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” s going on everybody van an x here world war z cross believed update is is live right now able to download on pc xbox and playstation 4. But keep mind that playstation 4 cross play is not yet available that will be coming in a later date which they have not yet quite revealed. But i am currently downloading it as i speak. But i want to throw out a patch those videos for those who can t quite get to the website or want to just hear my boys talk about it.

But we have that new mission objective. Which has been added and every mission a virus sample canister will spawn in various locations. Which the player must loot and bring it to the end of the mission. They get also looted from a bomber.

If taken down correctly the longer you hold on to the virus sample the more negative effects that apply to you so make sure to hurry or mosey. Have received a host of balancing tweaks. Based on community feedback more experienced in currency rewards. Fewer special zombies in normal mode in the long list of further changes below gentlemen to horde modes emissions are multiplayer and enjoy 5 new weapon variants with their unique perks as well as such as the thumper grenade launchers in scenario explosives or the fully automatic machine pistol.


The board heroes deal so you skinpack can now be participatory s4 xbox one and pc. But that s not all we have a whole bunch of more future content planned including a new location with three new missions and new characters. We ll have more to share on this on the topic soon again. They re gonna be releasing a road map.

Sooner rather than later. So i ll make sure to cover that here on the channel already patch notes. New features added virus sample functionality and campaign. The ai directory will randomly spawn containers with fire sample that players can pick up fire samples can spawn from bombers that are taken down without them exploding the containers are fragile and they ll begin to apply negative effects of players as they break the players will manage the finish submission.

Which containers intact they will get increased rewards. Ai director can spawn several biosamples balmer will also drop them added four new webbing variants with unique perks. We got a pistol which increases the penetration and damage for special zombie machine pistols a fully auto variant reloads primary weapon after a special zombie kill classic battle rifle is a semi auto variant no penetration but deals a lot damage we have a battle rifle which is fully automatic and a thumper grenade launcher. Which has the in sedentary grenades.


Basically. You fire explodes needs. A trail of fire behind it and then we have the war heroes character skin pack. Which is indeed included for the season pass owners board mode slightly reduce difficulty in hard mode.

And significantly reduce the difficulty in normal mode. Less vessel zombies will spawn in normal mode increase preparation timer between waves by 20 in normal mode. Supply point rewards will begin to scale down later in normal mode. Adding significantly more random pick ups in normal mode increased auto turret maximum ammo capped by 10 the amount of auto turrets that could be placed simultaneously fix one of the shops not spawning items reduce the amount of ammo secondary weapons drained from box ammos by 50 reduced ammo crate cost from a hundred to 70.

And significantly increased both xp and currency rewards. Now those sounds like some actual good changes to horde mode. It s gonna be slightly easier and things are gonna be a little bit cheaper and you re gonna get better rewards. Now this sounds like a real incentive to go back and play horde mode way more what about you guys difficulty tweaked extreme difficulty settings to restore pre patch bounds.


It was changed as a pork cross. But ai director will spawn less secondary weapon pickups aka is gonna be better different loot instead of just more and more secondary weapons. Ai. Reworked.

The bomber dropped he will spawn better primary and habit heavy weapons when killed perks fixed several issues with perk stacking ui minor ui and localization fixes civility fixed. Several gameplay crashes levels fixed some gameplay bugs that were causing inability to progress in levels fixed issue that allowed players to clip through geometry in some places. Oh. No that means probably some out of area map.

Glitches are probably from move. Now. And this is a pc pacific issue. But they added cross play between xbox and pve.


Which that should be going for everybody riots between xbox and playstation for the time being or sorry. Xbox and pc. For the time being while playstation will eventually come now remember you can actually turn off the cross play option in the settings. If that s something you don t participated in those guys what do you think about the update so far and the click horde mode.

It s gonna be way more manageable probably a whole lot more fun so you guys gotta get out there and see how far you can get now with a new update and let me know in the comments. If you ve played it now and how it feels and what it s like anyways make sure that that like button subscribe. We got a whole bunch more videos coming out today of the new horde mode of the new missions are starting at the new mission variant. How about all those different weapon variants.

As well you might see in the next video peace music. ” ..

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The new horde mode fixes actually sound REALLY GOOD in the patch notes, will it make a difference?

World War Z Patch Notes: https://forums.focus-home.com/topic/44179/the-crossplay-update-is-live

Will you be able to carry the virus sample to the end of the mission?

New and free unlockable auto machine pistol. As update day draws near, we learn more about what s to come in the new cross play update.

The War Heroes Character Skin DLC for WWZ, is coming next week! Along with an update fixing some bugs and improving Horde Mode Z in World War Z. Will this DLC be apart of the Season Pass?

New Crossplay update coming real soon. Learn more about the mission objective, character skins, new weapon variants and more in the new world war z update and dlc.

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