FORTBYTE #72 LOCATION – "Found Within Salty Springs" (Fortnite Fortbyte 72 Location Guide)

fortbyte 72 This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you FORTBYTE #72 LOCATION – "Found Within Salty Springs" (Fortnite Fortbyte 72 Location Guide) . Following along are instructions in the video below:

“All right welcome to another fort by challenge guide. This time. We ve got number number 72. Which simply says found within salty springs.

Not much to go off of but i know the exact location and i m gonna show you right now alright so this is gonna be one of the hardest for bite challenges in solenoid. If you do team rumble..

It s probably not going to be that hard because obviously you respawn and maybe your side of the bus will drop over there. But i m a risk taker and i love doing this in solo. But someone left me a comment that said those anybody else hate it with paper grabs a gun first and i m thinking to myself dude. If i don t grab a gun.

I m not gonna be able to get this for tonight. Because someone s gonna kill me..

And then i won t be able to show a where it is or be the location on the map. Because people will kill you right away. And if you re trying to record this for other people s viewing pleasure. You can t just not go in there without a weapon.

You will get killed so i try to skip ahead to when i do have a weapon so it doesn t bore you guys to death. But that s why i do it because people will take you out instantly so i am gonna grab a weapon..

See now look i have 50 shield now some shadow bombs and three weapons. So now i m good to go to show you where this location is so you can see it from here. It s right next to that barricade and so just in front of the respawn there kidney. This guy just took all my shield are you kidding me get out my face stupid.

All right. I think the coast should be clear now i ran into two scalawags that try to take me out..

But we prevail so as you can see it s right in front of the respawn van now there is a red truck that spawns right on top of it so you ll either have to break the red truck or i think it is possible to collect it through the truck but i m just letting you guys know there is a red truck that spawns here all right so here s the exact location kind of northern northern center of salty springs. And you simply hold square to collect it found within salty springs for tonight number 72 music. ” ..


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This guide shows you the exact location for Fortbyte #72, which says, “Found Within Salty Springs”.

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