Gambit Prime Armor Set Perks Revealed (THEY NASTY) Destiny 2 Season of the Drifter

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” s hot in there boys the hype is real even if you re not a a fan of gamut. I think you re still gonna look forward to this season for these armor sets that we see here in front of us. That s right bungie. Just dropped a tray there today and showcase the four different armor sets that you can get for gambit prime.

So guys let s dive into these armor sets and take a look at each one of them first we have the reaper set. It states clear ways and slay large enemies it has an ability that weakens hind value targets multi kills generate special ammo gain increased mote lifetime powerful enemy kills increased grenade recharge now i don t know what your thought process on that i m already seeing a crap ton of synergy. Number one. If you re rockin.

Something like taking armaments or one of the armament mods combining it there with that fourth ability we re powerful enemy kills increased grenade recharge that s even nastier number two multi kills generating special ammo that s any multi kills guys it s not weapon specific or ability specific it just simply requires us here to get a multi kill and considering that sometimes like the ammo economy inside a gambit can be aggravating even when it comes to special ammo. This is not bad overall guys reaper set looks pretty nasty. Now. The next set.

Which is the sentry set counter invasion and bank protection multi kills grants a damage buff against taken alright again some more stuff dillema multi kills banks. Give health regeneration oh okay mark invaders for teammates okay i like that hold on wait a minute. I wonder if you actually have to activate something or maybe press a button. While you re looking at the invader in order to market for your teammates.

But dude. That is nasty boys especially if it s like a good ping system that actually marks the invader for everyone to see this very much locks. The century down to be constantly be looking for invaders. As soon as they come through now a fourth thing here that s kind of interesting buffs allies in the well of light.


That says well of light. Not well of radiance. So it leads me to believe that there s gonna be some sort of new mechanic. Maybe boss mechanic that allows us and our allies to stand maybe inside of a well of light.

Maybe to do more damage and having a century with you will buff. Everyone s damage pretty cool. There. It s specific to game at prime so it makes sense that it s probably.

Some new mechanic now i m moving on to the collector set here it says collect motes and send blockers. It states that drop motes on death that s actually pretty interesting so if you happen to be a collector and you drop 15 motes. You don t lose them you ll just drop them so from our blueberries out. There that have a tendency to hang on to every mote and die.

This would be the class for you motes also grants an over shield. Damn man. This is getting spicy you also gain ammo on moat deposit. Ok.

I wonder what kind of ammo surely not heavy ammo right. I don t know we ll just have to see and then it says sin giant. 20. Moat blockers.

Which will probably be specific to collectors ok..

I m not gonna lie to you guys collectors. Pretty dope. I guess it really depends on how nasty the twenty moat blocker. Actually is but the fact that you get an over shield every time you pick up a moat you gain ammo when you deposit them and you drop moats on death collectors.

Looking pretty solid boys move it on to the invader sets. States that it hunts players plus steals. Moats. So the first part here is gained a mo while invading.

Oh. My god dude everybody s gonna want to be an invader now can you imagine you simply just jump through the portal and you immediately gain. Emma maybe. It s like not an instant amount maybe like periodically drops more ammo into your weapons.

Improved. Invasion over shield. Oh. My lord.

I m not saying that the over shield isn t already o p. But my god okay then damage bonus on guardian kills. Oh my god dude everybody s gonna want to play invader lock and drain motes from enemies banks now i m gonna assume that you can just drain the whole bank maybe you can but considering you can only hold 15 motes. Maybe you can only drain up to like 15.

I don t know i like the lock feature..

Though because if you happen to be chasing some enemies that are running past the bank. You can literally just run over there and lock. It and then continue hunting down the enemies and again. I m sure we only have about 30 seconds here to actually kill enemies.

But the point is for that guy that s like standing behind you holding 15 motes getting ready to bank. It as soon as you turn your back on them simply locking the bank is gonna keep them from doing that and you can revisit them after you kill his friend and after you kill his friend you re now dealing bonus damage. Which makes it even to kill him even if he is shooting. You though you have an improved invasion over shield.

So it s not like he s really hurting you all that much anyways and during this entire process you should be pretty set on ammo. Okay. Then guys that is the four armor sets. Now they did go on to mention that blockers can also drain motes.

And that there will be new primeval mechanics and as far as how to gain the armor. I know it s directly tied to doing game at prime going into reckoning. And then returning back to game. And prime after doing the reckoning now with all of that being said.

I wonder how much of the sets. We have to wear or how our exotics get put into place like that s what i m kind of confused about is this set gonna be just an actual set of armor that we re gonna have to wear every piece for or is it only gonna require like three or four pieces. Allowing us to fit in exotic in there somewhere. That s a question.

I have for some of you guys if y all..

Know the answer if you have seen that on reddit feel free to comment below. Because i love these armor sets. And i m a 100 play with all of them. But i really just wonder how my exotics will fit into this like i personally want to play like reaper but combine that set with insurmountable skull forts and middle tree striker right and just be constantly slamming targets granting that increase in moat lifetime.

Allowing for all of my teammates or my collectors specifically to pick up everything that i kill. But i still don t know if we can incorporate an exotic into those armor sets. And if i can t incorporate an exotic into it well that s kind of unfortunate. The other side of things is yes you will be looking at teams that might just be rocking a full sense depending on which one of these sets is the best set to go with you could be looking at somebody say going with a full set of century like i know everybody s thinking.

Everyone s just gonna go in there with a full set of invaders. But i can also see a full set of centuries to always mark invaders as soon as they come through and have a buff went in the well of light. Which will most likely be some sort of boss mechanic. So depending on which one of these sets really shine and really do well.

It s gonna decide the layout of many of our teams going forward hopefully. Though. And what i m hoping for guys is that all of these sets are gonna be very balanced with each other and the ideal loadout here in terms of team composition will be one of each so guys those are your armor sets for gambit prime this launches tomorrow. We ll be covering it as well as all of the pinnacle weapons that are launching tomorrow.

Including sandbox changes that are hitting us bright and early gasps. I m gonna be covering sandbox first and then i ll be making my way to everything else fellas and ladies. Thank you all for coming and watching and as always it s not that light button like your momma taught you right music. ” .


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Season of the Drifter kicks off March 5th, and today Bungie revealed to us the Gambit Prime Armor Sets and their Perks on them. We ll be breaking down armor set perks for the Collector, Reaper, Sentry, u0026 Invader. These will be Gambit Prime specific armor sets.

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