Gears of War Top 10 Cog Characters (Soldiers) Gears 1 to 4

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“Take cover under fire they re blinking. I am pleased with our progress. I understand understand they have located another squat our strategy remains the same cut off the head knee and the body dies music. We will win this ball.

It s only a matter of time no we re here for alpha in the resonator come on come on you said he d be home. He s home. He s always home that house looks abandoned cuz that s not where he lives follow me he gets like that sometimes you re about to find out why trek thought he was gonna fix the place up that was the plan 15 years ago. So you grew up here.

I was born here i grew up in boarding school does it always like this now wasn t got a lot of happy memories of this place which i could say the same welcome home james. How d you know we were here that s new not that new dad we need your help i m all done helping you. But this time. I m not running from the cog dell.

You win this to wasty crew. You were supposed to keep him out of trouble now you know that s not possible hmm. I d introduce myself. But you ll be leaving soon jd s showing show me what our villagers attacked and my mother would have taken taken along with all our friends dad you should look at this no you look.

I warned you not to join the cog. What did you do dad. I told you don t go outside you re the cog will hunt you down again. What do you do you shut up and look shit.

I wasn t expecting to run into you boys again come on help me move some of this ammo for the goddamn grubs come back about a stash back here for the grubs jumping cortney s everywhere. We get dizzy. We ve come to find hoffman last time we saw you you were both heading for anvil gate. Yeah.

He s got the port fitted out real nice i drive this route trading supplies with other camps when i can slip past the goddamn crumbs right. But as he still got prescott s data gist you know the one i could never crack because we really need it sure he s still cussing about it hey you found the magic word to open long story. Let s grab the supplies and go you music good luck all right sergeant phoenix are you sergeant phoenix delta squad. I m your new trainee and green and grass by the looks of it time to train the rook with the attacks of pomeroy hell.


No they need me on patrol. I ve traded some jumpy kid of course. I ll see you inside try to bang carbide sir. Reporting for duty sir welcome to jacinto private your first order is to guard this spot you stay here until we get back from patrol.

But sir there s nothing here to guard sounds like a good first assignment to me stay put we ll be back kid you carmine my mom. I love them and some chance don t piss me off griffin. Don t want no outsiders in this town especially cog. You took a big risk coming here look all we want is fuel and then we ll go if it s griffin willing to trade well.

Lady you might want to do business. With you just take us to see him little man now bear. Let s go music. Marcus.

What s in these things. That s not barrett is it don t just jump me resting you damn hey zack oh go get me out here man. Hear me i ll do you burn. And get me.

The hell out of here about time. What the hell took you guys so long you re welcome. What the hell are the locusts doing taking prisoners. They re locking people up in these things taking them deeper into the hollow.

They re gonna process me hannah whatever that means shit. I saw these local creatures. The process come on we need to check this out hey i thought you d enjoy the witty irony of grub on glowing violence. Fucking hilarious from the whole strip genius jump away no point dad.

I suppose you want me to say. I ve always loved you oh. But i don t i really really don t i once more like the year waka call uncle cold excuse me wait didn t i give you enough toys. When you were a kid.


Oh. I ve seen enough of your toys. The last a lifetime thanks his toys kate del meet damon baird ceo of db industries. Whose bots have been trying to kill us for the last 20 hours hey whoa whoa.

The whole killer db thing jin did dad not make well they ve still got your initials on let me know if any of this sounds familiar you go awol from the clock. Oh six months ago. And somehow no one arrests. You well or even more recently there you are stuck in settlement five and just magically a bots transport car pulls up and tells you to get it oh seriously dad you had this asshole watching out for me.

I. Think. The word. You might be looking for is.

Thank you oh yeah. Marcus that s gotta be applause. Nobody s favorite team ladies elva call in the flesh baby plug in and see what you can do it. Shit cooper.

Man little going down like way down. There so down up glass is gonna be glass. Do you speak ass. Please.

Oh mommy s to let the bear near huh fuck. You we re gonna whoop your mama s wow there we go one muscle queen not you her you were great i loved your speech. There especially with the bitch ass stuff. Very good very lightly.

Jack. Yeah. You re right about the smells. Lingering forever.


Music music applause. They re full of that anyone else down there home ow. I tell you man music music applause music applause. We founder maria maria music um oh music no no no no baby no.

No no. No music. What do they do to you huh. I m so sorry.

I m so sorry. Maria. I tried to find you. Ah god.

I i did. Yeah. Please. No.

Maria. God give it to me. Dominic. It s dominic marcus.

I don t know what to do i know what to do man music music. So sorry. I m sorry music. If i love you music da da.

Word. Power music. I m fuckin music music. Fucking god.


He thought. There s nothing you can do oh god let me get him out of there. It s okay marcus. It s okay come on we got to go now your father still needs you let s do this here.

We go hey away let s go let s go marcus music are you can you read are you come in anya. All that you have dear falls you hound is washed away into the sea distant memory. I m sorry life is cruel of this i have no doubt but life continues with all in action music it started let s go dad. This towers too unstable now.

I m sorry marcus. I m not going to make it it s okay i ll carry marcus the emulsion develop faster and me because i forced it to i had to find out how it reproduced. Oh shit no we re not going to die. It s too late marcus every cell in my body is breaking down and this is going to happen to every contaminated cell on serum.

It has snow shock there but i can t lose you again. I m glad i was able to see you again marcus now go and live good music to have a coin. He s gone. He s gone and music.

Ah. Who breath hold your fire. Oh so pious and moral. Even now.

That s what you feel your father always thought he had all the answers. But he has done nothing. But clever ways to kill the hammer of dawn jacinto and now and his errand finally killed him oh that s from dom. But everyone else you killed you bitch music applause music music.

” ..

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Gears of War Top 10 Cog Characters (Soldiers) Gears 1 to 4

Gears of War our top 10 best soldiers/characters from the franchise! Enjoy and please note that this is only our opinion!

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