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“Hello. Everyone i want to show you the location of all 11 shrines in god god of war first i want to thank playstation for sending me. A copy of game now. The first one i want to show you in wild woods is going to be after you leave the big temple.

You re gonna actually want to circle around on the left hand side and find a chain to climb back up on top of it and we re going to go take the path going up the stairs going up here and we re gonna have to break through a barrier and you re gonna see the shrine in front of us once. We do that now you re not gonna miss these. When you see them because they re the size of a cat alight they re huge. So don t worry about the accidentally walking past one because it s a big massive cabinet.

All i need to do is open it and you ll get a little lower of the land so that is number one number two. I m going to show you is in the river pass. Now you re gonna go kind of an underground temple area and you re gonna reach this we re gonna jump over the bridge and you re either go left or right if you go right. There s a chest.

There where you can get either an apple or a horn out of there and that s also the story path. Where you need to go well..

If you take the left path here and then just follow a straight back you ll find another one till number three. We re gonna find one on the shores of nine. You re gonna take the little the big long bridge and you re gonna reach this big door. And you re gonna have to go through here now you re supposed to go towards the right hand side instead.

If you go to the left. There s a big barrier here. I ve already broke it open. But break it open and you will see the shrine right in front.

Yeah so open up this big ass cabinet and then from here. We re gonna leave the land and go over to elk. I m now this is in the lake of light area now as you re coming up this kind of lighted bridge. You have two ways you can go left and right we re gonna go down to the right you re gonna find our dwarven friend down here and next to him is going to be a gray cabinet trying to trick you up there camouflage.

A little bit so next up let s head over to the mountain were kind of halfway climbing up the mountain and you re going to see this you re gonna walk right past this thing with a kind of the red gel all over the over the branches. They re all what you need to do is go into the next room grab this little ball throw..

It at it. And then have at reyes shoot. A shock arrow at it that is the wrong arrow. There we go get the right one that ll make an explosion a big boom.

Revealing the cabinet. So go ahead and open up the shrine alright. So next up i m in the lookout tower. This is actually technically not in the lookout tower.

But this is where i m gonna start so from the top of the lookout tower. I m gonna climb up a little bit more and we re gonna take a line down over into the next area. I think this one s technically in the shores of 9 map area it s over by the thor statue though. I m just actually gonna be right by his right foot.

So i m gonna take this zipline from the lookout tower down over here you re gonna be greeted with some enemies. If this is the first time you were here so clear those out let s just go ahead and show you the map real quick since i moved from a one location pretty far over to another so once you clear out the enemies..

The cabinet s right there alright so next up we re heading to tears temple. Not the normal version to tears temple this is kind of the upside down version you re gonna recognize it and you re not gonna miss this one as you re coming down a big lift there s a shrine right behind you so you either see it as you re coming down or as you re leaving this area. But you probably won t miss it so don t worry about it. But you still have to open it up so make sure you don t forget to do that hi.

So. Number eight were in thor. Moore s corpse way up north. The big giant and this is going to be in the area.

Where it s actually behind one of the hidden entrances. So you have to break it open and chiseling it open now once you have open it this is also where the valkyrie is located so this is another one you re not gonna probably miss. But it is dark in here so be careful number nine. We re in conan s guard.

This is gonna be inside the dwarven kings temple as you enter the temple take the first right and it ll be right in front yeah. It s possible to miss this one if you took left there all right so next up is via that guard..

This is going to be just outside where i m starting just outside the temple and as soon as you go. And it ll be right in front. Yeah not very easy to hide a big cabinet that s why. Most of these are kinda right out in the open and then the final one is gonna be in muspelheim.

If you re doing the trials. Which if you re going for platinum you will you will run right into. This is gonna be next to our dwarven friends just to the left of them right by the portal. And if this is your eleventh and final one you will get the trophy.

So simple as that guys i want to thank you so much for watching please hit the like button and of course subscribe. A weapon of legend. May be a matter of perspective music music music. ” .


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. God of War Jotnar shrine locations. There are 11 shrines that you must interact with. Doing so will reward you with The Truth Trophy.

0:03 Jotnar Shrine #1 Skoll and Hati
0:48 Jotnar Shrine #2 Hrungnir
1:15 Jotnar Shrine #3 Jormungandr
1:47 Jotnar Shrine #4 Groa
2:05 Jotnar Shrine #5 Ymir
2:49 Jotnar Shrine #6 Thrym
3:41 Jotnar Shrine #7 Bergelmir
4:12 Jotnar Shrine #8 Thamur
4:38 Jotnar Shrine #9 Starkadr
5:00 Jotnar Shrine #10 Skadi
5:23 Jotnar Shrine #11 Surtr

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This Game includes the following trophies
Father and Son (Platinum)
Obtain all other trophies

Trilingual (Bronze)
Learn the languages of Muspelheim and Niflheim

Dwarven Ingenuity (Bronze)
Upgrade a piece of armor

Nice Moves (Bronze)
Obtain a Runic Attack Gem

I unn s Orchard (Silver)
Fully upgrade your Health

Quick Tempered (Silver)
Fully upgrade your rage

Best Dressed (Bronze)
Craft an outfit for Atreus

Enchanted (Bronze)
Slot an Enchantment into your armor

All Will Fall (Silver)
Kill 1,000 Enemies

Dangerous Skies (Silver)
Free all of the Dragons

Like Oil and Water (Gold)
Complete all of Brok and Sindri s Favors

Curator (Silver)
Collect all of the Artifacts

Allfather Blinded (Gold)
Kill all of Odin s Ravens

The Best Moves (Bronze)
Fully upgrade a Runic Attack

Worthy (Bronze)
Fully upgrade the Leviathan Axe

Path of the Zealot (Bronze)
Obtain Traveler armor set

Primordial (Bronze)
Obtain Ancient armor set

Unfinished Business (Silver)
Assist all of the wayward spirits

Treasure Hunter (Silver)
Use treasure maps to find all of the dig spots

The Truth (Silver)
Read all of the J tnar shrines

Fire and Brimstone (Gold)
Complete all of the Trials of Muspelheim

Darkness and Fog (Gold)
Retrieve all treasure from the Workshop s center chamber

Chooser of the Slain (Gold)
Defeat the nine Valkyries

Secret Trophies

The Journey Begins (Bronze)
Defend your home from The Stranger

A New Friend (Bronze)
Survive the Witch s Woods

Feels Like Home (Bronze)
Allow the Light Elves to return home

Dragon Slayer (Bronze)
Defeat the Dragon of the Mountain

Troubling Consequences (Bronze)
Defeat Magni and Modi

Hello, Old Friend (Bronze)
Retrieve the Blades of Chaos

Promise Fulfilled (Bronze)
Heal Atreus

Round 2 (Bronze)
Rescue Atreus

Past Haunts (Bronze)
Ride the ship out of Helheim

Twilight Beckons (Bronze)
Defeat Baldur

Last Wish (Gold)
Spread the ashes

Beneath the Surface (Bronze)
Explore all the Lake of Nine has to offer

Death Happened Here (Bronze)
Fully explore Veithurgard

Why Fight It? (Bronze)
Fully upgrade the Blades of Chaos

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