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“Hey guys gucci here with another quick quest today s episode will focus on getting getting the high scores for the flat f 6. 7. So without further ado let deep dive into this each individual beat inflam. d will award.

You with an ability and ingredients. When you have feet in all seven you will be awarded with an orichalcum plus and a flannel verse rebadge. The first flam can be found in olympus make your stop in the overlook and walk up the stairs to find the cherry flan interacting with a flan will start its mini game you will have to surf on goofy s shield and its lands near way down make sure do not hit the walls too many times as it slows. You down and when you come to a full stop it ll be over the trick here is to aim to hit the flan s volta.

But also to use these orange reddish arrows on the ground. They push you forward with a speed boost and will also point you toward other flans getting over 20k will award. You with a form change. Extender ability.

And three times sour. Cherry. Next. Stop is a tower of kingdom of corona.

When you ve landed through 180 and run through the cave into the field..

You will be instantly greeted by the orange flam. This minigame requires you to take pictures of lambs. Just as they re posing. You will require at least six excellent shots to achieve the high score.

You can follow this route to achieve that score of course. There are others you could explore. But these were the easiest music let s see music let s see let s see music let s see music let s see music music let s see music let s see these were the easiest in my opinion when you achieved over 23 k score. You will receive treasure magnet and three times an orange ingredient now you can embark to the rest area and toy box right in front of you at the save point will be the strawberry flan at this mini game.

You will be locked into the teacup attraction flow your goal state flans that are walking around these planets will be thrown on top of you and you will need to create the highest tower possible there are flames on boulders trying to hit you though and when they do your stack will drop and you will need to pick up more the trick here is to create a high stack and stay near the middle. As there is no ceiling to stop your tower to grow make sure to find cover when the huge boulder comes at you though getting over 17k will award. You the attraction extender ability and three strawberries in monstropolis. There is this little hidden area.

Where you can find the banana flan from the basement war point head back run toward the end of this room toward the transportation doors and on the left. Here. Will be a wooden door that lisa to this area this could be a tricky minigame. But there s a simple solution make sure to have thunder in your quick buttons and also some high ethers.

This minigame will feature an enormous flan surrounded by smaller ones..

The huge flan will try to eat you and you need to vanquish the smaller ones. The game ends when you get eaten so be sure to dodge a huge one as best as you can i found that using thunder while moving is extremely effective. You will float across the floor. While casting.

So you re still a moving target for the huge flan. Keep on using thunder to kill the small plants and use a high ether. When you run out of juice. Getting over 20k will award.

You with a grand magic extender ability and three bananas next. Up is the mountain rich in arendelle. You know where the castle is next to the moogle shop is a ledge where you can jump down right on the bottom of this jump will be the great plan. This minigame is somewhat the same as a previous one as you need to destroy the flan s as soon as possible these lands will shoot blizzards towards you you can block.

These and send them back for more points. But all it does is freeze. The enemy and make them ready for an insta kill so i d suggest using a thunder spam strategy. Here but you can put in some blocks.

When you see them coming..

But finish them off with dramatic spells to be fast enough getting over 20k will ward you with the unison blizzard. Ability and three grapes. The fort in the caribbean has the watermelon flan this can be a frustrating minigame without the right strategy. You will need to hit cannons to shoot flans that are flying toward you and in the middle is a bell that will fire all four khanna s three times in a row.

My strategy was to hit the ballot to start to initiate its cooldown immediately then hit the cannons. Where the row of lands is the largest and keep on alternating cannons. This way using square will make you travel faster between these cannons right. When you see the very large flan appear.

The bell should be out of cooldown so hit the bell. The cannon should be able to hit it easily repeat. These steps since the huge flan will appear one or two times. More and after a while the smaller plants will also change direction.

So be sure to hit them as soon as possible getting over 29k will reward you with a focus siphon and three watermelons. When you want to land in san fransokyo for the final flan make sure to select night time in the south district on top of this building will be the melon flan. This is a rather unique minigame as you need to jump once and then fall in style. This is sorry toy story joke you need to jump from flan to flan.

But once you bounce someone you can t fall on the same one while its mouth is opened..

It will eat you otherwise so you will need to alter flan. Once you bounced on another. After a couple bounces. A previous flam s head will start to sparkle you can then bounce from that one again and you will be sent across town to different groups of lands.

There you will need to perform the same strategy and keep on flying across town on top of lands heads getting over 15k will net. You the attraction. Extender and three melon ingredients and that ll be it. If you did all of these in order.

The melon. One will also give you the orichalcum plus and flan averse rebadge. Else. The one you did last will award.

Et s well that was it hope you guys enjoyed the video and that was helpful to you there are surely more guides to come so stick around for those until the next time stay safe and may your heart be our guiding key you music. ” ..

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This guide will help you find all flans and get thier high scores necessary to get that sweet Orichalcum+ !

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