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“Easiest ring to gap music. Okay class night starting gift healing. Where s sight. Me me like one of your french boys.

Nice nice. Let s do this music is divine. Oh yeah. Wonderful site.

Yeah yeah did you ever cry. A houseful. Oh. Yeah.

Give me the ring. Homer bones music. Nice. Kd.

First objective is to kill last giant in the final segment. You have more than enough souls. So it s not a big deal. Oh shit go to help it sounds.

Suicidal as ever. Breezy. Music. Looks good music.

Applause too late. Money. 900. I hate hi music let s go to medulla almost sat on the bonfire way.

Too close. Let s open the workshop and reload the area. I m pretty sure quitting out works. But home art bone is faster looks good.

12 dicks. 12 lie don t need strength strength this for casuals. I m going to hell for that music aides tower of flame. One two three four five six did i get it yep why faith builds our shit 101.

And we set the area music. Okay. Rotunda lobster or maybe. I ll just have to kill all the spiders by myself oh come on open the door and that s about it good spray on first.

I ll just take that top that into the blender. Contact with the fingers everything em sympathies and at the time. We just want us to push the authors in unison 20. People and onto the little storage.

Someone luca to go to the left jump to the other side. I don t know why they call himself. Lord. He doesn t have a sword music.

Oh patil is not having a good time..

I got a pc. Her the gray night position music easy using this bonfire is not against the rules you still get the illusory. What what do i need repair powder for a piece of amazing music. Cat ring.

Some scores music. Oh applause music okay. One minute music. Watch out for that full that hole.

Has killed me more times. That then i would want to admit. Oh shit music music. I m just gonna risk.

It and repair music. Good. Amount under adp that s good music. Easy.

You music. Next. Up. Is.

Brightstone. Cove. Sill. Door.

Oh music. Hi. Frank. Nice.

Oh. No. Oh. No.

Oh. No. Oh. Shit.

That was way. Too. Close. Oh.

We got company. Do i need. It i m. Not.

Sure. Oh. Sh backstep. Go.


Scorpion s. Noshka. Music. Good.

Amount of stamina. Oh. Shit. All nice damage.

No wonder why all speedrunners used to rapier. You don t need to go all the way to japan for mtac yep. Yeah. A large titanite shards.

I don t need it hi nice damage even with 4 and let s take care of the rest. With arabia. Crystal lizard is going to get music by night chunk ice tortious. This is going to be a problem charcoal pine resin.

There s a is this a torch. Oh nice nice large tiny charts that s me going to make it 300. Ah well rip. 10.

This place microwave. And then junk oh nice let s get the rest of the operating materials bye nice to have you gotta make this count charcoal pine resin yep disco maybe i shouldn t have summoned although i m doing jack shit. Damage. Don t forget this thing.

Oh yeah. Music music. Oh yeah. 10.

A 6 means. 40. Vigor. Oh.

Yeah. The soft cap. Is 50. And let s get 105 agility dark souls.

2. Was a mistake and bashful rate. Okay do not roll you have 40 figure you can t you can just tank. It all you do not have to go skeletons are highly resistant to thrust damage and obviously as just kill all of them music nice or should real skeletons in three months.

I ll say skinny. But you can see the view of harvest valley from here. I m totally looking at the window by the way. Okay.

Let s just ignore everything and go to the best boss in the game waitwhat music pretty good i think there s a white phantom yep the best phantom let s just use a flame butterfly. I m not going to risk sitting at the bonfire burn this thing time for gesture. Thomas music even with three phantoms gesture. Thomas s for wrecking mesa.

Oh shit maybe i should help him oh music if you can t take the heat..

Stay away from the keys. Spencer. Shawn lorne. Or yeah.

Music nice oh oh yeah even i m going to need some charcoal pine resin. Read the only viable strategy is either speed running or lowering them one by one speed running is not a viable strategy. It is if you are good. But since i suck at this area music.

Oh music applause. I kind of surprised it for lauren. Hasn t invaded. Me.

It. Sumbitch. Applause music. Please.

Tell me. I have a far off. Luck. Stone.

Music. Look. Shoot. The sky.

Shoot that guy wealth music. Oh yeah shoot that guy um. Although there was way to this that was way too close i activated the lever and all i see here boy that s it and turn it over time so i turn that over and really get into those culture. The only reason.

I have the bios is this music ofcom all place. That s a later story music. The strategy is to hide here this place will block almost everything except for the laser attack. Which is ironically your best time for attack.

Yeah. That s the laser. This is the best time for attack like the and that it s the old argument. Let s go mother fucker next up is drangleic castle.

It s going to be a hell of a long trip shortbow plus plus five good okay. I need that bumper okay. I m lighting. The spawn fire.

Because this is going to be my main hub from now on as a ps4 light chunk oh yeah repair powder agent emf should be good in the shrine of imam. Oh yes all radiant life channels. Much better exact. Same moves at exactly black.

Guy shit that came out wrong now for the best segment in this run. Where got these twin mannequins and go fuck themselves that wombocombo music all nice waitwhat music gower ring of protection dick. They have very high elemental resistance. Why am i even using lightning arrows repair powder five 3d okay get this chest.

It contains a essential ring from the for the next segment music..

The best solution. I found this bow and arrow. This whole taste is a death trap for many characters that that one wears. You that one music.

Oh man this unfortunate music okay. That would have been an issue help if i get trapped i would ve died with that way i should pop collecting mushrooms. Okay velstadt well known for its bullshit lingering hitboxes not a problem if you have 105 adp is nasty. Too easy as homer bone and cash in do not rest.

At that for them. Oh. Yeah. Aromatic.

Booze music. Okay. 50. Bigger.

Okay this looks good. Music. Time for guardian dragon music top notch faith head out of town oh and the stink music. I died to guard guardian dragon in one of my know that no bonfire runs.

I am not going to do that mistake again three music dragon hurry yeah. Give me a bed or feathers. I think i m ready there are too many on my back get it. Oh oh shit.

It s broken. Oh well music. It s going to cost a lot of thought. I could have use the extra stamina this ring is really good for the watcher and defender fight music kind of forgot where i was music do the are they today.

Even stack music. Oh shit. Oh. That might have been the end.

If that sword hit me with the fire damage. Easy victory achieved. I m going to skip medulla. I have to do this as fast as i can music been heart of yellow come music music.

I m going to learn all the important to all the healing items. I have on bernard music. Oh. My final ballot.

Oh shit been hardest fall down music. Music. That thing way too much damage music. I can do this thanks all for tuning in and let s see if we got the those earrings or not okay.

I got a run. I m late for dinner music music music music. ” ..


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If you beat the game without dying, you get a hidden ring called the Illusory ring of the Conqueror.
Likewise, if you beat the game without using a bonfire, you get a similar ring called the Illusory ring of the Exalted.
Pretty hard stuff. But what if I tell you that you can get BOTH at the SAME TIME?
Thats right. Its time to reinstall Dark Souls 2 and finish what you never even started.
Its time for YOU to do a No Death No Bonfire Run

This is a full guide on obtaining the “hidden” illusory rings in Dark Souls 2 Scholar of the First Sin. Details below.

By using the most OP PvE weapon in Dark Souls 2 SotFS, which is the Rapier, you can get BOTH illusory rings(illusory ring of the conqueror, illusory ring of the exalted) at the same time by doing a no death no bonfire run in new game.

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Music Used :
Sims – Buy Mode 1 4
Two Steps From Hell – Strength Of A Thousand Men [Instrumental Core Remix
Sword Art Online Original Soundtrack Vol 1 01 swordland
Metal Gear Solid 4 OST Metal Gear Saga
Instrumental Core – Honor Of Life

After starting the game your first objective is to get a +6 Rapier and the stats to use it(12 dex). After that level up VGR, ADP and END to maximize the chance of survival. Repair powder is key to this run and is the most valuable consumable items until Drangleic Castle(you can buy unlimited RP at Drangleic Castle).

Ho…Hodor…? :

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