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“Has a very awesome looking valkyrie armor that you can get from the hardest bosses bosses in the game. But it s the arm or any good let s take look in this video. And it will of course also tell you how to get it so yes. This video contains spoilers of the end game of go to war you re still here okay then if you enjoyed apps then alike would be super appreciate it and let s go so obviously you can get this phalke reset by killing.

The valkyries. I ll give you tips and share which one drop. The arm or in a second. But first let s take a look at this epic set starting at level six.

This armor is pretty balanced with a nice amount of defense. But also strength runic vitality and cooldown so announcing all your combat abilities upgrading it will enhance the defense even more and get it up to level eight in the vinyl upgrade with three socket options. But of course these epic armor sets are all about their unique perk as well and why would he miss that for example. All the different armor pieces had the same perk.

Giving you a small amount of health over time even in combat with the valkyrie set all the different pieces come with our own unique perk. The chest has a low perk activation chance to grant unstoppable aura after a successful hit this will prevent enemies from interrupting you so not that nice in my opinion the one from the gauntlets. Though is really really good it will refresh all the cool downs of your runic attacks on any successful runic attack kill. But this sadly again has a low chance of happening.

And that is why the one from the waist with a hyper activation chance is really a standout here you have a high chance that you will get the blessing of runic when doing a runic attack..

And i ll sing the power buy a lot and you will really see it. When it s buff is active especially against enemies that have a ton of health. Because their bar will drop extremely fast and because this happens like a lot i can totally recommend this waist. Even if you do not plan to use the rest of the armor sets upgrading it to level 8.

Like a set will give you 3 socket options and it makes this the best waste in the game in my opinion. So at one point. I want to do like a vu best loadout video combining armors as well and i totally think this waist guard of the valkyrie will be included in that video so how do you get this one. Well there are multiple fal quarries in the game in the hidden chambers.

And it s nice to go after them after you complete it to the main story. Because then you also got the key to open the hidden chambers. And while you should totally like go after all of them only three of them will give the gear and that is also nice about this valkyrie gear. You do not have to craft.

It it will just drop so you can immediately use it you can get the chest of this epic gear set from the valkyrie in the mist. So in nil fine. And this one is like pretty deep in the mist. So as far away from the start as possible and the only way you want to take your own skip the rest of the area.

So you have the most amount of time to kill her because you of course when in the midst have this timer that runs down as well and don t worry when you kill her the timer will go fool again..

So you have enough time to escape the area. I ll share some overall tips on how to take her on in a second. But first the waste guard is a drop from the valkyrie in all vibe. And that one is pretty easy to find because the icon should be on your map.

When you reach this realm you can get the gauntlets from the valkyrie in muspelheim so arena. 6. So you first have to complete all the other challenges in order to reach this arena. And i got tips on 1 to 4 in my fire armor set video and tips on arena.

5. And also on how to kill the valkyrie in arena. 6. Or in my best weapons video.

Where i tell you how you can get the blades of chaos final upgrades. Because the valkyrie in maas behind also drops an item that is needed to upgrade your blades of chaos to level 5. So in short totally check those videos. If you want some tips on the arena in muspelheim and the tips.

I shared in my best weapons video also kind of apply to the other valkyries..

You will encounter in the game. You want to use a lot of your runic attacks because they will do a ton of damage. If you see my wrath of the frost agent attack against the valkyrie all run in off. I m dropping the health bar pretty pretty fast if you don t have the room yet you get it from completing the veneers ward a side quest there s a chest in the room filled with water.

And it s in there. I also use the river of knives. Rune you should already have at this point. Because you get it from a main story mission.

It s only upgrades your runes as well to level 3. You should have enough xp at this to enhance their duration and also their power as insa runes on the ex and the blades do not share the same cooldown switch between them. So you can use both runes to get the most out of their attacks also good to note is that when the valkyrie is like protecting herself with her wings. You cannot do a normal attack.

But you can do a runic attack so totally do that to get in some nice damage apart from that you want to dodge a lot to hold your shield up to dodge incoming ranged attacks use the attacks from your sun as much as possible. I was level 8. When i took on all the valkyries but i think on level 7. You can do it as well.

I had the vu mist armor set totally check out that video on how he can easily get it because you can totally get it before you take on these fal crease and that will really help you a lot during the fight..

If you are on the level. It will be way tougher and in the end you like i already said want to kill all the vel creeps because the materials you get from them are needed to upgrade this valkyrie armoire and for later upgrades. You also need materials from nil farm and muspelheim so from the trials. There so just doing the endgame activities will get you the level 8 upgrade eventually again i totally think the waste will be worth it to upgrade to the vinyl level.

I ll do more in depth analysis of go to war gear in the future. So totally keep an eye out for that subscribe to stay up to date on everything go to war when we know more about this. Photo mode updates. A potential new game plus mode.

I will let you know so subscribe to stay up to date on that check out my recent video on a talisman in the game. That has a hidden upgrade its ability drop a like to support channel. I ll see you next time and goodbye. ” .


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God of War Best Armor (God of War 4 Best Armor) Has Amazing Boost. God of War Valkyrie Armor (God of War 4 Valkyrie Armor)
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