Fortnite Fortbyte #92 Location – Accessible by using Rock Love Spray near a Lavafall – YouTube

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“Everybody in the little word olsen in this martin. It s another day and it it s time for another fault by first and foremost. Thank you very very much has been an unreal amount of people watching these videos over the last few days. I m gonna keep them come in in that nice short and sweet fashion that y all seem to appreciate if you would like to subscribe to the channel.

I m gonna be doing these every single day. I think in the foreseeable future. There s only next sunday and i m not gonna be able to cover. But other than that we re all good.


But anyway. Today s one it basically reads that we need to go over to a lava fall and use the rock club spray and the lava for that i can think of is this one right here. There are a couple a little further up i feel as though this one is gonna be the one so let me quickly spray this okay nothing just yet it does seem near here. I m fairly certain let me check the challenger so it said accessible by using rock club spray near a lava fall so this is definitely near a lava fall.

But i m not seeing any kind of results from it let me just take a little bit of damage yeah i get across there what about the other lava fall. So i mean i guess. There s actually quite a few here as well let s have a little potter over to this one. I m guessing just one of these will be the in actor.


That one no now the other one didn t place on the wall. I don t think did it so maybe. That s what the problem is just gonna keep moving between each of these until we eventually find our friend this one doesn t strike. Me as a proper lava fall.

No nothing going on there um. See karen going this way. I realize i m taking a lot of damage. It s fine maybe.


It s a key. So we need to actually find the rock first and then from there then we ll be able to not the rock sorry. The actual fault bite. And then from there.

We ll be able to actually give it a go there. It is right up here okay cool. So if you come to the pressure plant and see where there s that little sort of like crest in the map. Like this little central island come down towards these trio of hangars.


It s right there give it a little spray and then right there. It s fully accessible number 92 of the four. Fights i remember i do stream every single day on twitch from 5 pm. And i also have a support creator code.

Which is in the little word subscribe like ring the bell and i ll see you all tomorrow bye bye. ” ..

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