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“In apex legends. There are two armed items helmets and body armor. Both of these these items work differently. There are also four tiers of armor each with different properties.

Me explain how armor works and also what you can tell from the damage. Colors. While shooting. A player body armor provides you with shield bars each bar is essentially 25 points of extra health.

What s unique to body armor in apex legends. Is that it cannot break instead once you lose a bar of armor. You can use shield cells to recharge it body armor does not provide damage reduction. However with no armor you have 100 health points by default of grey level.

1 armor. You receive to shield bars. So..


Plus. 50. Hp blue level 2 armor provides. 3 shield.

Bars. Plus. 75. Hp.

Power pool level. 3. Armor provides for short bars. Plus.

100. Hp gold level. 4..


Armor provides for shield bars. 2. So plus. 100 hp.

You also get a buff this buff allows you to immediately recharge your shields. When you perform a finisher helmets don t give you extra hp points instead they increase headshot damage reduction helmets cannot break which means they ll always provide damage reduction throughout the game however the headshot bonus damage you get always going to be more. Which means is always worth aiming for the head more on that later level 1 grey helmet gives you 725 damage. Reduction a level 2 gives you 125 level three and a level 4 gives you 25 a level 4.

Also allows you to recharge your tactical and ultimate abilities. Faster okay so now we ve explained how armor and helmets work let s take a look at damage markers apex legends feed you a lot of information when fighting players both visual and audio based when you are shooting players look for the numbers on screen red outlines mean your opponent has no armor white numbers indicate level 1 armor blue numbers show level 2 armor purple numbers show love with 3 armor yellow. Numbers indicate a headshot purple numbers also indicate level four armor each number on screen also indicates how much damage you re doing so you can use this information to find out how much health. A player has left when you re shooting a player and they have armor you ll also see an armor icon on the screen.

The color of this armor also indicates what level. It is there are also three different sound effects in the game one when shooting a player with armor. I m shooting a player without armor and when shooting a player in the head you can use these audial indicators for more information also when you get someone s armor to 0..


Hp. You ll hear an armor break sound. Now remember that the arm is not broken. It just means that they only have base h p.

Left. So they re pretty close to dying one final note on headshot damage. The weapon. You use determines what kind of multiply you get when shooting someone in the.

Head this multiplier is either 15. Times or 2. Times. Because the no armor status is a red outline you can also see it on headshots.

Okay now for some more information on headshot multipliers for each weapon type. Or snipers. Have two times or assault rifles have two times or lmgs have two..


Times the wingman has. Two times but the other pistols. Have. 15 times all smgs have.

15. Times all shotguns have 15. Times. But the mastiff legendary shotgun has two times.

Essentially headshots are always going to be more valuable. However. They re even more valuable on the longer range weapons and in a few other cases like with the wingman and the mastiff shotgun alright guys. That s it i hope that this has cleared things up for you if you want to see more apex legends videos like this make sure to check out my channel.

Alright have a good day cheerio music music. ” ..

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Ever wondered how armor works in Apex Legends? Or, do you ever wonder what do the damage colors mean? In this video, I explain all. You ll definitely want to watch this to find out the answers.

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How does the armor work in Apex Legends?
What do the damage colors mean in Apex Legends?
How much health does the best armor have?
What damage bonus do you get for headshots?

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