G-Man & Barney's Voice Actor – Mike Shapiro Interview

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“It s time to get real. I arranged for an interview with the voice actor actor of the g man and barney calhoun. Mike shapiro on the release day of life alex. And it went off without a hitch.

The following is an interview with mike shapiro as i said voice actor in every half life game acting for the g man and barney calhoun and many other characters here we go orion tyler. I m good how are you mike i m great okay pumped yeah. I m pumped too man. I m pumped.

It s super cool to be able to speak with you i just i d like to just because i don t have a whole lot of time. I would just like to let you know that i mean. It s obvious you played the most mysterious character in the entirety of video games and and it s really really awesome to be able to see and hear you come back and really give it your all i mean even in your twitter. Videos you can tell that you re like really pumped about this and i m just i don t know i m just so happy to see that everybody still cares and everybody s still here you know what i mean i do i do i mean.

It s this is a character that i ve been connected to and inhabiting for a long time. And i really like i really what likes a strange word to use. But i really enjoy being able to be inside g man and and and the world through his eyes are it s pretty cool and i was just so excited when one valve got in touch with me. And said.

You know let s let s get the band back together. And and it s been super cool working on him. How long have you been working on this project. Uh.

You mean involved in the realm of half life not and i know you ve been there since like 1998 or whatever. But like for half life alex do you remember like when you were called around i i don t remember the exact time. We ve been working on it i mean we worked on it and then we worked on it some more and then we worked on it some more. I think that s the um.

You know that s that s one of the things i admire about the process is that there s a kind of there s a an experiential loop. Where where the creative team has these ideas and they they bring them to the fore and we we work on them together and then you know there s some really satisfying kind of back and forth and interaction. There and then they ll they ll take it away and see how it works and and i m sure they re i mean i just i m assuming that what they re doing is trying it out on on folks to see what their experience is there s always been a really neat kind of cycle of collaboration between you know the voice the voice actors and the artists and the designers. Which is a big part of what makes obviously i mean you you ve you must have been you ve been on this thing since since the it s 1 1 pm.

Or or whenever you weren t wearing with co ceo actually but i m assuming you yeah so you were on it at 1 0 0. O clock today and i saw somebody somebody s posted a picture of like you know what to do with your gloves. While you re waiting and the gloves were just like bouncing up and down stomping waiting for waiting waiting for the clock to turn so it s amazing anyway ya know. It s folks you know fans are really so primed for this and and you know for so many years.

We ve been all waiting for it i mean i m obviously i have a pretty neat perch inside the project. But i also i m just a huge fan of it i just admire i mean it s such a standout. I was gonna say title. But it s really kind of an entire universe of story and craft and and technology.


And really just the rolling stuff so having worked with half life for you know a little over 20 years now and being the voice of both barney and the g man. We are not really seeing much of barney. But you re seeing a lot of g man as a person that s been embodying these characters for you know tootin over two decades you but even with a break or whatever what do you think you know barney what in your opinion like if you were barney you are barney. What do you like what do you think he s up to well i want to be clear that i i m not actually commenting on i know what role barney has or which characters do or don t appear.

I mean g. Man appears. We know that because he was in the trailer for it. But i i i can t stay hey when somebody tells me what s gonna happen before i see the end so i m being very very respectful of the players you know whoever s not on their speedrun.

You know whoever s just like taking the time to savor. It and and that that that s out that s how i would experience. It as well so we i m not really gonna say with regard to barney or g. Man or or any other characters i mean i ve at the beginning.

I i played i was like i was g man and i was barney in the first one but i mean i was also you know i think i was some vordigan sand. I mean. I was i think i was an island at one point. I wouldn t be surprised if i was the voice roll bar.

You know at the very beginning. So i ve played a lot of characters they kind of narrowed that list later. But you played oh that was otis the big guy that ate the doughnuts and the i don t i might have i swear you know that the way it worked early on is we d be you know and and this wasn t. This was a little bit of sort of like the the early you know early gaming.

Because i was i was really fortunate to be part of the kind of golden age of gaming in seattle. And there was a lot of there was a lot of great work that was coming on that nothing nothing of the design or narrative fortitude of the half life world. But there were some really neat projects coming out of you know i don t know humongous and head bone and and microsoft. They did a bunch of things with the microsoft like i mean.

I had a crazy character. I did with them called mags ii. Who was part of their creative suite. And and that was like this blue colored.

I don t know like scottish crazy guy and though you know the way it would i m pretty sure i remember this er. I think we were at a at a studio that that may not even exist. Anymore called pure audio in seattle. And you know probably laidlaw and gabe came over and you know that we would be in the studio and they would say okay here s i mean i knew i was g man and i knew i was barney and then they were like here s a picture of a character you know i don t even know if they told me it was called a vordigan or another.

But they would say what do you think he sounds like in and they would put me in front of a mic and say you know give us a give us what you think this character how he would speak or how it would speak and and it s it was you can imagine i mean. It was so much fun. And it was such a there was so much creative interplay and and that was true that was true you know that was equally true when we were recording for half life alex you know they would they would bring in terrific scripted material and we would cover it exactly as scripted and and then if you know if in the process of kind of recording it an idea came up you know they they were always game to kind of try it or hear it a different way sometimes sometimes you land it and then you say hey can i get can i get one more shot at that and this happens actually with g man. A lot because so much for him for me.


So. Much of g. Man. As the music is the is the you know that he has that kind of changed up tempo and and and he takes so much pleasure in in in you know messing with whoever he s talking to and and so sometimes i would cover some lines and i and in the course of having a chance to speak to those to those characters and to the events happening.

I would say can we get one more of those just you know give me one more pass at that and you know and you you you re i i often record with my eyes closed and then i ll i ll kind of open them up at the end. And i look through the glass. And you know and they re like waving their hands in the air like having a great just it s it s they re really good people to work with you know i mean the team i worked with they worked with pinkerton and sean and erik wolpaw. They brought out of out of retirement.

I was really good guys and music such a such an easy that was one of the neat things about it was so easy to slip back into into this character. It was really very satisfying. It s very satisfying to be able to hear it again and to be able to see you have the freedom to be able to kind of experiment. Within that character for the longest time because people like me you know any mention of half life would cause the internet to go absolutely berserk.

But now it seems like there s more free cuz like your new year s message and that last thing you just did you know like you wouldn t have been able to do that a couple years ago. But it s really cool to be able to see just more of that character and more of an experimentation within ya in the mind yeah i mean. It s you know what that is that s my tribute. That s that s me as a fan motor.

Oh yeah definitely yeah. I don t i i try to be very. Respectful of and i and i m and i hope everybody understands i don t i i can t speak for valve and i and i and it s not my you know i don t have the inside information and obviously i have a commitment to not not you know telling any sort of narrative lines or anything like that but you know a lot of what i do is is in addition as an actor. I m a filmmaker and a musician and so i like to create to create different projects and and for me.

I wanted to find a way to as a fan. You know raise a glass to this character and to and to the and to the return. You know to to there being a new a new title. A new episode.

A new chapter and this was just a way for me to kind of sort of revel along with along with everybody else who was so excited about about 2020. Yeah. Oh man yeah. I see that i m starting to run out.

I m trying to i m scrambling here. But um. You know uh. It s just it s very nice to be able to hear from hear from you as a as a creator no i don t you i noticed that your your natural speaking voice sounds somewhat similar to barney.

But g. Man. Is like completely out of left field. What kind of i mean i guess.


It s kind of second nature to you. But do you have any conscious decisions that you make when you voice gee man and yeah. I mean yeah. Absolutely.

There s a lot of there s a lot of technical choosing that you do in in in although. I it s a it s a blend of of you know conscious choices you make and and sort of creative impulses to what you can discover. It s always informative to me to like if i m if i m creating a new character for an animated show or a you know i ve got some some things coming up later this year. That i m that are that haven t dropped or even announced yet that i can t speak about but the the artwork is absolutely trippy and it was a huge source of information you know and that was true you know i don t know i played i played a comedic lounge singer and i don t even think.

It was a human. I think it was some animal like in leisure suit. Larry or something like that you know like a title that was from a long time ago. And would have been a very pixelated animated character.

But for me figuring out how it how the character speaks and what what part of the world. They re from and and what s going on in their mind. At any given moment has a lot to do with how they ll communicate with the other characters is with and with the audience and and some of that is very technical and some of it is like i say my eyes are closed and i m just in a place. Which is you know that s one of the reasons.

It s such a pleasure to to spend time inhabiting. I mean this guy s nefarious jim nez. You know and i ve i also you know a there was a trying to think we did this was actually a different title from sierra. I mean valve.

I think sierra was just the distributor. But sierra was in on on half life. 1 right. And they had a different title.

Called torrents passage and turin was a completely different sound and a kind of a young hero you know and i m working in a on a new podcast series that s very futuristic and it s some of the smr kids are gonna love because it s really inside your head. And that again is a completely different a completely different texture a different. It s the where it s contained inside the mouth and vocally the the the it s a it s a kind of a real sensory experience and work you work with the director. You work with the writer to kind of land it and then you and then you go sailing.

You know so and i asked them our podcast series you you seem to be a. Very busy creator and filmmaker. You re in a band. Yeah.

I mean the the podcast isn t mine. I already got guests. But that s that s a different project. The podcast is just something i was cast in the game that i mentioned.


Which is is a pretty fun blast from the past when folks find out about it they re going to be thrilled is you know i just i i think they they knew they knew my work. And they contacted reached out to me and and the it s just a very very cool you seem very excited about that one you mentioned that on the boundary break video as well and that that kind of made some headlines. Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah i think i did refer to that i mean that hasn t that s something that hasn t that hasn t it hasn t obviously hasn t dropped as an even announced and and i m certainly not at liberty to speak about it.

But i can say that it will be a pretty fun a pretty fun. I say i m just gonna keep saying blast from the past or now. I don t want to be i want to be careful and respectful sir about the about the you know my collaborators definitely yes and lastly i just want to say that you know g man. Barney the valve characters have had such an effect on myself and on the community that that s an awesome man there s a guy that does a perfect impression of the g man himself.

And i actually have a podcast. Where i have people call in and ask the g man questions. And it s really fun. And i wanted to ask your opinion of people trying to emulate or encapsulate the kind of work that you do right how do you react to something like that i mean like i said do you know when when i m when i m creating these these you know these different postings that i m doing that i ve sent out like through through my through my twitter account.

I am doing it as a tribute because i love the character and i and i ve enjoyed the world of half life for so long and i and i really admire the the creators behind it and and if people are connected to the character and our our you know get a get get excitement and satisfaction from trying to find particularly when you know when it s been so many years right we ve all been waiting so long for there to be another chance to kind of plug into this and i m just so pumped to be at it again yeah. I m glad you had the chance to be able to do that as well and i hope we get to hear a lot more from you as time goes on i hope the 20 thank you alright so how can people find you where would you like me to send the listeners to be able to follow up on what you re actively doing i mean i m on my you know my twitter s my trip. Ireland and that s certainly a good way to to keep track of what s going on and i ll i ll be as as i am allowed i will certainly be sharing more news good. We don t want you breaking any nda s thank you very much for talking with us.

It s really great talking to you tyler. I really is i m so excited for you and because i know i know you ve been you ve you ve got a great perspective on the whole the whole world the whole universe. And i i appreciate your taking the time to talk and and and and the respect and enthusiasm with which you embrace this hell. Yeah.

I d love to be able to talk with you again maybe in a format or we don t have 15 minutes. But for now i hope you have a great day. I hope you stay safe. I hope you re staying home to men.

I hope everybody is is is taking care of themselves and their friends and family and and each other because this is a wonderful this you know half life coming out now. Which obviously is a total coincidence. A terrific a terrific you know way for people to stay connected into past the time without risking anything. But most most important of all is for everybody to to be be thoughtful and patient and and we ll all get through this together and we ll come out the other side stronger.

And more together for it yep all right well thank you very much i. Hope you have a good absolutely meant you too. Sir music music music music. ” .


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