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“Is going on everyone so today s video will be the first of a new new series that i am starting and this series will be how to complete every tool. Tales story event. So you can complete this in the quickest and easiest way possible. These guides will be full detailed straight to the point with no nonsense.

So if you are interested in being a part of this series. And you would like to know how to complete every single tool tales chapter. Please subscribe into that notification belt that way you can be notified every time. I do upload a new video.

So that being said let s just get straight into the video. If at any point. You do get lost please go down to the description and join the discord that way some other people can help you and failing that i ll also have a written version of how to complete all these events in the description of every single video. So let s get straight into it so in this video.

We will be covering the shroud breaker. Now the shroud breaker is the first official quest of the tall tales. Storyline and we have eight steps we need to go through the reason. It is eight steps because i ve sort of split it into the easiest way.

I can possibly think of so with all of that being said and having everything out of the way. Let s just get straight into the first step. So. What you ll need to do is visit.

Any mysterious stranger. Now the mysterious strangers are located in the tavern of every single out pushed you come across once you find the mysterious stranger. You ll have to look to the right of them. And you ll see a book sitting on a barrel.

You ll need to vote for that book to start the mission after you start. The mission. The mysterious stranger will start talking then once the mysterious stranger has finished his conversation open up your mission radial and have a look at the book that is now in your inventory. So if you read through the book.

It will tell you of a ship that has crashed so step. Two of this quest will be to find that ship so the ship you are looking for is the magpies wing and the magpies wing is located at n. 14. You can find n.


14. On your map. You ll see that there is an unmarked island sitting alone by itself. Once you make it to the island.

You ll need to head to the northwest side and look for a shipwreck that is under the water once you find that shipwreck you ll need to go into the captains quarters. Which is located at the back of the shipwreck. Then have a look for a little voyage that voyage is located to the left hand side of the chair. It is impossible to miss.

But just in case you do just watch the video and you ll see where it is so once you have picked up a voyage. A new entry will be put into your book. Which can be found in the mission. Radial and then you ll be officially on to the third step.

So. If you ve read the new entry that has been put in to your journal. You will hear of a story about a ship that started a discovery ridge. Then dropped the chest somewhere in an island at nearby.

Now the location of this chest can change. So it s never gonna be the same unless you are lucky. But keep following the journal entries. Until you see it says they have dropped the chest in the water just off of an island that will be where you need to go so you can move on to the next step now.

It is very important to note that the chest will always be in the water on the location that it mentions to say if it says to the south west side of a cluster of islands. That will be the southwest side of snake isle. So head to the location of that chest go into the water find the ancient chest. Then bring it to your ship.

And you ll be on to the next step in case. You are confused oh please look at the video. This is what the chest looks like usually it has a golden glow. If it s nearby so just look for that so moving on to the fourth step you are now officially halfway through the quest you will need to bring the chest to your ship.

Then open it once you open the chest. You ll need to pick up the pages and read the new entry that has been added into your journal. So the new entry in your journal will have two pages on the left hand page. You ll see there is an island that is surrounded by some little islands.


What you ll need to do is head to that island that is in the middle on the left hand side page now for me. They have been either devil s ridge or crooks hollow. They re not too far away from where you pick up the ancient chest. So don t worry about that once you locate the island.

You have to go to have a look at the top left hand side of the left side page you ll see a little symbol is put there you ll need to find that symbol that is located on the island. So if it is a scarab and you re going to crooks hollow. You ll need to go to that little ravine that is in the middle of the island. It s a little under cave part you should see it right there.

And if you re on discovery ridge. You ll be looking for a little hog. Now that is located by a cave entry that one is a little bit harder to spot. But honestly.

None of them are difficult they just do take some time to find. While you are looking for the symbol bring the ancient chest on to the island with you because you ll need the totem that is also located inside the chest. Very soon if you have removed the totem from the chest. Though don t bother with bringing the chest and only bring the totem.

It is also important to mention that you can put the totem back in the chest after you take it out. But you will not need it after this next step. So once you have found the symbol on the island. You are now on to step five.

So for step five you ll need to look for a little platform. That is located very close to the painting that you find the platform is a little square cut out on the rocks. Just look for that. And then once you have found that place the totem that is in your hand on that little platform.

Once you place. The turtle down the ground will shake and a vault will begin to open once that vault opens enter inside. Then you ll be on to the next step. So first of all it is very important to note that the steps coming up you are under a time crunch.

And you ll be using the right hand side page of that same little section of the book you were previously using to find the location of the vault. So once you are inside the vault you are officially on to step. 6. So step.


6. You ll notice inside of the vault. There is a little table and surrounding that table there are four different spots. Where you can light up some sticks.

What you ll need to do is pull out your lantern. Then light the flames around the table. Once you have lit the flames. You ll be able to activate the table.

And then water will start coming in from the walls. So an important thing to take note is once the water starts flooding in you ll be locked in that vault. So you ll need to either a drown. Which is not the preferred option or be complete the little quest that s gonna tell you to do and then get out safely so before you do anything from here please familiarize yourself with the right hand side page symbols you ll notice there are three columns with different symbols.

What you ll need to do is have a good idea of what they look like or keep. The book in your hand. Then copy it exactly as it seems from left to right on the pillars that light up in front of the table. So what you ll need to do is press.

The button that is in the middle of the table that ll activate this step. So once you activate the table. The water will start flooding in and as i said just keep rolling through those combinations. Until you find the right one you may have to do the same combination a couple times to get it to change because the symbols do change on the pillars.

If that does happen. Though don t panic and just keep rolling through the combinations. Once you have found the right combination. The water will stop and you ll be on to the seventh step.

So once you are onto the seventh step. Please look at the table again you ll notice some little locations have being lit up on the middle of that table. What you ll need to do is head to the circle. That is shown then dig there you will find three medallions in three different locations.

You will have to bring those medallions back to the table. Then place them in the front of the table. You ll see there s like some little circle entries. If it does confuse you though just watch the video.


I m doing it here now the locations will always be on the same island that the vault is located in so don t travel anywhere else every time you dig up a medallion. Some coral skeletons will spawn so just clear them then bring the medallions back to the table. Once you have brought the medallions back to the table. You will notice a smaller vault is beginning to open right at the back of the room.

Once that vault opens head in there then pick up the shroud breaker. When you have the shroud breaker. As quick as you can take it back to your ship. Then ignore the skeletons that do spawn from what i can tell they are analysts.

So there s no way you re gonna be able to get through them. So just ignore them then head to your ship. Once you have bought the shroud breaker back onto your ship. You ll be on to the eighth and final step so to complete this quest.

You ll need to bring that shroud breaker back to any mysterious stranger and if you want to push straight on to the next chapter of this story take it back specifically to plunder outpost. Then give it to the mysterious stranger. There. And once you have handed the shroud breaker over to the mysterious stranger.

You will have officially completed the shroud breaker quest. So that s it you have done everything if you do want to go straight on to the next quest. What i suggest you do is subscribe to this channel. Then have a look at the next video.

I have uploaded it ll also be put at the end of this video. So you can see it as well that is the entire guide for the shroud breaker quest. If you do need to crew at all please go to the scription and join my discord. There is over 3000 members in that discord so it will be easy for you to find a crew to help you complete this quest also i d like to give a big shout out to me pers for helping me complete this quest.

He is one of the admins of my discord. So that being said. If you have any questions. Please put them down in the comments and i ll try and reply to them as soon as i can and if this video has helped you please like the video to show your support hopefully.

I ll see you all in the next chapter of this series thanks for watching music. ” ..

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shroud breaker

1: Visit any Mysterious Stanger they are located in the tavern of every outpost. Once you find the mysterious Stanger look to the right– of them and you will see a book sitting on a barrel. Vote for that to start the mission. (After the Mysterious Stanger stops talking, bring up your mission radial to see the first step)

2: Once you have started the quest, head to the location N-14 on your map. On the North West side of the island you will find a sunken ship. Enter the captains quarters of the ship then look for a voyage to the left hand side of the chair and pick it up

3: A new entry will be in your book (in the mission radial) the entry will give you the location of the chest. Follow the entries until you read of a Dropped Chest . Once you locate the island the dropped chest head there and look in the water of the side that is mentioned in your log (You will be looking for an ancient chest that has been left in the water)

4: Bring the chest back to your ship then open it. Once opening the chest, pickup the pages and read a new entry that is in your journal. Go to the island that is in the middle of your left hand side page. Once you arrive at that island look for the symbol that is located in the top left hand side of the left page. FIND THAT SYMBOL

5: Once you have found the symbol look for a platform that you can place your totem on (the totem was in the ancient chest, pick it up if you don t have it) place it on the platform and watch the vault open.

6: When you enter the vault, head to the big centre table and light the four flames surrounding it. Once you do that activate the table by pressing the big button in the middle. Once you activate the table water will begin to flood in so you will need to be quick. Open your book and copy the symbols (from left to right) on the right side page (next to the islands) Keep rolling through the combinations until the water stops.

7: Once the water has stopped look at the centre table and dig at the location that it shows you. (you will need to do this three times and collect three different medallions) Once you have placed the medallions in the front of the table another vault will open behind the table at the back of the room.

8: Pick up the shroud breaker then head to your ship (ignoring the skeletons that spawn on you) Then head to ANY mysterious Stanger and deliver the shroud breaker to complete the quest.

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