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“Thought it would be all too easy to just waltz in here and claim this this port baby news. Hello johnny from eurogamer here with another reveal about shadow of this time concerning. The endgame as you almost certainly know by now your goal in shadow of war is to take over mordor conquering fortresses and making them your own in order to combat the forces of the dark lord sauron. But what happens when you ve done that what happens.

When the final mission is over and all the forces of mordor are under your heel well. Sal ron tries to take it back of course. There s a previously unannounced end game mode called the shadow war switch or looking at right now in the shadow war. Sauron forces mount assaults against your fortresses to try and take them back.

And it s your job to defend them here you can see tally ins army preparing to defend the region of serra ghost. Doesn t belong to you his eye gouge at your name all over it in gameplay terms. It basically means getting to explore the flip side of the coin. When it comes to fortress assault setting up your army defending your capture points and trying to kill the waves of advancing enemies enemy war chiefs and all before the fortress falls whether it is here boy so horrible reality.

It s a pretty frenetic assault while the dark lord s forces are separated out into waves. They won t wait patiently for you to fend off one wave before starting the next one they just pile in meaning you can be thoroughly overrun..

If you re not careful. If you successfully defend the fortress congratulations. It s yours to keep and you can carry on customizing and upgrading it as normal if you fail. However.

Let s just say for the sake of argument. You get killed in a surprisingly long and brutal sequence involving a crossbow things get rather interesting in your blood all over the place. But now i m a war chief. I m going to make this place run red wiggler stop for one thing.

The fortress and region are both lost. The orc that killed you in this case. Zuko weapon. Master.

Becomes the overlord of the fortress. He also earns himself a shiny new title out of the bargain becoming zuka..

The conqueror obviously having this fortress back under the control of the dark lord won t do so you ll need to retake. It and claim zookas head in order to progress more pressingly. However the overlord of the fortress you just lost has been captured by the enemy. And you ll need to mount a rescue mission in order to get him back register.

Please linking bar open my voice pretty i ll have your head once you ve rescued the warlord assuming you don t leave them to die as punishment for getting captured in the first place you can take the fortress back using the methods that should be fairly familiar to you by this point in the game. I ve been pining away in here. Thinking. When will it be skin calm and god with me applause taking the fortress back allows you to reinstate the warlord and assuming no other reasons have fallen allows the shadow wars to progress to the next stage all in all i think.

It s pretty interesting. And it s a clear sign monolith is determined to get the endgame right in shadow of war. Once you d finished the final mission in shadow of mordor that was kind of it you could run around in the open world sure. But in terms of actual concrete things to do.

It was all a bit thin on the ground in shadow of war. The open world is still on offer..

But sticking in a wave based challenge mode is likely to add at least a few hours of gameplay to those who want to progress beyond. The story. It s also quite refreshing to see what it s like to defend against a fortress assault rather than leading one unfortunately. I wasn t able to play one of these missions during my visit to monolith but from where i sat it looked quite challenging while in a fortress of salt you re free to attack the point in any way you choose and basically just focus on one at a time defending a fortress in the shadow wars.

Requires you to be aware of and across all the points at once. Which requires a lot of death. Juggling in the heat of battle especially at the more advanced stages. This footage is taken from stage.

6. By the way. I think it s going to be quite tricky to hold on to some of these fortresses. So you can probably expect amount at least one rescue mission during your time with it it s worth noting.

However that while the shadow wars. Constitute a good chunk of shadow of wars endgame..

They re not endless instead they re separated into a series of stages with the strengths of your enemies. And the number of regions. Under attack increasing with each stage. Once you ve completed the shadow wars you get to see the game s true ending.

Which ties the events of shadow of war directly into lord of the rings how exactly well michael des placer creative vice president at monolith said he basically seat aliens actions in mordor as buying time for the fellowship of the ring distracting sauron and his forces while frodo and the others prepare to destroy the one ring in the fires of mount doom. How exactly that will manifest itself is unclear at this point. Though it does throw up some interesting questions if shadow of war leads directly into lord of the rings. And we know how the events of that trilogy play out is this the end of torian s journey.

Where do the shadow of games go from here have we seen the last one thoughts and thoughts on the shadow was in the comments below please. There are plenty more videos on shadow of war for you to watch on the channel including one on microtransactions those should be floating about on screen. Now do subscribe to eurogamer for plenty more on shadow of war and lots of other stuff. Thank you for watching and have a lovely day.

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Take a look at Middle-earth: Shadow of War s endgame, a multi-stage affair called The Shadow Wars, which asks you to defend your fortresses against Sauron s forces.

This video is based on a trip to Monolith in Seattle. Warner Bros paid for flights and accommodation.

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