Hidden Realms Patch Rundown (December Update – Risk of Rain 2)

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“Everybody and welcome to the patch rundown for the hidden realms. Update. This update is is on this. Is the december update for pc.

And consoles you guys will get at a later time also i m recording this after my stream. So i have about five and a half hours of experience with the update. I figured this is a better idea because i can give you actual insight on what the patch notes are saying rather than just speculating on oh what does this item do what is that percentage actually gonna do also twitch that to be sexually gaming. If you want to follow the stream.

All right let s just get into it here this little. Board right here is basically saying skills 20. Required you to unlock things behind challenges. And this update.

They re kind of just giving it all to you right away. So. If you guys don t want to unlock stuff. There you go and the first big thing if you play multiplayer.

There is a dedicated server tool in the alpha state currently so if you re a big multiplayer guy they can check that out. But here s the actual start of the path notes here. The new survivor is accurate. I have a video on how to unlock accurate here check that out if you haven t unlocked them.

Yet. There are now two variants for titanic planes and distant routes. These are the stage 1 tile sets as far as i can tell they happen. A branded percentage of the time who knows probably is 50 50.

And it s simply a different way to traverse the map. The terrain is different the chest spawns are in different locations new new to alter spawns. But aside from that they re basically the same stage. It s just to keep things a little fresh as you play the two hidden rooms.

Here. The first one are the void fields and this is the place where you unlock wrecks as well as it s like a tower defense minigame. I won t go into much detail again check out the video on how to unlock wrecks. If you want the full details on it and the secret hidden realm as far as i know the way to access this realm is to gather the new lunar item.

Which i can t think of the name right now i ll post. It when i m editing this i ll post a picture of it so you know the name you have that lunar item and you take the celestial portal. Once you go in there you fight. A secret boss.

If you manage to kill him you get more lunar coins than you would have if you obliterated and i ve heard the amount is anywhere from 7 to 15 lunar coins and i don t think the difficulty matters. But i haven t actually done this yet so i cannot confirm entirely what this secret hidden realm is but i m pretty sure you get the new lunar item and go to the celestial portal fight the boss if you kill it you get more lunar coins. But do note that the run will end no matter what it s as if you are obliterating a three new skill variants rex s utility skill. I actually haven t unlocked rexes or loaders yet.

But i do know that a courage utility is essentially the same thing as he already has it s a big leap that does area damage and poisons things this variant here does not poison. But it does more damn in a larger area and it gets reduced cooldown for more enemies you hit basically. It s like a rocket jump ability you jump into a bunch of monsters you get a lower cooldown you repeat repeat repeat until they re all dead accurate has a skin. So obliterated on months and difficulty to get it the new monster is a void river.

I encountered this monster on the sirens call stage. I have not gotten anywhere else yet. I m assuming it spawns elsewhere..


But i ve only got it on sirens call. So far. It s just another version of an elite monster. So a beetle guard.

A greater wisp etcetera those types of monsters. The new boss is this scavenger. So i fought this guy a couple times. One important thing to note is that he has equipment he can get a missile launcher.

He can get a royal capacitor. He can get a wood sprite. He can get all of this stuff. So he s a very dangerous boss to kill the important thing to note with this boss is kill him as fast as possible because the longer the fight draws on the more powerful he s gonna get i m not talking about just leveling up like regular monsters already do so.

If you encounter. This boss. Kill him as fast as you possibly can and then at the end. He ll drop his bag walk over to the bag and open it up.

And he ll blow loot out of it it s really cool the new secret boss here. I m assuming. This is just the celestial portal boss like i talked about get the lunar item. Go kill.

The special boss for more lunar coins. Alright here. We go with the new items here. I m not gonna go into too much detail on them.

I ll leave that for the item and equipment tearless update. When i get that out. But i ll give you the general gist of what each item does so razor wire is barbed wire from risk of rain. One.

This is a green item and you retaliate damage when you take damage so essentially something damages you and you throw damage right back in their face. Fresh meat is a white item that gives you additional hp regen. When you kill a monster gore s tome is a green item named after the developer that gives you a small chance on enemy kill for them to drop a pile of treasure which gives you a pretty sizable amount of gold almost enough for a whole chest the resonance disk is a red item that stores charges based on the number of enemies. You kill once it reaches max charges.

It shoots out does a lot of damage explodes on the first enemy hit for even more damage and then comes back to you dealing damage again so pretty freakin good at the new equipment. Jade elephant gives you armor on use. I don t know how much armor. It gives you i have an extra got this one yet but word on the street is it s quite a bit.

The new lunar item vision of heresy. So this would replaces your auto attack and essentially makes it like an igloo from halo. So shoots out a bunch of purple crystals. That do some damage and they stack up and explode on the target that you re hitting again for my actual opinions on this stuff wait for the item and equipment to your list.

The beads of fealty. This is the name of the specific lunar item you need to fight that boss in the celestial portal. This is the item right here beads a field. The genesis loop.

Here this is essentially just a wandering vagrant explosion. And when you reach 25 of your health. You just literally blow up like the wandering vagrant does pretty cool item and these last two here..


The pearls. I don t have any idea. What they do right now. The adaptive chest is pretty cool.

It s essentially a roulette so it cost the same amount as a green multi shop or a large chest and upon activation. It starts cycling through a bunch of random items and it gets faster and faster. The longer you wait then you can activate the chest again. And it ll poop out whichever item you stop on you re essentially playing slots.

It s a very cool idea and it s a very fun chess the overgrown 3d printer this is a boss item printer so for your yellow items titanic knurls beetle client s etc you can now find printers for those items. The cleansing pool. I m not too sure of what this does but i found something on one of my runs. Where it let me spend a lunar item at it and i m pretty sure that is what this is if you have a lunar item.

You can drop it in the pool. And it ll get rid of it which is pretty cool the emergency drone. I do not have any idea. What this does the three challenges here these are just to unlock these survivor specific skills.

The new environment logs for the stages new lore entries for some items. Let s go and here s some more meat. Here. The gameplay changes so this sentence.

When i read this on the stream. I was like what the heck does this mean update regions to not be multipliers. But scaling flat bonuses doody couple benefits of regen items from base region. But the sentence under that explains exactly what it is essentially melee characters have higher base hp regen than other survivors and therefore.

They re more effective with items that affect regions such as cautious slugs. Now they re just bringing those regen items in line. With other survivors. That s all this is doing so your region on a melee character is still going to be higher.

It s just the regen items you receive are not gonna be as impactful as they were if that makes sense. This is another huge change. The secret bosses so alloy worship unit and irelia knight. They re scaling has been reduced dramatically not only is their hp going down by 20.

But their damage is going down by 75 and trust. Me this is a massive chain. I killed the alloy worshiping. It three times on the stream.

Today and boy. It was easy every single time in fact. I d even say that killing the worship unit is not is just as good if not better than farming for the legendary chest on abyssal depths. It s that strong also they changed one shot protection.

But not really essentially what they did is they removed barrier from having its own one shot protection meaning. If your full health and full barrier and you take massive damage you re now going down to ten percent hp not ten percent barrier. Now this has no effect on how one shot protection currently plays out meaning. If you have a thousand health and only a hundred barrier you re not gonna instantly die even though you re not at capped barrier.

You re still at full health. So you still have one shot protection. So this is essentially just removing one layer of one shot protection..


It s still gonna be a very good strategy to play around. It s just not as abusable bolte. Got a small little buff on a scrap launcher faster cooldown faster. Animation speed and the grenades fly faster.

It s pretty cool haven t tried them out yet so i ll the wreck skin looks a lot cooler it s like a gilded wreck skin it looks pretty sweet if you guys have the skin. You should definitely check it out. But not only that if you re playing rex his m1 got buffed dramatically. I played a few rex runs and oh man it is really really good the burst comes out faster.

The animation is faster and it heals you for double what it used to very strong change also the alternate m2 is now the default m2 on rex and they changed it so that it no longer costs health to use now. This is not the spammable em to the artillery strike. This is the big seed barrage. Where it s basically huntresses arrow rain where it starts pooping down seeds from the sky.

Yeah. That one doesn t cost health anymore. And that is now the default m2 on rex. The loader changes.

I actually haven t played her so i can t really speak much to them moving on to item changes now the predatory instincts no longer gets additional attack speed per stack. But you get the attack speed for a second long which okay. That s a 50 buff to the duration of the attack speed. But no longer getting additional attack speed means stacking.

It is kind of irrelevant. The happiest mask got five times the damage that is a quintuple increase to their damage and the proc ret goes down slightly to compensate for that i didn t get it happiest mask on one of my runs. But as soon as i do i ll be able to speak tomorrow. This also again for the specific details on all these items wait for the item and equipment to your list.

The vase gets faster acceleration and a shorter cooldown spoiler alert. It s still gonna be garbage these children. This is what i actually want to go over here real quick do not pick up the children s now. This is actually going to ruin your one shot protection because they now scale off of your maximum health.

If you re going transcendence then absolutely pick up children s because they re even better than they were before with transcendence. But now we re back to the good old days where if you want to play around one shot protection or if you just want a good run. I highly highly highly recommend you avoid children s entirely because the fact that they scale off of your max health. Now means that as soon as you lose that shield you re essentially losing one shot protection for like eight seconds and that is huge oh they added a special message for shaped glass.

I haven t picked it up yet so i m assuming when you die you just get absolutely roasted by the announcer. It s gonna be really funny. The brain stock exchange is actually pretty good here. The duration is going to four seconds and four seconds per stack.

As well as this little camera. Thing here it is very obvious when you get the brain stocks effect previously there was no way to indicate except for that little tiny icon by your health bar. Now your whole screen like glows red. It s very obvious when you have brain stocks it s actually a pretty good shape brain stocks is feeling pretty okay right now not great.

But okay other queens gland beatles spawn all at the same time rather than one at a time the drones are a little bigger. I guess. That s one thing frosch relic. Now just damaged in a sphere and not a disk.

The fred myth. Let me go over this real quick too getting hurt no longer disables the buff does not mean that any damage. You take no longer disables the debuff..


If you do self inflicting damage like rex that s gonna cancel it if you take damage from the enemy. That s gonna cancel it the only thing. This is saying is if you take fall damage it no longer cancels the whip. So it s still pretty bad guys.

The parental crown changes here i really can t speak to them that much rube the flat gold reduction. I guess. It s a little more viable now if you re a brown user. There you go.

There s actually another welcome change here. The war banner can no longer spawn in the red chest. Not the legendary chest the damage chest. That s a really cool change in my opinion.

Where banner was kind of a disappointing to get also the lock box is much bigger and much easier to spot on the stage. This is another very welcome chain here s some stage. Specific changes clay templars now spot unless on abandoned aqueduct. The vultures from sirens call can now spawn on scorched acres as well but after you loop the game once drones are doubled on rally point delta drones are still pretty garbage in my opinion.

But if you like drones you get more of them and rather point delta. There you go and these spawn distance event overloads and mag rewards. So they can t spawn all the way across the map now they re kinda. They re gonna be closer to you now.

That s good grove tended. A wisp amalie event. Whatever. This is also a really good change.

Lesser whisks were nerf thank. You hope they are now more expensive for the director to spawn. Which means they ll be spawning less frequently and they have less damage on top of that on the last few things here not really anything important except for i guess drones take seventy percent reduced a oe damage and that s super relevant. But that s a thing and you get to keep your gun or turrets now the little stationary guys go through status i don t know how that s gonna interact anyway.

There s just a lot of quality of life stuff after this law do you like bug fixers. Again. If you want to read the full patch notes. They re in the description.

Below. Actually. There s one more thing here this line right here is a complete troll because i got a glacial stone golem fight like within 30 minutes of starting my stream. This is an absolute lie hope ooo you know what you did but anyway.

That s about it boys. Thank you for watching be on the lookout for my item and equipment tier list as well as my acrid character guide and again. I have a complete guy to unlocking accurate. It s a very short video.

If you want to check that out if you haven t started playing a. Crit yet you can check out my stream and twitchtv slash wooly gaming and consider joining our discord server. If you want notifications when they go live on the stream or upload a new video here on youtube thank you for watching and dude this update is spicy. ” .


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