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“At e3 ubisoft showed some crazy stuff coming this october for honour and on top top of that as a special iii promotion. You can get the starter edition. Of game. On pc.

For 3 da. You play. And this is not a tribal you claim it and you keep it for life. You can also pick up the console versions or other pc versions on sale.

As well. This is all lasting until june 18th now because of this hype and potentially new people coming into the game more old players revisiting it i ve decided to help steer you on the right path to succeeding in for honor number one choose your faction. This ultimately is the first and most important step. Because you have to choose the faction that fellow s your identity.

The best before the full gaming experience do you like memes do you like anime. Or do you like to win duh winning number to pick a spot on this d d alignment chart. Okay now pick a hero that is in your spot now you can only exclusively play as them now this will help the others decide how to treat you so now they all know to automatically hate you when you pick the shaman. You are fucking ugly.

Little cunt number. 3. For honor has a strict pay2win system in place now buying steel allows you to purchase things in game. It will give you a monstrous advantage such as emotes and effects are you really going to tell me that flaming pony law bro.

Here isn t stronger or more intimidating than this guy number. 4. Deathmatch is the very best playlists can play it is the place to be it has the lowest amount of activity. So that means that the people who are actually playing it are probably also new and have no idea that nobody plays deathmatch number 5.

If in dominion. Which is the capture the point game mode. You see that the bowl. Enemy team is grouping up it s usually a good idea to take them on head on by yourself.

Not only all four enemies at once. But they might even spam wow and shot because they re so amazing size of your balls. So the enemies might also give thanks for the opportunity to get in such a thrilling fight number six..


If you keep getting killed by ridiculously cheap moves like pence ace dodge. Attack. Make sure you go to the for honor subreddit or the for on a rant subreddit and write a long paragraph. How you feel and how it is so opium needs to be removed.

Because literally uncountable trust. Me ubisoft will listen on a similar note for number seven. If you re playing a lower tier heroes. Such as valkyrie.

This means that you have to have more skill than anyone else because well you re not relying on a broken hero. When you lose you will still take a morality victory. So it s okay number eight. When you win a fight even one.

When your teammates are the ones. Carrying you make sure that you message your opponent to show dominance and help bigger tickets it will instill fear and nobody ever will want to fight you they will see you on the battlefield and run the other way number nine. It doesn t matter what faction you re actually in the war is really just over the volcano so throw all of your assets on it and finally the number ten tip always hang out in your environmental hazards for easy kills that wow s fan your enemies are throwing at you is just them amazed at how much damage you can do in one shot thanks for watching guys. And i ll see you next time okay all right you caught me.

This was all sort of bs. If you think about it really every point that i brought up has something that you can take away some points were valid once we look a little bit deeper at them. But some were just straight up sarcasm that you should have took the opposite way let s let s now go back number one choosing your faction. Okay that one was actually true the knights do have the best memes.

The weebs all love anime and the vikings well they for number two while the alignments positions are definitely up for debate as everyone s gonna have their own opinions. It is true that you will be judged no matter what hero you pick right you have to deal with that people are always gonna vilify certain characters. I ve seen reddit posts about saying oh once they see the new sharlee zero water moon legend ganking. Who put solitude and i ve even had people message.

Me that warden is opie. It s inescapable and it s something that you re going to have to learn with play a hero because you like them aesthetically or you like their gameplay for number three the idiocy that for honor is a pay2win game still does exist. And i have actually lost great respect for bigger content creators who report this without doing any research. Yes you can use real world money to buy in game.

Money or currency tv. Yes with that steel you can buy armor and weapon packs. And even unlock..


All the feats for all of the characters. However to get the best stats. You re gonna have to level up your hero you can t pay for that to happen buying gear right when you start up the game isn t going to give you anything special at all and getting all the feats can be done in under a week depending on how much free time you have for some people maybe. Even a day or two the pay2win model.

Now really. Only applies to any fashion competition. Number four in my. Honest.

Opinion deathmatch at one point was the best playlist elimination was always tense and skirmish was a blast before the death roll. However most veteran players do obviously know to avoid deathmatch because of its flaws right. A new player might not so maybe. When there s a bunch of new people will start seeing deathmatch spike up again will we just start a hashtag in one day.

We all join it in hashtag everyone play deathmatch number. 5. Countering death falls in dominion. It is a double edged sword chances are you ll only win the fight and i m talking about the fight not the overall match.

If your opponents have the brain cells of a sea cucumber music. But if you re able to hold them off while your enemies capture points across the map it does put your team in the lead if you do go down right away. Though you are feeding the death bomb. Giving your opponents more renown so they can unlock their feeds.

Quicker. Which can really turn the tide of battle. If you thought a regular death. Ball was bad try one where they stack you with debuff smoke bombs and kensi unblockable.

Attacks. Also don t let the wow s and the thanks get under your skin. They re trying to provoke you to run back headfirst into the death ball without a plan. They re just trying to get you angry basically the beat a death ball you have to be good lucky and hope your teammates know how to capture dominion points.

Like i said you may not win the fight. But you can hope to win the war number 6 dealing with opie moves fast getting killed by overpowered moves and then complaining on reddit isn t gonna do anything. It isn t gonna make you any better..


Also fact. Most moves have countered kenzie s dodge attack can t be canceled once it starts. So. If you re able to bait.

It by fainting. An attack or even dodging or dashing. There s nothing that they can do it s an easy. Parry or block.

If your parry timing isn t that good. Yes. The iframes make it look a little bit crazy. But aside from it looking goofy.

It can be dealt with like any other side dodge attack go into the practice mode or team up with a friend to work on whatever is giving you trouble rather than complain. That s the way you get better rather than making it easier number 7. Being a masochist and playing a hero like valkyrie putting yourself at a disadvantage then if you get upset when you don t win. It s like getting mad.

When one legged zach gowen was destroyed by brock freaking lesnar. Applause. If you put yourself in such a position you have to be the better player or get super. Lucky and hope that your opponent screws up in the big time number eight simply put if you send eight mail when you win or lose.

I actually believe that there s something wrong with you that you re getting so heated over a video game. It s only a game if you win and rub it in your opponent s face like congrats you can beat someone at a video game you want a cookie few were as good as you really think you are and you d be a top ranked competitive player on the other hand if you lose and send somebody hate mail maybe think why why did i lose if you re getting ganked don t run into group situations. It s as simple as that if you re having trouble with a certain hero because they re cheaper over then you know what practice or change. An adapter play style.

I promise that throwing the same moves over and over will lead to some players catching on and capitalizing on your mistake your inability to change it up for number nine. I feel i am somewhat to blame here yes season three. The knights finally won the faction war after rallying around the volcano. But let s look at it this way guys.

If it erupts and we only have that piece of territory. We re all dead so spread out and capture the other territories. Too please finally number 10..


The environment you re fighting in plays a big part of battle and for honors. If you don t want to get thrown off of a ledge. It s probably a good idea not to stand near one you re at fault for fighting near one and living on the edge. You don t want your toe to touch the water.

Which will paralyze you instantly you stay away from this extends to fire and spikes. As well being aware of your surroundings is a matter of life and death your back is to allege and you guard break someone and they counter it it will send you backwards and off of a ledge. Don t spam wow. Like you re actually surprised in freaking.

There you go. Ten sarcastic and ten actual tips to help newcomers in the beginning. I might make a video later on breaking down. A tax guard break stamina management and basically panics like i have promised so many times before but for now.

I feel like this is a better overview as a lot of those mechanics gets shown to you right when you boot up the game. Tutorials. Thanks. As always for watching guys once again for honor starter edition.

Is 3 on pc via you play right. Now. Where most of the pc players actually are anyways not a free week. But literally get it now own it forever as well other versions are on sale across pc.

And consoles and with a new expansion coming this october. Now is a good time to get your hands on the game and familiarize yourself with it. If you did enjoy the video guys let me know by liking commenting and subscribing of course. And if you have some friends looking to pick up the game sharing this video with them might help i ve got lots more for honor content on my channel and a lots more planned so check it out and stay notified thanks again for watching guys.

And i will see you on the next video music. ” ..

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With Ubisoft announcing a slew of new content at e3 coming to For Honor this October, including a new faction, and game modes, as well as the Starter Edition being FREE for a limited time (until June 18, 2018), I felt it fitting that we help teach some newcomers, as well as old returners the ropes of For Honor in its current state.

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