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“Is definitely a heavy hitter when it comes to first party titles by microsoft well well across the board. Most of the games are pretty great how do they stack against each other today. We decided to put together a tier list ranking. Every halo game based on luke and eyes opinions and before we get into this list.

I just want to reiterate that this is completely based off of our opinions than average together into a tier list your list could be completely different. And it s a completely subjective list and we fully understand that though to be fair if you re gonna sit down listen our opinions we d also like to hear your opinions so leave your tier list in the comments down below to jump into this list. We re gonna take a look at halo combat evolved originally released in 2001 and this game was amazing. Because it revolutionized first person shooter games on consoles it did the dual analog stick.

Which was a really big deal back then this game was the full package. It offered a full campaign and an addicting multiplayer that was unfortunately local in land only back then because xbox live wasn t a thing. What was really cool was the fact that the campaign was completely co. Op playable which was still not a thing so commonplace in gaming.

Yet and this made the go to couch co op game of the early 2000s. Multiplayer was also a huge deal and it revolutionized land parties. Which was something really cool when everyone would bring their xbox over to play with friends and play halo together since we have to compare this game against all of the other halo games. Our only real complaints are just a few things that happen when you are playing through co op or when a new section of the map.

Loads. It teleports your player to a couple of feet in front of you just to load. Everyone into the new section at the same time and it s a little bit janky at times. It can be disorienting the vehicle physics are also a little bit weird at times.

Where you can die by just slightly being tapped into a warthog bill this game. Overall was amazing and is deserving of its spot in the a tier moving forward halo. 2. Was the follow up that was highly anticipated and beloved by fans halo.

2. Made halo a staple in online gaming and online fps. Besides the huge improvements in graphics between halo. 1.

And halo. 2. Who really seemed like bungie knew. What made halo successful and just expanded on those elements.

Giving players so much more to do new weapons were added to the games. The maps were either brought back if they were popular from the first halo or made new maps that were inspired by the maps that were more well liked from the first halo and with the addition of online play. This became one of the first massive online games that people played on consoles and communicated through voice chat. And just bonded and made relationships on time of halo.

2. Was a really surreal time in gaming. And it s something that we really appreciate looking back on now besides that the campaign was really good just expanding the stakes and the universe of halo and bringing more elements into play..


Introducing the arbiter and showing some perspectives from the covenant was really interesting and they kind of added more depth in the covenant by having the prophets. They started adding a ton of little secrets throughout the game. And that just really added a lot of depth into halo 2. Well it is a shame that it looks like they had to cut out one final level that would have had master chief in a driving section chasing after the prophet of truth.

Even with the final act of the game not being as great as it could have been it still was an amazing experience and is deserving of its spot in the s tier for halo halo. 3. Would be the next game in the halo franchise in it once again showed that bungie took everything that was popular from halo. 1.

And halo. 2. And just expanded on it again giving players more and more freedom besides just the graphical improvements. They really tried to use the power of the xbox 360 to make each campaign level expansive in its own way and took players to different settings.

That would kind of fulfill the way that the halo universe felt and let us experience things that we might not have experienced before it also paid some clever homages to the previous halo games along the way the campaign felt full and it was a definitive ending to the halo trilogy. And it felt satisfied that last level was one of the best final levels in any video game that i ve ever played the multiplayer did change quite a bit between in halo. 3. But for the most part it shoehorned.

A new community into halo and a lot of the community from halo. 2. Still accepted halo. 3.

For what it was the level designs were absolutely beautiful in just some of the settings. And that was something that bungie always took pride in and they were really fun to play on forge was finally introduced to halo which let people create their own maps. And that was game changing in the custom games side of things it were just now so many ways to play halo and if you had an idea for a game. You could just make it and that was what really made things interesting and the large sandbox of new vehicles and new weapons.

Just kept things. Interesting helo. 3. Is also very deserving of s tier on our list.

It seemed like bungie and microsoft wanted to kind of ramp up halos presence on the xbox halo wars released in the early 2009. It was a really interesting strategy take on the halo franchise first of all the campaign had some of the most gorgeous graphics. That we had ever seen from halo at that point. If you were a fan of strategy games.

It was a pretty fun experience our major complaint about this is if you re a fan of halo. But you really didn t like strategy games. This was a pretty large departure from the halo that everyone kind of knew and loved at this point. It was pretty fun don t get me wrong.

But it wasn t just as easily accessible as the other halo games have been in the past. Where just everyone was dying to play it it truly was a spinoff and we re gonna go ahead and put this one in the b tier. Now in between the releases of halo..


3. And halo reach halo 3. Odst showed up which was really interesting because it was originally going to be a type of dlc for halo 3. Before they fully released it as its own game gonna leave out the multiplayer side of things because they just used a halo threes multiplayer and added it as a second disc.

But odst for once took on the perspective of just a regular soldier who was an orbital drop shock trooper. Which was really cool they built the city of new mombasa as almost this new or asked a game that just fell. Interesting to go through and explore the gameplay mechanics still felt tight as they reuse the halo. 3 engine and the story was really unique the stakes were really high as it was just more of a matter of survival rather than to save the whole universe like you experienced in halo.

3. Only real complaint coming from halo. 3. Odst is the fact that it was marketed as its own release to an extent making you pay a pretty large price by 2009 standards to play in the game.

And while it was nice that it came with every single multiplayer map in the multiplayer side of things actually sit down and play through the entire odst campaign. He realized that it really was just a glorified firefight mode with a storytelling element over it which was good but the replay value around odst might not be as high as some of the other halo games. It s very much a you go here hold out here go to the next place hold out here and then those sections are recreated in the firefight mode. Which was really fun on its own the more you play odst the more you realize that it s a lot of just recycled stuff.

Even the rookies story is just going through the areas that the other characters had already been to on its own. It s amazing that they made a game feel like a full experience while reusing so much. But the more you play you realize they reused. Quite a bit still this game is great.

And it s deserving of the b list on this tier halo reach came out next and if you had any complaints about odst. They were pretty much over written. Because halo reach really felt like the whole package have to go quick through this because there s just so much that reach had to offer let s just look at it from a quick surface level. It offered a full campaign experience that took place right before the events of halo.

1. And just made the overall scope of the universe. Feels so much more full while also kind of having this bittersweet ending showing the sacrifice of a lot of these characters that you really started to care for multiplayer while it was different and introduced bloom to regular shots taking away some of the precision that experienced players really like sure halo reach pivoted. But it pivoted in a way that was still fun on its own and it was really cool and the map design was also unique halo reach had some of the best progression systems.

We ve ever seen out of any halo game. And the armor customization was great forge was one of the biggest forge experiences. We ve ever had with the introduction of forge world and all of a sudden you could build these massive structures like never before and it was so amazing this led to custom games being something completely new sure unfortunately. Some of the awesome custom games from halo 3.

Weren t translated as well with reach. But what reach did do was introduce players to a new variety of types of games. That you could now experience in custom games. They also included firefight mode in halo reach.

As well. Which was just an added bonus on top of everything else at this game. Offered him easily deserves its spot in the s tier..


We get a little break after the release of halo reach before we would see 343 industries first halo game and in the meantime. We got the release of halo spartan assault on windows phones as its debut. They made an entire halo game just on windows phones to try to leverage people to start using those devices instead of releasing it on a console that most people would experience it on honestly. It was a pretty mediocre experience across the board.

I don t think anyone was really dying to say that halo spartan assault was their favorite halo game ever. And it was just an ok game it later made its way onto other devices. Which was kind of nice. But it wasn t like the halo wars sequel that everyone wanted either was it an exciting enough halo game that people actually wanted to play so yeah halo spartan assault.

It s gonna it s gonna go all the way down here where it belongs in 2012 halo. 4. Finally released and there was a lot of hype around this game. Because halo was literally iconic.

There hadn t really been a bad main halo game ever then a 3 for 3 studios got their hands on it there were some great parts of halo. 4. The campaign was really interesting to see the dynamic of master chief and cortana explored even though it seemed really forced from the beginning and not a gradual character development from where we were in halo. 3.

The parts that explored those character dynamics were done relatively well. It was just unfortunate that there was a ton of other unnecessary plot points going on in the campaign also this was the first halo game that wasn t built from the ground up and just reused halo reaches engine. While it definitely looks like a new halo game you can really tell that it just was halo reach with a really shiny coat of paint thrown on it an effort to make forge seem more appealing and bigger than ever they took out a ton of features accidentally or intentionally in favor of adding. Features.

Nobody really asked for like for instance. Just one example. They removed the infection game type. One of the most popular game types in custom games in favor of adding the flood mode.

But that made it where if the flood couldn t carry weapons and a ton of games. That people loved in custom games were no longer playable in halo. 4. The new lighting.

Features that were so important in halo 4. Made forging harder because you had to wait when you re cycling between editor mode and regular spartan mode. Really killed off the creative custom games community and the multiplayer on the other hand would have been pretty fun. Except they were trying to compete with call of duty for some reason and they added creative class mode.

Where you loaded in with different types of load outs. Also removed a lot of vehicles that were popular from halo reach like the falcon for example and just didn t replace it with another unsc flying vehicle on its own it s an ok halo game you re not gonna hate your life playing it and you re gonna have a good time if you sit down and play through the campaign and a little bit of multiplayer. But comparatively it s really nothing special so we re gonna put this one in the c tier then we got halo spartan strike because everyone loved spartan assault so much they decided that they could just milk. The halo community a little bit more and make something else that was just apparently supposed to be an improvement.

But it was just so unappealing to so many players we re not gonna spend too much time on this one we re gonna throw this one right there in the trash where it belongs at eff tier and finally in 2015. We saw the release of halo. 5..


Guardians. Which did a lot of things right. But also got a lot of things wrong before. 3.

Really did listen to the community and fixed a lot of the gripes that people had with forge and custom games mode. And really just made an amazing forge mode. Which was a great improvement and even multiplayer was starting to feel more like a halo multiplayer. Again.

Where they did some interesting things with the campaign s in halo. 4 halo. 5. Kind of just threw that out the window and tried to shoehorn.

A new character. We were supposed to care about in that spartan locke and kind of quit. Met the master chief on a back burner seriously. You barely even get to play as the master chief and he was promoted as being the main character of the halo game.

He was in all of the commercials in one night was just really weird how the campaign like a spinoff. But was branded as i main halo entry and the campaign level design wasn t anything too memorable either it was pretty repetitive and just not really an amazing experience felt more chaotic than anything else also ignoring the fact that they just straight up lied in the marketing for the game about what the campaign was going to offer at the very least at least halo. 5. Had a good multiplayer custom games and forge.

It wasn t nearly as good as halo 3 reach or halo. 2. But the multiplayer was ok to say the least so since this game was kind of subpar as well. We re gonna put this down at the c tier halo wars.

2. On the other hand isn t a bad halo game per se. The visuals are really really great and its really in the same spirit of the strategy type game that that went into the first halo wars game. Main problem is that this game.

Doesn t feel very accessible for regular fans of halo nor does it feel in depth enough for fans of the strategy type games that halo wars kind of falls under so while this game is not an awful game by any means. It definitely just kind of falls into that c category as far as the grand scheme of halo games are concerned now we re really optimistic to see what happens with halo infinite and three for three industries has been getting some good reputation with how they re treating the master chief collection. So maybe finally they ll make a solid halo game. They ve had enough time to do it this time around and we re optimistic for the future.

But do you disagree with our tier list. We d love to hear what you think let us know in the comments down below alright guys. That s it for today for more coverage on this type of content and the glory days of xbox be sure to subscribe to rockets law. We ll see you all next time with a brand new video music you ” .


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