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“Horizon zero dawn is a fantastic game. And one of its strongest points. Is the the well thought out and intricate story. The story can be hard to follow at so today.

I m going to be explaining the major plot points of the game as well as explaining what actually happens in the ending. There are several smaller subplots that don t affect the story very drastically so for the sake of time. I ll only be detailing. What is the most important information be warned major spoilers ahead music.

The setting for horizon. Is several hundred years in the future. Humans live in primitive tribes and cities and the world is populated by various types of roaming machines. The story of horizon begins with a boy a child born under mysterious circumstances.

Who is deemed an outcast by the elders of the tribe known as the nora. A lowly is raised by another nora outcast named ross. When a olie is a young child. She falls into some ancient ruins and happens upon a mechanical device known as a focus this focus allows a lloyd to scan the environment around her and track the various machines in the wild after leaving the ruins roastin.

A low eerie unit and roche. Trains. Learn how to survive in the wild and hunt during this training eloy rescues anora. Brave who is in danger from roaming machines.

As the brave tried to thank her he was cut off by other members of the nora tribe and told not to speak to the outcasts ie lloyd doesn t understand and after pleading with rose to have him tell her why she is an outcast and who her mother is roast. Trainz alloys. So she can compete in a nora ritual. Known as the proving.

If a loli wins. The proving she can ask the matriarchs or the elders of the nora anything that she wants and so a lloyd sees this as the opportunity to find out who her mother actually is now 19 years old boy enters..

The norris tribe. Main location of mother s heart. There. She meets a man named owen.

Who is also wearing a focus olin is the only other person. She s ever seen wearing a focus. Owen isn t very willing to answer any of his questions. So she leaves him be and rest up for the proving.

A lloyd goes on to win the proving. But before she can celebrate the nora are attacked by a mysterious group of killers who massacre most of the nora braves roasts shows up at the last minute to save a lloyd from the leader of the attackers. But gets killed in the process. Alo awakens.

After the attack back in mother s heart. A lawyer examines a focus that she found on one of the attack. And discovers that they were looking to kill a woman that looks surprisingly like her she learns that she was being watched through hlins focus and she now decides that she needs to locate him to learn more she also learns that she was found as a baby by the matriarch in an area that only they had access to just outside of a giant metal door that they refer to as all mother eloy tries to open the door. But isn t successful due to data corruption.

She does find out that she is a dna match for the door. And it s a woman who looks like her is somehow connected to this metal door alloy sets out for the city of meridian. Which is the home of the cardia and the location of olin. The cars are a tribe of people who worship the sun no no not like that so where you go back to your own game.

The cardia had a mad king who was needlessly cruel and sacrificed. Many people. The mad king was overthrown by his own son of vaud. A nevada is now king of the carga.

As king. Avadh has cast out many of his father s old allies and companions..

Once in meridian. A lloyd finds that olin is at a dig site and sets out to confront him about what he knows once you locate owen you see one of the killers revived an ancient machine that was excavated from the dig site. This machine is known as a corrupter and it has the ability to take over various other machines once you defeat the killers and the corruptor owen tells you that the killers are a group of carga. Who were cast out of the kingdom.

Once the mad king was overthrown and that their being led by the mad kings greatest warrior. He was he was his main motivation is that he wants to take back his home of meridian and bring retribution to his people who have been cast out owen tells you that the equips worship. An entity known as hades and that hades was the one who ordered a oay killed as a lloyd continues to search for answers. She heads for a place named makers end she s contacted by a mysterious man who we later find out is main silence silence tells a lloyd s a woman who looks like her named always a bet so back inside makers.

End he learns that hundreds of years ago. A company called feral automated solutions created military robots. And did they glitched and began self. Replicating and consuming biomass as a fuel you learn that the corrupters are what is actually known as scarabs and that giant robot replicating machines known as horses created more and more robots exponentially.

They had no way to shut. The robots down and elizabet so back was consulted by the owner of farrow automated systems. Ted farrow to come up with a solution to the problem as the robots would destroy all off on earth in 15 months. A bit lighter you earned that so back created a program called project.

Zero. Dawn and utilizing. The greatest minds in engineering history. And robotics devised a plan to preserve loss.

Laughs. Couldn t be saved from the robot threat so zero dawn was created as a seed to help create off a new after the extinction. And ai. Named gaia was created and given the knowledge and tools necessary to rebuild the biosphere and repopulate.

The planet with humans and animals gaia could design and create any robot needed to do whatever tasks that she needed and that fully explains the origin of the current machines that we see in the game. Embryos and genetic data gave birth to a brand new group of humans in mechanical wounds make no mistake everything on earth was wiped out and zero dawn was a fresh start for everything..

Gaia had eight subordinate functions to help with the rebuilding of earth one was apollo. Which was designed to store an archive. All of humanity s knowledge for the use of future humans. Another was known as hades hades was extinction on demand.

It was designed in the event that guy had made a drastic mistake that couldn t be corrected. And it required a restart hades could take over and watch the slate queen for some. Reason hades was activated 19 years ago. And god burst and always the best so but clone in an artificial womb.

So that she could be raised into adulthood. And so that she could put a stop to hades and reboot gaia since sobek was the creator of gaia and gaia knew that she would be able to access the necessary system functions to save everything on earth. It s also revealed that elizabet sobek. Gave her own life just to ensure that the guy a program was functional.

There was an issue with some spacing on some ventilation and she had to go out in the inhospitable environment of a destroyed earth to make sure that that vent was filled properly and in the process. She was never able to return to the bunker. After these events. Ted ferro.

Deletes. All of the data from the apollo files. He does this. Because he wants to ensure that the new humans don t follow in their footsteps and make the same mistakes as them so literally.

He deleted all of the cultural historical and intellectual knowledge from so many generations of humans. And denied the new humans. The opportunity at lifetime s worth of knowledge. A bit later silence reveals that he was actually the one who located hades and repaired it after tracking a signal cylons was given knowledge in exchange for assisting hades in building.

An army cylons used the cards of civil war to trick the eclipse into believing that hades was the buried shadow of their legends. And that they could use his power to take back their homeland of meridian after silence outlived..

His usefulness hades ordered heelys and the rest of the eclipse to kill silence silence went into hiding and assisted a loy as a means to redeem himself for his wrongdoings. He tells you that hades was interested in the spire located outside of meridian and a lloyd determines that hades hopes to connect to this spire that was created by gaia to deactivate the war machines that previously destroyed all life on earth and use it to reawaken the machines. So that they can again destroy everything a lloyd goes on to defeat hades and put it into his attempts to destroy all life. And then makes her way to oh as a bet so vex home bringing some much needed closure to herself.

And her origins after the credits. We see a cutscene where the remains of hades is laying on the ground and this ai sort of blast of energy contained inside shoots out and traverses. The sky. The energy is captured in a lantern lock device by silence.

Who then gives a very ominous speech to hades saying they have much to discuss including who his masters are and who sent the signal that woke the murderous ai. The most chilling part about this cliffhanger is the fact that when silence is talking to hades. There is actually a horus in the background. You know those giant machines that make the other machines.

So i think this definitely sets us up for a sequel to horizon zero dawn. This cliffhanger is amazing and overall. This story has to be one of my favorites from a game in several years now before i wrap this video up i just want to say you know these story explained videos they typically take a ton of time to make so. If you guys enjoyed this please be sure to leave a lock on it i would really appreciate it and if you guys are new to split screen make sure to subscribe and turn on notifications for the latest gaming news gods reviews and entertainment if you have any other horizon zero dawn questions be sure to ask in the comments bowl.

And i ll answer. There s a ton of stuff that i left out a lot of little details that are very interesting. But i just wanted to cover the basics here that way you guys could get a better understanding. So that wraps up everything i want to thank you guys so much for your time.

My name is cody you guys have an awesome day ” ..

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Today Cody explains all of Horizon Zero Dawn story, and explains the ending to Horizon Zero Dawn.

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