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“Everyone it s me your favorite dredgen fall out here and let s talk about about the reckoning at tier two. I m assuming if you re here you already what the reckoning is and you want tips or advice on how to beat it and that s what i m here for albeit a tad late get off me. You want my best advice summed up in two words super abuse. Yeah.

That s pretty much it and no i m not kidding. The reckoning tier. Two is broken up into three parts and each of them kind of boils down to just you and your team. Abusing your supers.

A lot. Yeah you ll still have to shoot some things. But the teams that succeed are gonna be the ones that bring exotics to the table that you can abuse repeatedly and you know the usual suspects warlocks. You got your skull of dire ahamkara.

Man. That one is really good put that one together with a slope. Obama. And you ll be getting your nova bomb.

Repeatedly over and over throw one hit enough enemies. And bam. You get another one right away that one s really helpful for the current week. Because you got void cinch turned on that s another thing.

The reckoning is kind of like a nightfall. There are rotating modifiers that affect gameplay. So make sure you re paying attention to what they are got sidetracked. What other exotics are good phoenix protocol for your well of radiance that one will really help you during the bridge fight hunter.

You got the orpheus rig boots. And tether. Always a classic combo. No real shocker there in a pinch.

You could probably also put on the shards of gallon or especially. If the burn that week. Happened to be solar titans. You got ursa furiosa and the doom fang pauldrons for sure really anything you can do to make sure you re just using your super over and over again in combination with it your teammates that s about 80 of what the reckoning tier.

2. Is i really can t emphasize that enough alright anyway you start off by potentially dumping a middling mote aka. A blue moat into the moat bank before the reckoning begins if you don t have your middling synthesiser upgraded yet make sure you re talking it to the drifter at the tower and completing his bounties. One of them lets you upgrade at the synthesizer aka at the mote maker.

Now the recommended light level for tier 2..

Is 670. But you don t need to be that high to beat. It i d probably recommend around 660 minimum to 665. I ve heard of people beating it with fire team members in the 659 range.

But that s probably pushing it a little bit get your light level up or you know get friends with higher light level than you okay you dunk your blue middling mote which guarantees your reward at the end when you complete tier 2 take note. I said when not if the real step. 1 is believing in yourself guardian and remember before you go into the portal. You can pop over to the area directly to the right of the mote bank and activate a red banner.

Which gives you full ammo and super energy. Now you re into part 1 of the reckoning tier 2. You have to rapidly defeat enemies in the area and you have 5 minutes and 30 seconds to do so that is plenty of time a bk always be killing because if you aren t your progress. Tracker will slowly decrease.

This part one should really be an indicator on how the rest of the reckoning. Tier. 2. Is going to go for you this.

Part should be not really a problem at all especially. If you hit the raid banner. Before popping in you already have full super plenty of ammo just frag out with your team coordinate and abuse. Your supers together you should be okay.

When you re done with part 1. It s time for part 2. The bridge of folly here s where things get a little hairy you have this big ass bridge that you have to cross. But you can only do so by capturing zones on the bridge.

One at a time while standing in the zone. You will be attacked by a ton of taken. And i just mean an absolute ton shadow thrall majors snipers you name it if you have one in the fireteam well of radiance will really come in handy right about now. I ve seen people also used the ward of dawn pretty effectively here if you want to go that route.

But my group dropped a well of radiance on each and every zone that appeared on the bridge. We were fine if you re throwing nova bombs left and right with a skull of dire ahankara like i was make sure you let your teammates know when you re throwing one you know just so they don t try and destroy the target that you re about to hit that way you get more nova bomb energy back. You know the deal. The whole bridge phase.

Is where the super abuse really gets dialed up to 11 and make sure that you re keeping your eye on the zone capture meter. Because once you re done capturing you have to move quickly each and every time you can zone the ingame clock will reset to 41 seconds on the dot. Why 41. I don t know i wondered that too it s kind of an odd number kind of strange kind of upsetting me a little in a way i can t explain.

But yeah here s the sequence of events you go to the zone you drop a well of radiance or a ward of dawn you abuse..

Supers repeatedly and live capture the zone and you run quickly it to the next zone rinse and repeat. When you complete the sixth and final zone. You re on to stage. 3.

Go into a portal and run around in the dark and play keep away from two jagoff hive knights who want to pound you into the ground let me explain first you have to find at the hermit who will spawn randomly after a few seconds. He s a major who glows in the dark find him real quick you kill him when he dies. He ll drop a well of light on the ground and by standing in that well you ll do bonus damage to the two chad knights. Who are chasing you around in the dark.

When you kill those two knights. It s game over now as you can imagine. These knights are beefy and if your light level is too low at they can one shot ground pound. You the good news is dying doesn t end the encounter just makes the whole thing take longer which i guess is bad because you only have 4 minutes and 30 seconds to get the job done.

But wiping on a death would have been awful oh by the way while avoiding it these knights you ll have to deal with a metric. But ton of taken i really recommend bringing some kind of weapon here that works well with crowd control. I brought the thunder. Lord for a little chain lightning action.

Another piece of advice you need to know when you should revive teammates and when you shouldn t if the knights are right on top of your teammates body let the timer go out and have your teammates respawn outside on their own in safety. Getting your teammates farmed repeatedly by the knights is kind of hilarious. But not advantageous to winning at the encounter maybe just do it once laugh. At your teammate.

Pretend you had no idea that it would happen and then tell me about it later down in the comment section. But yeah stay together clear out the ads. If they re overwhelming you too much and abuse supers. When you can hopefully if you used nothing but supers all the way across the bridge.

You ll have plenty of power ammo saved up to hit the knights with when they re dead hey. Congratulations. You did it be sure to collect your reward back at the mote bank keep farming it for more gear. If you want if you have any advice of your own that you d like to share about the encounter leave it down below as a youtube comment for other people to learn from also if you re listening to this.

Video do. Me a favor head on over to. Twitchtv. Slash fallout.

Plays and drop. Me. A follow there because i stream. All the friggin time usually over the weekend and you should come hang out when i play it live oh and click like on this video.

Not because you like it..

But just because i told you to thanks for watching hope you learned something see you next time music. s all enemies captured in the dome will be dealt with an additional 200 percent damage from weapons and other abilities. It s a good way to defend a target location or objective. But as i ve said earlier.

It s still not as strong as frost s snow globe. If there s an ability that comes close to frost s snow globe that would be gaara s masse vitrify. But honestly this is a weaker version of snow globe it doesn t have any ability and the glass walls can easily break with just a few hits. The good thing about gaara s massif.

It refi. Though is it s a combination of crowd control defense and damage buff. Not only does it protects a target. But it also freezes those enemies that caught by the glass wall and they will receive additional damage from weapons and abilities once they are frozen.

Honestly i can consider gaara as a jack of all trades and not purely a defensive type frame. She can shift to both offense and defense. But she s not capable of mitigating enemy fire for a very long time from all the frames. I have mentioned earlier you can conclude that frost is probably the top when it comes to defending in this game.

Well i can t argue on it in the past. But over the year warframe had received various changes and several features that broke nerve and transcended non meta. Things into probably the most effective methods to use right now so for my favorite defensive frame this year. I m going with my jojo guts.

I m going with limbo. There s no denying that limbo is one of the best. When it comes to defense and in fact. He has been one of the most go to frames.

When it comes to defending and objective the only thing that was lacking with limbo in the past is a reliable source of survivability. Whenever. He s shifting from his world to the real world. I m talking about his rift walk whenever limbo is up there if plane he is invincible.

But when he gets back to the real world. He is very prone to being one hit he needs something to give him time and cast his crowd control abilities and thanks to the rolling guard mod limbo can now freely move between rift and reality. And have some time to cast his abilities. But squad leader limbo s cataclysm is prone to being dismantled by na leaf occurs easily that will be true if you will just mod your limbo with max range.

All the time the proper way of defending with limbo is knowing when to use a max range or max duration. Only build. It s the key to being the best defensive warframe in the game. A max range limbo would be very effective against infested.

And grin ears since there will be no special enemies that will pop your cataclysm..

While it s better to have a max duration. Build against corpus and origin enemies. Since nollie fuckers are present on these factions. The other thing.

That s very good with limbo is that he can manipulate where to place his cataclysm within a for minimal range. You can easily place your cataclysm to wherever you want and lastly. He regenerates energy. When you killed an enemy inside the rift and your allies and as well.

As your companion can benefit to the invulnerability given by your rift plane clearly limbo is one heck of a frame. When it comes to controlling the battlefield and defending objectives given with the right mods set up then players won t consider you as just a troll. But a force to be reckoned with so that s my top pick for my favorite defensive frames this year. Just like i ve said earlier some of the frames are also capable of defending.

If you give them the right not set up and it will be featured right after this outro. So good day lads. Enjoyed the rest of the video squad leader. Signing off music music.

And the girls. With their girls music. Music. Music.

Music. Music. Music. And the girls.

With their guests. Music. Music. Music.

Music. Music. And the girls with the girls music music music music music. ” .


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The Reckoning Tier 2 is kinda hard. You can get it done though with the right loadout/supers: here s my Guide on how to beat the Reckoning in D2. Tier 3 guide when it comes out!
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