get these lovely date sheets too so in summary.

It is really one of the best upsets. I ve seen games workshop produce in many many years for 25 pounds you get so much it s unbelievable as i said before i think nowadays you can get what a tactical space marine squad for 25 pounds or so yes you re not getting 10 space marines. But you are getting six of the new primary space marines. But you re also then getting nine deathguard you re getting the six pots walkers which are different than in the main set.

You re getting your three deathguard again different in the set. And likewise the reavers. A new and different and the intercessors. I think there s sort of two models that are close to the main set.

But like i say check out my separate reviews of those you re also getting your dice you range ruler. You know your background information your rules. Some transfers to the map. Which is double sided.

And you get a little bit of scenery. Too so for 25 pound. It really is a fantastic value set. If you ve got a death guard army.

Or if you ve got a primary spaceman army and building them from the dark appearance set. It really is great set just to buff. Those forces to because there s no real reason. Why you couldn t use both of those lieutenants as primaries and have them in another squad of five there s no reason why you can t and separate your death.

Guard units and have two units foot box walkers. You can only have sort of ten or have them in a squad of ten or or 20. However these six are going to be great to add to that unit once they start using the curse of the walking pots which pretty decent anyway as you can probably tell a big fan of this set link it s great value and one of the best data sets that gw have provided and it comes in such a small sort of package and it s great for if you re completely new to 40k and because it doesn t really create the bank. It s a good little set to start off with and you don t really need glue.

You don t really need paints you just buy it and then you ve got it. And you know you can you can test out that the eighth edition. Anyway. What do you guys think put it in the comments below.

Thank you ever so much for joining me today thank you for watching the emperor protects. ” ..

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