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“And gentlemen. We know how to utilize our grapple we know how to utilize our our zip line and we know how to swing around like peter parker in the spider man movie. We have seen videos on every single aspect of pathfinder. But i just couldn t find one that put all the most important tips into one video.

That is what we are covering today. This is gonna be a huge potluck of tips. We have your white meat or dark meat your carrots your cranberry sauce your mashed potatoes all into one great video you see what i did there right in time for thanksgiving zinger. Let s go baby anyways anyways anyways.

If you like polishing your grapple make sure to hit that like button. And subscribe. If you are new. We are gonna go over 30 plus tips in this video and it s gonna it s gonna get juicy let me tell you it is gonna be juicy.

So stick around. But let s get into it what s up youtube. My name is sweat. If you are new welcome back to another apex legend advanced guide today.

We re gonna be covering how to become the perfect pathfinder player listen to all those peas. My gosh anyways now when we go over these tips today. I m gonna be going into depth on some of them i m gonna be touching on the surface on some of them. And if i don t think they need explaining at all i m just gonna be telling you exactly what they are and the gameplay should correspond as well as i can make it behind it so don t some get on me too much in the comments section.

If everything doesn t add up i probably couldn t get some gameplay board. So just deal with it okay let s hop into it all right we re starting off some bare knuckle tips here. We re starting off with how do i even. Use my grapple.

Okay. This is gonna be a super beginner tip. If you ve never played the game or played pathfinder. Before now you use your grapple by pressing the button or key used to activate your tactical ability.

And if you are using default controls on xbox. One. This is gonna be lb on ps4 l1 and on mouse and keyboard god knows what key you got this bound to so you have to figure that out on your own next off..


We got four different types of grapples that you are gonna want to utilize. Okay. We got the normal grapple the launching grapple the swinging grapple in the jumping swing grapple. And we re gonna touch on all those right now now i basically just told you in the previous tip how to use your normal grapple okay.

It s used mainly to get on top of buildings and you achieve this by pressing your tactical button on your controller or keyboard. Most likely aiming at the top ledge of the buildings in order to gain high ground on your enemies. Next. Up is the launching grapple and this might be the toughest grapple type to get the hang of okay.

The launching. Grapple is used to get over objects that you normally couldn t such as fences or barriers. You achieve this by hitting your grapple button and then as soon as it hits the surface you are trying to grapple you would hit your jump button timing will be difficult at first to master. But once you get it you get it okay the more you do it the better you re gonna become at it so just keep on practicing so next up we have the swinging grapple.

And this is gonna be used to get around objects. The swing. Grapple is used a slingshot around objects and surprise enemies for the most part you can achieve this by moving your left stick in the same direction. That you want a slingshot as soon as your grapple hits the surface and when i say by moving your left stick.

This is gonna apply everything over to pc. So just do the corresponding controls on your mouse last. But not least we have the jumping swing grapple and this is used to get on to higher surfaces or swing around them this can be achieved by aiming upwards and right or left. As your grapple connects to the surface.

Once your grapple connects with the surface exactly when it does you ll hit your jump button. And it will give you an extra boost all right all right you think you re a real pathfinder veteran over. Here you know all the basic types of grapple. Maneuvers.

Well do you know about air strafing okay. This is the act of turning your momentum in midair in the direction. That you re trying to fly after grappling this is a big part in mastering. How to grapple properly and end up.

Where you want on console. You would move your right and left stick simultaneously in the direction you are trying to move on pc. I believe you were to move your mouse and your right or left keys at the same time in order to pull off a strength now next thing you re gonna ask me is how do i make sure to fling in the right direction..


Okay. I m gonna tell you that right now. If you aim right after pressing your grapple you will swing further left than you normally would you aim left after you re pressing your grapple button. You will swing further right than you normally would you will need to move your right stick in a counterclockwise motion in order to swing further left on pc.

You can do the exact same motion with your mouse. It ll even be a little bit easier for you guys you will need to move your right stick in a clockwise motion in order to swing yourself further right on pc. You would do the same motion with your mouse again now you guys need to test out for yourself. When the grapple breaks in order to get a better idea of what you can and cannot do with it.

If your grapple comes in contact with anything. But the surface you re aiming at the grapple will cut off just keep that in mind another thing you guys need to test out for yourself is how far the grapple can extend so that you get maximum distance on all of your slingshots and so forth the farther that you grapple from the more distance that you will get now as a console player. I will say there is definitely more range of movement with a mouse and keyboard. But it s still possible to do most of the same movements on console.

So in the next part of this video. Now that we got the basic grapple techniques down. I want to go over some things you can do with the grapple. Okay and we re gonna start off with using the grapple to get on top of buildings.

Grapple on top of buildings. Easily by hitting your tactical ability button. And aiming at the top of the ledges of the buildings. You can use the grapple to give a quick boost over ledges quickly jump boost over obstacles by hitting your jump button as soon as your grapple hits the surface now another thing to note is that if you hit the ground at too high of an angle your momentum will be stopped after slingshotting vice versa.

If you hit the ground at low enough of an angle your momentum will keep going down hills and smooth surfaces. This will even propel you faster than you would have been going before bunny hopping after landing will lead you to keeping your momentum for longer distances in order to bunnyhop easier on console. I would suggest putting your crouch setting to hold instead of toggle and pc. I ve heard that binding crouch to the scrollwheel is the most effective way to do it.

Now you can actually disconnect from the grapple at any point by hitting the crouch button this can be useful in landing more precisely in areas where it might be more difficult to stay on top of you can also bait drop off of structures. And what i mean by this is when you re on top of a high area and you re getting pushed by an enemy. Say you re low on health for example. Try jumping off and grappling back up in order to fake out the enemy and get the upper hand on them this could give you time to heal or even just regain high ground and have the height advantage on the opponent next.

Thing is to grapple on the top of a building to fling over them at high rates of speed. Okay. If you want to get straight on to buildings..


I would suggest aiming and grapple near the edge and not doing anything with your right stick or mouse. But if you want to fly over buildings try aiming at the corner of them and rotating your stick or mouse in the proper motion counterclockwise or clockwise to get the maximum distance on your slingshot. If you do find yourself near the train with pathfinder. It s very effective to use your grapple in the same direction.

That the train is going it will lead to longer slingshots and distances okay. Ladies and gentlemen now that we are at about the 10 minute mark okay. I m finally done talking about grapples. So if you would make sure to hit that like button and subscribe.

If you haven t already i m only halfway done with this video guys i have found every single tip. That is gonna help you guys be the best half on script scratch up the perfect pathfinder player as i said earlier this guy is not leaving anything out i ve done my research. Okay you will find everything you need right in this video. So like i said before make sure it doesn t strap on like the video.

If enjoyed let s keep going so now we got to go back to the basics. Okay. How do i even use my zipline sweat. Okay you use your zipline by pressing the buttons or keys.

You use to activate your ultimate ability on xbox one if you are using your default controls that s gonna be lb and rb on ps4 that s gonna be l1 and r1 and on pc once again i have no clue so that s on you guys so. The next question you might give me is where do i even place my zip lines okay. There s a hundred scenarios. We could go over in which you would place your zip lines at different locations before the sake of not making this video for hours long.

We will just say that most of the time your zip lines will be placed in order to get high ground on your opponent s gaining high ground can create a huge advantage for your team as it will make it harder for enemies to get a clear shot on you while you will still be able to see their whole bodies right now i did cover this in my advanced tips video. This is gonna be the plying jumping and this is the act of constantly jumping off. And then reattaching to the zip line in order to not get hit by enemy gunfire in order to pull this off successfully you will have to tap your jump button and then quickly tap your action button or reload button in most cases consecutively in that order okay jump attach jump tack etc. I could go on all day.

Now. If you want to switch zip line directions. Okay. This is another one you re going one.

Way you want to turn around do 180. Be my guest okay in order to switch directions when you re ziplining you will need to tap your jump button do a 180 degree turn and reattach to the zipline using your action button all in a continuous motion. This is what it should look like when you master..


It so a pretty basic simple tip. Here we have you can grapple on the zip lines. If you didn t know that already okay you re not at a spot. Where you can attach on to them they just just simply aim your grapple at the zip line press that grapple button and then once you get up to the zip line.

Just press. The action button to attach to it okay now we got a secret. One okay shh be quiet about this one not too many people know about it okay you can actually scope in with your zipline and it will make it more precise when you shoot. It okay a lot of people don t know that you can zoom in while you re about to place your zipline just hit the 80s button on your controller or mouse and it will lead to a more precise zipline placement.

Now another thing. Most players don t know is that when you aim your zipline is higher it allows for quiet audio. So your enemies here the zipline being placed as easily. Whenever you place a zipline directly near someone.

It s very loud and they will easily know which direction you re coming from if possible try to shoot it high above them and the audio would be very slight. If any so they have no clue. What s happening when you approach them now this one s not very practical okay this looks pretty damn funny if i have to say so myself. But this is gonna be double ziplining okay like i said not many situations that you would need to utilize this.

But it is a pretty funny thing to see as long as you don t get easy. Seizures okay. Say that 20 times fast. I bet you can t just place two zip lines directly next to each other and jump between them this basically makes it impossible for enemies that hit you consistently now another thing you can do with your grapple is just actually grapple right on to the zipline and swing around it like any other surface just like a building or a ledge.

It s not just used to attach the zipline and ride it like you might think so we re at that point in the video boys and girls. The last tip of the video. Okay. It s been a long journey we had to avoid the ride to get here this one tip is gonna separate you from being a mediocre pathfinder player to the perfect pathfinder player okay before this ends make sure to hit that subscribe button.

If you are new like the video. If you enjoy spaghetti let s get to the last tip now the final the last tip is gonna be zipline baiting okay what is zipline baiting. We re not going fishing are we no okay zipline baiting can be effective. If you were on the high ground and a team thinks they can reclaim it so they take your previously placed zipline this leads to very easy kills as the enemies will be flying in at a straight line once again.

I hope you guys have a wonderful day. Thank you for watching and peace out see you in the next one applause music applause music ” ..

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In this video I explain the most important tips and tricks you can use to maximize your potential with Pathfinder in Apex Legends Season 3. This will without a doubt make you the perfect pathfinder player. You will be able to utilize your grapple perfectly and utilize your zipline perfectly after watching this video. With the new update it can be tough to keep up with the competition and that s why I am bring you this video! I am playing on Xbox One but these tips can obviously help you no matter what platform you are playing Apex Legends on. I tried to include the similar controls on PS4 and PC so I hope that helped you guys out!

The goal of this video is to share some of my personal favorite Apex Legends Pathfinder Tips with all of you guys! Using pathfinder s Grapple can be quite the tough task if you are not used to using this character in the game. This is why I go over some amazing Pathfinder Grapple Guide tips in this video. Most other channels will show you How To Play Pathfinder but won t go into detail on the Apex Legends Ultimate Grapple Guide! Hopefully these pathfinder tips will make you all better players with this advanced apex legends guide. There is even some Apex Legends Tips on the Pathfinder slingshot mechanics sprinkled throughout for you!

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