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“And welcome to the tall tales guide series now within this actual series. We re re gonna be going over each individual tall tale. This first episode is going to based on the shroud breaker. Which is the first ever to tell that you can do now in the tall tale guys we ll be going over each individual step of how to complete it essentially to its fastest point and on top of that search for all of the journals that are found within each tour.

Tell that way you can complete the tour tell 100 and get all your commendations that you need for your cheeky lore doubloons or maybe even that nice little weapon. They have for the completing the series when it comes to tall tales. It s probably the closest thing you re gonna get to a campaign experience in ceo fees. It has a very complex and or progressive story that actually links one after another so if you play.

The shroud breaker. And then you play the actual second tool tale they sort of link on and actually carry the law over so it s very interesting it does keep you on your seat hooks. You so you want to play all of the actual tall tales right to the very end they do take a fair amount of time. Which is why we re creating this sort of guide series for the new players who hop on the game want to go through it.

But don t want an extremely tough time sort of trying to figure things out obviously. There is fun in solving puzzles and whatnot. But once you ve had enough. The guides there for you that s enough of me rambling on i m gonna pass you over to my power logic.

Who s basically gonna cover everything you need to know about the shroud breaker. And even the future tour tales music. So the first step in completing the shroud breaker is going to be starting. The tool tail.

What you re going to want to do is head to any outpost and go to the tavern and in the back corner. You should see the mysterious stranger just to the right of him. There should be the shroud breaker book you re going to vote on it..


Just like you would any other voyage. And then you ve started the tour tale for the next step you re going to want to head to page. 10 of the shroud breaker book. It s going to tell you to go to an unmarked island between crooks hollow and crooked masts.

Now. If you go over to the table. You ll notice between oh sorry between crooks hollow and crooked masts as no island as because in n. 13.

There s an unmarked island. Which you need to go to now depending on what angle. You re coming in from you should see this small group of islands. Which looks very tropical and sorta out of place from the rest of these islands and these rocks.

This is where you re going to want to anchor up once you arrive at the island. You re going to want to head to the northwest side in the water. You should see a broken shipwreck you re going to want to go into the captains quarters. And there should be this like scroll or these nails.

It will be named the pages of the magpies wing. She s going to pick them up and it will add some pages into your book. So you re gonna want to go to the new pages in your book. And if you just follow the directions.

It will pretty much just tell you where to go so for me. It s saying go to the south of discovery ridge and then they start fleeing south east. They go to a large tangled nest of islands..


Which is this and then they go east by southeast and then throwing the chest into the waters. North of a small isle continuing east and he s talking about lookout point. So he will throw the chest in the waters. Just north of lookout point.

Very very simple is it s different between each person. So if you just follow the steps. Very carefully be taken to the treasure. So once you are on the island you just want to come to the north beach.

All you have to do is just run to the water and you will see your chest. It ll a little shine at the bottom of the ec ocean. You might have to get the angle right and to see it because from the side that i came in it wasn t the most obvious thing. But if you come from that side or this side you can pretty much see it from a mile away.

And this is where you want to get your chest. And then from this you will get your your totem and then it will decide why islands of 80. So once you open up your chest. You will get some pages and a totem this totem also changes on a player to play a basis.

So as you can see here we have a scarab totem. The scarab tatum is going to take us to cooks hollow. However there are four other ones. Five other one sorry you can get the boar totem crab totem moon.

Totem scarab. Totem snake totem and shark totem. So i m just going to list off where you need to go for each one..


If you have the botom you need to head to devil s ridge. If you get the crab totem. You need to head to the uncharted island at and 13. If you get the moon totem.

You need to head to crescent isle scarab totem. Quicks hollow. Like we d have to snake totem takes you to mermaids hideaway and the shark totem takes you to krakens fall. Yes.

So once you re. There. There will be a little pedestal that you place it on and it should open up. A cave.

Which you will see so once you get two crooks hollow. You want to just come in the south side. I believe yeah coming from the south side. And you just going to want to head into the underground cave system you want to head towards the waterfall on the other side and just here is where you want to and now is the main part.

Where you sort of have to have to think so you go to your new pages and on the right side. You will notice these these in these images you re going to have to put them in order on all four of these and enter a solution. So i will show you that now i m gonna want to light. These this is what whatever however you say that word and just the code also will fill up this they give you a little quick yeah.

Just the same and now in this table is some images and a light. We re just going to show you where you want to dig so just go find where these images are on the island and go and dig up some medallions which go in those three holes right. There you will get bothered by some cool little quite like live..


So you re gonna get two more of these and you re gonna want to just do the exact same they can t come in here for some reason. But yeah next one which is just to the right. A new image and the images are the same on like all not on all islands. But for crooks hallo this will never change.

It s always gonna be the same images and places that you need to go so i spent the first time. I did this about 20 minutes looking for that squidward s house. Looking thing. It s very simple how to get there now now.

I know so you re just gonna run out of the cave go to the left run around the island. It s at the very top as well as a very back of the items. If you want to go in this whole time back to this cave here and to keep running like me and be risky. If you want to take the safe route down up to you this will be the last medallion that you need to unlock the vault and get the shroud breaker.

And then you will be on to the last part of of the tale. Which is just when it s a little walk with me and reveal the shroud breaker. Which might be looks pretty pretty cool so for the last step you re just going to want to go to the tavern at any outpost. Go over to the mysterious stranger like you did at the very beginning.

And just hand over your shroud breaker. And then you ll be given some really long story which you you don t need to listen to so you can just run away again if your life you know as a pirate. ” ..


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Welcome to our first Tall Tale guide, this is the first of the series in which we will be uploading tutorials on all of the tall tales and the fastest ways to complete them! In this episode, we focus on The Shroudbreaker tall tale and how to complete it in the fastest way possible, teaching you what means what and where to go.

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