High Overseer Campbell – 5 Bone Charms, 7 Runes, 3 Safes, 3 Blueprints and a Sokolov Painting – YouTube

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“We are in overseer campbell s mission on dishonored and we re going to find find five bone shards seven wins three safes and three blueprints first bone child is right by the entrance you swim out into the river you can blink up here and you might need to jump to snag it blinks sometimes a little bit annoying when you re trying to go really steeply anyway. There s the first bone shot next. We go to the first route you want to go and see granny rags and to get there look for the bitter leaf sign. And then run up this little series of jumps here pop over dropped down the stairs.

Ignore granny rags for the time being she s just back and grab it at this shrine and the outsider will have a little chat with you head back to granny racks to pick up a side mission. She ll ask you to dispose of some boys who are bothering her if you go to the front door they ll attack you with fire on you and it ll be a pretty tough fight. So i chose to sneak over the side here have a look at them and then get up directly above them and shoot them are you disposed of them. However you like this guy s genius.

Okay head back to rags feet will say thank you very much very going to and leave you a room. Very strangely and up too and both in i guess. What is her sitting room. There it is where else would it be as soon as you pick that up she ll rock up again and give you another side quest.

Which is to infect the distillery. But before we in fact the distillery. We are going to go and save the shopkeeper cuz that s on the way i chose to distract these guys by throwing a bottle in their face. And then picking them off one by one but deal with them.

However you see fit the first time i got to this level. They were wandering around separately. But i waited awhile. And it didn t split up again anyway once they re dealt with and this guy you can sneak up from on the side if you see only other faces that way but smash this wood down free.

The shopkeeper and you ll want to track him down later cuz. He sells a couple of blueprints. One of which is not to cut gregg. I ll jump up here rev the bones heal on the table.

You ll see here. If you go find him. He s where i jumped up at the beginning. He will sell an optic upgrade and solid cords alexia.

Then you re heading to dr..

Galvani s office. This is the sneaky route you can take. But i ve already cleared it out so i could have run along. But actually it s easier to come in on the top because there s not much to actually loot on the ground floor.

I was finding feasible to fire up dog vision. The first time i get into a small area there s three guards on the floor below. And then there s a guard and a servant. Just in the room ahead also safe on the right and the way to unlock.

This is to head around to the left and into. I guess galvani s bedroom. And he has book which says. The 28th day of the seventh month is the most important day of his life.

And that is the giveaway. The code is 2 8. 7. And in here.

There s 200 calls worth of ingots. So it s definitely worth grabbing that anyway. If you need the key. It s on the back of the mail you might needed to get into his bedroom.

I don t remember. But there s a sign which talks about keeping away from the bookshelf. Please. So of course go straight until find the hidden book pull.

It and grab. The rat viscera you re going to use this to poison the still so heading to the distillery here and once you re through you ll find a bone charm. In there. If you have to make your heart.

So get your way across..

However you like and there s the bow charm up there jump off the keg you can use these as little lips. And then just blink from side to side until you can reach the rafter running across grab the bone charm and then drop. All the way down to infect the still all you have to do is this valve once you ve done that return to rax and she will award. You with the second room.

The third room. I apologize and that again has materialized under the boat now once you make it past the second wall. You ll find just in this little security guard center. There s a room here so that s very number 4.

Now for room number 5. This is an overseer campbell. Secret room and you can access this by popping this door rolling down the stairs. And if you activate dark vision level.

2. You ll see the eyes blue. So push that button. And this panel will open head through here and on the left is a room.

But also if you activate dark vision and turn around you ll see a painting. Here. And this is a collectible worth. 300.

Gold. It s definitely worth grabbing once you ve dealt with campbell. I switched his glasses around so he killed himself. Which was quite amusing his rune is just up on the wall.

And that s number 6. And then we are off to the kennels now. There s nothing here except a safe to unlock and if you grab that note and then head around here into this cell grab. This lever put it back in the hole.

And pull it this door will open here and grab this book..

Now the reason you re doing these things is because this combination over here. If you read the first note. You picked up is titled the new cache and this is look deal scriptures to figure out the door code lying tongue wandering gaze and parent mind. And if you look at the book you just picked up wandering guys lying tongue.

And errant mind. At 1 2. 7. The code is 2 1.

7. If you put them in the order of the note watch out in here. There are some rats. But there are also some bolts and some treasure and some alexis so i definitely worth a look.

If you re passing this way once in the back yard choke. This garden. If you re quick enough choke choke. The next one otherwise.

I guess just a bit more tidy and it takes a while to go down. There. And then these guys will weakly a burr at you and say thank you very much and give you a code to move the bunkhouse safe. Which is 203 and we ll come to this in a minute.

There we go 203 first of all we are going to grab the first bone shot on this level. You want to work your way up here and into this room. Watch out there s a prick are on there there s the launcher. I ran into it so be careful then drop down here.

There s a huge swarm of rats and deal with them. However you see fit and then poked in the spice and bone shot will drop out bone tom sorry i keep calling them both shots. If you are have possession you can make your way out through that little rat hole. But come back up this way run over here.

And you re heading to the workshop..

And you can just drop down. Here there s a guard on here smash. The glass drop. It first of all before you drab.

The room pop this jar. A key will fall out and just behind you it opens. A chest crack. This chest.

And you will find another print. Four upgraded armor along with an elixir and some sleep dot. This is sort of valve that you can use to get the last bone shot. But i don t do it that way anyway.

The rune is also in here i go the wrong way for us. But it s there just on a table. And that s rule number seven now for the final bow. Charm.

You want to head out to a little room which seems impossible to get into there s you because i mentioned you can carry the valve down. There there s a sign by owen if you can t get out of the workshop. The key was just back there but head this way hop this wall and drop down to the left and then get on the ledge to the slide. Yeah and if you climb over this drop down here and smash.

This wood. You ll find the bones arm. Just here waiting for you finally come back up this way. And i think that s the only way out because if you use the valve the door shuts behind you but we re gonna run back to the bunkhouse and open the safe.

Which is here on the left. And remove the code is two or three anyone i hope that was useful of ” ..

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Ok then. The masterplan. All the pick ups from Dishonored – High Overseer Campbell mission. Apologies for constantly referring to the Bone Charms as Bone Shards.

Bone Charm 1 (bridge) : 0:00
Rune 1 (Rags Basement): 0:22
Rune 2 (Rags Quest 1): 0:50
Rune 3 start (Rags Quest 2): 1:30
Bone Charm 2 (Shopkeeper) and 2 blueprints: 1:40
Safe 1 (Galvani s Office): 2:30
Rat Viscera (part of Rag s Quest 2): 3:10
Bone Charm 3 (Distillery): 3:25
Infect Distillery (part of Rag s Quest 2): 3:25
Rune 3 pickup (Granny Rags indoor boat): 3:40
Rune 4 (Security room after second gate of light): 4:00
Rune 5 and Solokov Painting (Secret Room): 4:10
Rune 6 (Where you kill the Overseer): 4:35
Kennels combination door: 4:45
Backyard bunkhouse chest combination: 5:30
Bone Charm 4: 5:50
Rune 7 and Workshop chest/armour blueprint: 6:15
Bone Charm 5: 6:55
Backyard bunkhouse chest location: 7:25

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