"Found Within An Arcade" – FORTBYTE #79 LOCATION

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“All right welcome to another fort bite in this episode. I ll be covering for for fight number 79. Which says found within an arcade. All right so our destination.

The mega mall because our cades were found in malls. I don t even know if they re still in halls around in this day and age. But when i was a kid..


The arcade was the place to be i spent so many hours and quarters playing on the arcade mortal kombat gun. Games fighting games like tekken and things like that there was always that one guy you had to beat you at a place or quarter on the machine. That was usually me depending on the game. So we need to go right near the pizza pit on the second floor right.

Here. Actually. I m a little high..


It s one below this let me see if i can grab a weapon. So i don t get killed. Whoa well there is a shotgun here s their cave. We re gonna let these guys get it first though they got it okay we re gonna keep him safe so as you can see actually the chest right here.

I know all right so as you can see the arcade is right here. I let all those guys grab it it says actually i don t know what that said here s a little machine stupid you can t play him it d be cool just we re gonna let this guy get it all right right here number 79 found within an arcade. Here s the exact location on your mini map right here..


Just to the left of the pizza pit. Now while you re in this place. You may as well try and dance on top of the holographic tomato head. Because that s one of the challenges for this week.

Not today buddy. What are you doing coming at me like that jeez alright someone has destroyed the tomato head let s see if it still counts. This is what i was curious about when i did my original video..


So it would be like oh it still works sweet so as you can see you don t actually have to have the tomato head. Still here it still counts now. If you missed that video the exact location of the tomato head is right here and again even though. It s not currently here you can destroy it it still counts music.

” ..

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This is the Fortbyte #79 location guide, which says, “Found within an arcade”.

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