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“Hello everyone is your friend brian. I m gonna show you the location of all all 51 ravens in god of war it ll earn you the all father blinded now dude. The open world nature of this game. And the necessity to return to previous areas once you have better equipment.

I m gonna show you this in order of region. The region and i also want to give thanks to playstation for providing me with a review code of the game now let s start off in wild with this is actually gonna be in the hidden chamber. You re not gonna be able to access the hidden chamber until much later in the game. But once you do go to that you also find a valkyrie in here and you do need do need to defeat nine valkyries for a different trophy.

But go to the arena. Where the valkyrie was located above you and overhead. You ll see a green glowing raven flying around just throw your axe at it hit it in that ll count right. There that is the first one and only one in wild woods so let s move on to the river pass the river pass.

We re gonna start where the mystic gate is located so you can teleport here fast travel to this location. The raven is actually just over here just to the left is it sitting there there on top of the rock go ahead and hit that now from there you re gonna reach an area. Where you have the little sand table and then the big wheel is going to move out of the way allowing you to access this next area you re gonna go and you re gonna see some light up ahead shining from above take a right here. And it s really hard to see.

But i promise you guys. It is up there just follow the path of the x. If you can t see it right up there really hard to see that guy all right so next up we re gonna move on just a little bit further you re gonna reach kind of an open area and then you re gonna see some rib cages of i don t know perhaps maybe a dragon who knows. But at the tip of the second one.

I m in front of me here again kind of hard to see against the light background. But it is there now there s another one in the river pass. There s actually six total in the river pass and this is when you get to the area. With these huts here looks like they re kind of run down.

And you re gonna see the ravens before you drop down and the first house to the right. It s gonna be right there on the roof. So now we are by the big tree. This is the big colourful area it s very beautiful and you re gonna see up on this kind of plateau.

Here you got one of those chests that gives you the apple or the horn. The right close to it right there on the perch on top above. You was the raven. So next.

One is gonna be in again. Another hidden chamber. Again where you do another valkyrie battle valkyries of course will all appear on your map. After you beat the game just go in the area where the valkyrie was located and look up to the right of mad arena and you will find it so.

Let s just go ahead. A little south southwest to the land saw their minds. This one s gonna be really easy to see this is an area you re not gonna be able to have access to until later in the game as well. But once you come into this area.

You will see the the bird perched right there pretty easy to find spot that one now. There is also another one and then lance..

Other mines so let s go head down underground. You re gonna kind of come to this puzzle area and if you come up and look straight up on top of the rock right up there. And we mix let s try that again i missed a several time so listen we re gonna edit out a lot of these swings and misses that i m gonna do alright so let s go over to the lookout tower. We re gonna go kind of around the lake here starting to look out tower clockwise.

And if you go to the lookout tower and just look straight up you ll see it flying around pretty easy to spot that one as well so again going clockwise around the lake. We re gonna go this is the one and only it technically labeled in the shores of mine. 9. It s in the nephilim tower go to the top of the tower and then look for the the boat way out in the distance.

You can see the little guy again kind of hard to see because of the distance. But he s out there so that was the only one technically labeled in that region. So. Let s go over to the iron cove and i m up on the ship.

And this one is actually gonna be in an area again flying around the rock straight in front of me. It s in an area you can t actually walk over to but you re gonna see this thing around took me several attempts to get that one so a little south of there. We re gonna go to the isle of death. So we re gonna go from the main boat landing.

There s an another spot you can land but from the main one you re gonna see the raven right between these rocks. So let s go head over to the fastener store room. And this is actually gonna be very close to the again the boat and you re gonna see the lift right there you re gonna take up at the top of the crane part there at the very end you can see the raven so moving further into the storeroom region. We are going to find the a friend.

The dwarf there him and is his brother. The two my two favorite characters in the game so in this area. You don t even have to move them more the the dwarf is located you just look hop and you ll find the raven all right so we re moving in and before you head into the big building. The big circular building just perched above.

It the entrance. You can see it s very hard to see again this one there s actually two in this area. The next. One is gonna be actually behind us.

But it s easier to spot from this location. So from there just turn around you ll see it right there on the branch. So again two of them right there you can see them if you just turn around so heading into the storeroom area. This isn t the big open area in the middle.

Just look up again. The bird is flying around all right so now we re gonna go ahead and move over to the forgotten caverns of forgotten caverns. There s two and one of them is gonna be on top of the actual tower. There if you fast travelled to this location.

Just go out the double doors. And you have this cliff yours you can climb down. But don t climb down. It just peek over the edge to the left and throw your axe at that bird so another one in this region.

So we re gonna go down and take the beach landing here. It s actually two beach landings..

But this is the look i guess the main one and this one s gonna be out in the distance. You have to climb up to get to this area just right there on top of that tower. So now we re gonna go ahead over to the conus guard. I believe is will you how you say no we just left the dwarf 2 area so go ahead and do some shopping.

If you need to you saw the dragon out there in the distance so you re gonna carry on here. And you re gonna take the left hat. There s a trap here so make sure you throw your axe to disable the poison gets here to the chest. But look out in the distance.

Way in front of you don t let the chest avert your eyes. So we re right now. We re kind of in the center of this entire area of this region you can see here i m up on some platforms. You will have to come up here as part of the story.

But if you look way over there straight in front of me there it s really hard to see this guy in retrospect. I m wondering if i might have gotten a better angle on it somewhere else. But you can see it poking around up here by this big rock in front of us bam. We got him so next up let s gonna go ahead over towards the dragon area.

There s actually gonna be two ramon s in this area now from the anchor here i ve already released a dragon. But you can see straight in front of us. It s actually below where the dragon was perched now the next one is going to be where the shrine was located or at least on the way to the shrine. Where you have to open it up here do the little puzzle to open this door and then you re gonna take this path and loop.

It all the way around until eventually you get to the shrine. Well on your way you re going to we re gonna come across a bridge. You re going to have to throw something at it to lower the bridge. But as you cross the bridge look to your right and down as you cross it right here down in to your right not entirely sure why i m just staring at it okay so now we re gonna go head to the actual building where the dwarf king resided and we re gonna go inside and we re gonna take the first right you re gonna see a shrine.

Which is a whole other set of collectibles you need to find. Eleven of those and then climb up here and another one that s gonna be really hard for you to see. But it is there i promise you i m aiming at it right now so now we re gonna go head over to north three stronghold. So you re gonna take the boat.

And then you re gonna find the dwarf once again so dock. The boat talk to the dwarf. If you want to before heading back into the canoe. You ll see the raven right above you so next up as you travel through this entire area.

You re gonna come to an area with a boat. And you see this very large gate. And i promise you there s a raven right there kind of tough to see that one as well heading over to the counsel of the valkyries. This is actually not in the circular counsel area.

This is actually down below. And you can see the head of the here right at the top of it heading over to the fowler s corpse. We re going to find two of them one of them is going to be right here at the boat landing and if you look way out there in the distance. It took me a good four or five throws to finally get that one.

But there s also a second one here and again it s going to be where the valkyrie is located so go to the the chamber entrance take the elevator down all of these valkyrie areas looking identical go to where the valkyrie is located and look at the branch of the tree above you all right making our way around the stone falls don t falls has one raven. Although technically i m gonna get two of them..

While i m in here. The first one is gonna be up high so climb all the way up to the top and now i m gonna circle around its way up there the highest point in this area throw the axe to get the raven now the next one is technically in burry storm room. However i m gonna get it from from the previous location. You can see it s circling that pillar around there it s much easier to i think to get it here from this location then it is buries dorm room.

But it is out in the open flying around that center structure or rock rather heading over to be thin guard. This is where the dragon is located. I actually got this one accidentally see these two wooden openings that you can break break that first one on the right. And enemy pops out break the one on the left.

And you ll kill a bird got that one by accident. Didn t know he was there are you so staying in this region. You got the big puzzle area before you go into the temple. This is part of the freeing the dragon.

Part as well you ll see a head on the ground. A stone head and behind it is the raven you know third and final one in this region is going to be flying around the statue of thor s so you got to take the boat get to the statue and you can see the raven flying above it i swear this one didn t take me doesn t chant uh tries. I promise you took me thirteen so next up cliffs of the raven cliffs of the raven even though it has raven in the title. Only has one raven so i m gonna go up high.

I m actually at the the corpse of the troll. I m gonna climb up this here and then this is gonna be kind of in the middle of this area up high there s probably. Many vantage points. That from which you can reach this guy from alright.

So now we re heading in to the mines then we ll london mines so from the mine entrance. You re gonna take this lift up once you get up just look up again. So from the beach take the lift up and then look up again. See the ravens circling around we will find another one in the know i m sorry.

We ll find one in the foothills moving on and this one is actually gonna be right before the path to the mountain. Before you take that path to the mountain turn around go to where the lift ends up here and then look up high in the corner of the rocks here and take him out and now we re gonna go to another valkyrie location. So again it s gonna be a secret chamber. Go to that chamber instead of going into the arena itself go up the stairs turn around and you ll find the raven.

So now let s head into the mountain. There s a few of them here. So let s kick things off in the first kind of open area you come to the first big area as you enter it you re gonna see this opening and the in the ground turn around you ll see it below you so now we re going to move on to the next really really big open area. And this is where you have to push this big massive cart and then you re gonna have to climb up now to get to this raven and we re gonna go and kind of loop around on the bridge.

You re gonna have to hit some things here to drop the bridge so we re gonna cross the bridge and you re gonna see the raven straight in front of us now. There s another one it s actually two more in this area that we were in just now next. One is going to be close to the dwarf so if you want to do some shop and go ahead. And do that then find the big massive open air area.

You can t actually go anywhere over there. But you ll find the raven. Just flying around out by itself. Now the next and final one in this area is going to be in another valkyrie hidden chamber.

Again the valkyries will all appear on your map once you ve completed the game. But when you have access to get into the chamber s you can t get into the chamber s again until later in the game..

Go to ward. The actual arena is with the valkyrie you ll see it on the left hand side. And that is it for midgard. We re gonna go and head over to hell time now.

There is a few valkyries here one is gonna be on the beach here. So you re gonna take your canoe land on this beach. Here. Don t use your chains instead use the axe.

Now. There s also another valkyrie here so of course. Naturally. There s going to be one inside the arena and this is actually at the same boat landing as the previous one enter the arena.

It s actually up high there it s a little tricky to see now let s head that helheim. This is actually going to be the final area. We have to go to now the first one s gonna be near the very beginning you re gonna see the big gold circle above your head you whack them right there moving on we re gonna go find another one as several of them actually you re gonna go to the kind of a long narrow passageway and you drop down and then you re supposed to climb up there to the next area and dad go off to the right and look down just float us flying around below you this time. And there s another one actually about another 20 meters away.

So from that location. Let s go ahead and turn around and instead of going up the way. We re supposed to there to the right hand side instead you can climb up this one over here. It s a dead end path.

There s nothing up here other than a raven. I saw the long narrow area now you as soon as you enter it you can climb up here again you re going to need the shack thing in order for your buddy your son to break it open. And then you re gonna see a raven as well as a chest. So again something you re not gonna be able to do the first time you re there so at the end of that long area.

There s actually two ravens here. Before you exit into the next area. We re going to break this open again. You re gonna have to come back here you can t do it.

The first time you re here. But then there s a raven in here as soon as you enter it see it right in front of me. Now. You also there s a hidden chamber area right in front of us you can see that kind of blue.

Glowing thing. That is where the valkyrie is located and of course. That is where the next raven is and actually our final raven. So just go up the stairs.

Don t go into the arena. Get that you ll get the all father blinded trophy. Want to thank you guys so much for watching. If you found this video helpful hit the like button and subscribe music.

” ..

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. God of War has 51 hidden ravens in the game. You must kill all 51 to earn the allfather blinded trophy. Locations and timeline below

0:20 Wildwoods (1)
0:51 The River Pass (6)
2:47 Landsuther Mines (2)
3:33 Lookout Tower (1)
3:51 Shores of Nine (1)
4:10 Iron Cove (1)
4:31 Isle of Death (1)
4:45 Fafnir s Storeroom (5)
6:10 Forgotten Caverns (2)
6:51 Konunsgard (5)
9:23 Northri Stronghold (2)
9:55 Council of the Valkyries (1)
10:10 Thamur s Corpse (2)
10:54 Stone Falls (1)
11:17 Buri s Storeroom (1)
11:40 Veithurgard (3)
12:40 Cliffs of the Raven (1)
13:08 Volunder Mines (1)
13:33 Foothills (2)
14:08 Mountain (4)

15:42 Alfheim (2)
16:27 Helheim (6)

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This Game includes the following trophies
Father and Son (Platinum)
Obtain all other trophies

Trilingual (Bronze)
Learn the languages of Muspelheim and Niflheim

Dwarven Ingenuity (Bronze)
Upgrade a piece of armor

Nice Moves (Bronze)
Obtain a Runic Attack Gem

I unn s Orchard (Silver)
Fully upgrade your Health

Quick Tempered (Silver)
Fully upgrade your rage

Best Dressed (Bronze)
Craft an outfit for Atreus

Enchanted (Bronze)
Slot an Enchantment into your armor

All Will Fall (Silver)
Kill 1,000 Enemies

Dangerous Skies (Silver)
Free all of the Dragons

Like Oil and Water (Gold)
Complete all of Brok and Sindri s Favors

Curator (Silver)
Collect all of the Artifacts

Allfather Blinded (Gold)
Kill all of Odin s Ravens

The Best Moves (Bronze)
Fully upgrade a Runic Attack

Worthy (Bronze)
Fully upgrade the Leviathan Axe

Path of the Zealot (Bronze)
Obtain Traveler armor set

Primordial (Bronze)
Obtain Ancient armor set

Unfinished Business (Silver)
Assist all of the wayward spirits

Treasure Hunter (Silver)
Use treasure maps to find all of the dig spots

The Truth (Silver)
Read all of the J tnar shrines

Fire and Brimstone (Gold)
Complete all of the Trials of Muspelheim

Darkness and Fog (Gold)
Retrieve all treasure from the Workshop s center chamber

Chooser of the Slain (Gold)
Defeat the nine Valkyries

Secret Trophies

The Journey Begins (Bronze)
Defend your home from The Stranger

A New Friend (Bronze)
Survive the Witch s Woods

Feels Like Home (Bronze)
Allow the Light Elves to return home

Dragon Slayer (Bronze)
Defeat the Dragon of the Mountain

Troubling Consequences (Bronze)
Defeat Magni and Modi

Hello, Old Friend (Bronze)
Retrieve the Blades of Chaos

Promise Fulfilled (Bronze)
Heal Atreus

Round 2 (Bronze)
Rescue Atreus

Past Haunts (Bronze)
Ride the ship out of Helheim

Twilight Beckons (Bronze)
Defeat Baldur

Last Wish (Gold)
Spread the ashes

Beneath the Surface (Bronze)
Explore all the Lake of Nine has to offer

Death Happened Here (Bronze)
Fully explore Veithurgard

Why Fight It? (Bronze)
Fully upgrade the Blades of Chaos

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