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“Are you saying he s trying to get too young mine. Too hi. Thanks among among his foremost obsessions. Oh.

When did i stop making sense. You re. Saying. Balder us down.

And find the way to yoda. But that was before we knew your name is where we needed to go that s crazy well then really you ve been listening okay. Tell me again. How old knew we were going to jotunheim before we orden is extremely clever is nearly as clever as he thinks he is and he s a collector of prophecies if it s about the future.

He adds it to his collection help some style himself as all seeing and all knowing. But of course. The idea is control control of the future control of his feet. He control every realm of every land in every world.

If he could every potential pocket of resistance he seeks to eliminate even if you ve never posed a threat before he may think one day you might so you see it s not important how he knew before you did it s important that he was right he knows the pain of your loss. You ll help you music yes. What is it to be concerned by amir..


What else did the serpent tell you when you spoke kind of sounded important. I m sure it s nothing he just said. The boy seemed familiar to me that s impossible. No i quite agree unless.

Perhaps. He refers to something yet to be it is said that when you re minh gander and thor battle at ragnarok the clash so violently sheets the tree of life that it s splinters casting the serpent backward through time even before his own birth. What that is madness well. I did say not to concern yourself.

Not counting the circuit from the future. Well they did not take me into their confidence about that or dinners convictions to the contrary. But i know this if i d spent the better part of sixty winters. Seeing my best and brightest cut down by thor and that damn hammer.

I might very well go home too bad. I was fond of every giant ever met so that s why they destroyed the bridge. It s a coincidence. So you think we ll get to you re not my guy sir anything s possible he s convinced the giants hold the key to changing his fate.

When ragnarok comes they are the acs oldest enemies after all and it s their army that s supposed to do him in in the end. But more than that he covets their gifts of prophecy. He wants to know what they know and see his insatiable curiosity was not so much stronger than his wisdom..


What do you remind me to tell you why they call him the lord of the hand here s something i can t figure. But the serpens already been there and seen it so hasn t he already film beats a tricky thing wide an audience just out of inton ufff to think he can get the best of it freight is another lie told by the gods. Nothing is written that cannot be unwritten on that brother you and the all father may just agree even if he can t prevent ragnarok he still hopes to learn enough details to influence the outcome remind me later to tell you about the rules. You re familiar with a tale of school and haughty bringers of day and night they were born of the arch wolf horath.

Whitney. A great nemesis of the easier gods or didn t capture them as pups and kept them in the kennels of asgaard to hold his forward bay. But when the sun and moon grew mutinous and stood still odin put skull and haughty to use with his ancient magics. He cast the wolves to the heavens and they began their chase and long shall they chase.

But not endlessly what it is foretold that someday school and hottie will catch and devour their play. And that day shall be ragnarok the twilight of the gods. But ragnarok is supposed to be odin s do why would he set the wolves loose. If it fulfills the prophecy.

Precisely the question lied. It s always about control. The wolves determine when ragnarok begins. And now he controls the wolves.

A battle fought on his timetable is a battle he better stands to win music your ax. It s smaller look. She s arguing with a bunch of giants..


She knew giants music that s us the first time we met the world servant. But out and our finals bothered music that just happened wait they knew everything that was going to happen the dragon in the mountain. The stonemason all these drawings this is our story no this is your story. But what is it all me that i was not the only parent with secrets you didn t know she was a giant.

I m a child music why didn t she tell us. She sent us here knowing we would find this. But when i just thought the truth mother would have had good reasons music valda was never said to find me he was tracking her all along. But knowing she was only ashes.

If she had a plan for us i trust it whatever it is besides she hasn t been wrong yet come on we re so close to the end now. Yes. Yes. We are music come so i get that mother was a giant.

Which makes me part giant emperor got android moto right. I guess there s just one thing. I don t understand my name on the wall. The giants called me loki houki.

Once the name your mother wanna. Try you when you were born. She must have called you that to her people..


But why a question for another day. Let us go home music music before we ve attempted midgard. I should warn you more time has passed that you wanna be alive ubaldo. It s become something else stop performance ruins where the coming of winter not just any winter.

But a great winter to span three summers and when it s done and then the end of the bloody one in that approximate order another prophecy. No brother prophecy. Doesn t expect this for a hundred more winters. At least you ve changed something prophecy didn t count on you i m telling you it s football.

When i can feel it in my scope. This is the big one stop saying that oh you re making it very nervous. It was bound to snow sooner or later dangerous. No one you know it s the end times.

How dare you make me the voice guys just discussing the weather lately. What he means is simple winters upon us boys the winner to end all winners. I can feel it in my school. Yeah we heard so if you re heading home try to keep moving and also to not die or if you re not heading home same.

He dies ball music music. ” ..

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Here is a collection of all the scenes I think show how Atreus with Kratos has caused Ragnarok to begin:

(From Reddit helpers) The signs of Ragnarok in Norse mythology order. Baldr s death, 3 endless winters with no summer called “Fimbulwinter”. The two wolves in the sky swallowing the sun and the moon, the stars will go dark. The 3 roosters crow. Heimdall will blow his horn, the final sign.

The World Serpent in our time is from the future after his battle with Thor (this world Serpent could also be Kratos!?! Some very compelling theories suggest this). In the lore, The World Serpent remembers Loki which suggest they are related in someway like in the actual Norse Mythology.

Fimbulwinter has come, thanks to Baldur s death the question now is how will Skoll and Hati come to be? Perhaps that is who the wolves are walking beside Loki on the mural? Perhaps, Santa Monica is setting up Fenrir instead, as Brok and Sindri have already cuffed him up? WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK?

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God of War – How Atreus Will Cause Ragnarok // Loki Brings End Times

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