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“One you re the one and the one stuns him the ones who stand him him the ones who stand him want to stand him. Oh oh. It s done oh what the hell happened there okay. That was weird apparently no meow does that what the fuck happened there all right the lesson learned don t use all your stamina.

But i fell down a because that my stamina was really low oh no apparently call me again get outta here okay this guy s gonna be a good fighter. What how no what are you kidding me one jab okay. This is what i mean but online. You know they they upgrade one punch one punch they upgrade all the way and then that always gets you and cuz your player is really low.

You can t you can t are you gonna get up or what fucking hell. Because your guy is you know low one low on blocking and everything. Like that they can easily get these stupid house punches in which is a joke. I don t really ruins the online experience playing against somebody does you know played a couple of games and lost or whatever.


And it s just it s just annoying than anything you know that s why i m not really gonna play the gym section. You know the gym is quite fun. It s a good idea having a gym online. You know and then you could play with your friends.

But it s unbelievably unfair you know for anybody. That s that s you know style of life late into the gym. They re there i call him let s see if i can get him there you go you got down. Now that s your does you a colander try to survive a he ll get up from this there s the nobody has not gone up from the first you know you knock out if you can t get up from the first one.

What the fuck is wrong read the second one is a little bit tricky. But you can you can third one third one. I can sometimes. But the fourth one is i impossible for me oh caught me there in the last.


These guy looks really weird. And he who s he tried to bill he looks like a little fox or something why it s fucking weird. I tell you that despite is interesting already as you can see you know i hope. He doesn t do the same jabs you know i think it yeah.

It s his jab you can see that he keeps doing it i think it s his hook. Maybe not his jab. I m cool he gives me the one two oh. He keeps dodging.

I can uh yeah look. It s a heavy ait s a heavy one he keeps doing it. Oh yeah. He keeps doing.


It why was the dick punch. Where was the dick punch look at that big punch ref. Is blind ref should have stopped that game of dick punch in five come on your dick come on you dig were you doing oh my fucking god oh my fucking god fist me fist me all right as you can see you know playing online is not fun at all especially. When you re doing gym because the people are unbelievable scrubs.

People don t i haven t had a decent fine here when a player isn t just doing the same move just the same move you ll see that you ll see up which one he ll do we ll have a look at t. Let s have a look let s look at advance. Okay as you can see look how many powers. He did compared to me powers for ei.

I only did. 22 and luke. It is a straight jab that he was doing a left hook. There s the true that he upgraded.


I bet you any money his jab that s all he upgraded and that s all you do cuz. If your jab gets really upgraded like it s just just a simple punch simple heavy punch can stun me like you should i was for stamina. My health was high. I just came out of a rest one punch and i m dazed you know and then he just comes in and keeps punching.

Me there s nothing i can do there s nothing you can counter. Which is just bullshit you know it s just ruins the game they need to sort it out and they need to sort out quick. ” ..


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When you play online as a created fighter you will just run in to lots of thies stupid people that just play like noobs. They will upgrade one punch and just keep doing it and because you fighter has low (defence) you will get knock out easy.

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